They make of this a desert ...

I always figured that there was never any chance of a nuclear war because the powers that be wanted the factories and infrastructure intact so they could keep on globally using the human race – and besides profits, goods and supplies would stop too suddenly for the corporations.
One problem however that’s looking more and more obvious is the totality of the toxic desert being manufactured to finish us all off – that is except the chosen fools for the network of underground cities.

Whilst corporation chairman of e.g. Nestle asserts that the human race has no automatic entitlement to water, it becomes more and more clear that the very essence of life – at least in a pure and potable form is going to become very scarce indeed.

The destruction of our subsurface water supply  with toxic ‘fracking chemicals’ on some pretext of extracting natural gas a bi-product relies on the fact that free energy machines of the sort already in use by these dark corporations are not intended for the masses who are being culled according to edicts like UN Agenda 21.

We have already seen the levels of destruction of the gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill because of the use of Corexit, a chemical that was many times more toxic than the actual oil. The ocean there is full of horrifically disfigured sea creatures – and incredibly some pronounced ‘safe for human consumption’.

Fresh water whether packaged in toxic plastic bottles (Bisphenol A) or filtered from an increasingly radioactive ocean is going to be in short supply.
The Fukishima effect has hundreds of tonnes of radioactive elements finding its way with devastating effects into the global ecosystem. With no end in sight to the leakage and spill from out of control meltdowns at various radioactive cores at those reactors – huge levels of contamination and biological concentrations are currently making the oceanic food chain so toxic that the only government responses have been to either blank this news out or raise the upper limits of radioactive toxicity in foods by huge amounts.

As a Pictish warrior called Calgacus once said of the Roman Empire before a battle in Scotland .. ‘they make of this a desert and they call it peace …’

Just to help things along for the human race – it becomes obvious from the scientific photographs that eating things like GM corn produces the most hideous effect in the stomachs of pigs.
Pigs are used as lab animals because their tissue closely resembles the human metabolism !!

Even my mouthwash has things that could break down into toxins – like the synergistic – antagonistic interactions between benzoic acid and the insecticide posing as a sweetener called sucralose.

Whilst the amount of aluminium in anti-perspirants, canned goods, cooking utensils is a proven nerve agent which has also been one of the many things that our atmosphere is beings seeded with by the chemtrails program.

The things that can help heal the ailing human body have been made very scarce or illegal or have been weakened in their effect by regulations that stem from the nutrition control policies of the Codex Alimentarius, whilst bio-engineering companies are spending capital attempting to patent and control every beneficial plant that could cure us.

All of this badness is the work of the Devil, a great evil, and whereas it might well exit us from Earth, our souls journey here on Earth is at its very beginning. Beyond the sickness and evil here are the ‘many mansions’ and love and family we were promised.

It is true to say therefore, that our hearts will lead us home.

in Christ


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