Petition to bring peace to Gorebridge - stop the military industrial exercises

4:40pm Jul 18

Finally after much harassment - threatening emails and phone calls and strange pseudo military looking people (or holograms) creating a nuisance and scare - and after being called a 'shark' by a troll from a skeptic group - basically I'm allegedly a menace to the public good because I survived alien attacks and lived to tell the tale - I decided enough is enough and with nothing to lose - I'm taking this the next step which is to make the Gorebridge events a matter of public record.

A letter was written to the two parliamentarians for Gorebridge, Whitehall MP Mr Hamilton who could perhaps establish the Military position on this - and if the military claim no responsibility and (no aliens) then MSP Ms Grahame would then be in a position to enquire as to the nature of the Industrial activity, its Civil lawfulness etc

Sign the Gorebridge petition on the link below - lets bring peace on Earth to Gorebridge

Dear Mr Hamilton, MP for Gorebridge
also copied to Christine Grahame MSP for Midlothian (as yet no response)

My name is Andrew Hennessey a researcher whose family came from Gorebridge.
I have been contacted by several of your constituents who have been filming extraordinary and often vexing use of civilian airspace under 500 feet in and around the town of Gorebridge.
I have seen much of this footage and heard witness reports and think that the matter needs to be looked into with a view to getting the responsible parties to cease and desist from interrupting the local peace.

e.g. persistent use of lighted apparatus of various sizes at or near the public water supply at the old Blinkbonny mine.
e.g. possible flight of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles into the path of Jets on the Edinburgh Airport approach. (filmed)
e.g. low flying in a built up area under 500 feet of wingless craft of various sizes, dark helicopters (filmed)
e.g. regular use of local farmers fields to conduct night time exercises involving vertical take off and landing by aircraft

I have devised a petition to aid the democratic process and would like to bring this petition to your attention.

Also I would like to ask if you have any suggestions as to how we might clarify who the responsible parties are ?

thanks for any assistance

Andrew Hennessey

Note that the MP David Hamilton 22 july 2011 replied that after consultation with another Gorebridge councillor he had come to the conclusion that all of the events reported were in fact only a 'one-off' event and that on that basis he was taking the matter no further. He is in a state of total denial - not having any interest in the plentiful evidence for a persistent public harrassment.


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