The Paradox of Scientific Truth

The Paradox of Scientific Truth
Andrew Hennessey

Science is a contrived cul de sac designed to take us to extinction
here is evidence that science is lying to us about certain truths.
We know that the free energy debate is a brick wall - but here's another brick wall -
here is the truth [from 1990] behind the alleged impossible paradox that prevents a world full of really useful pro-human robotics.

Today in 2010 the only truth I wish to promote is the pathway to salvation in Christ - but there were days when I submersed myself in indulgences of the mind and wandered far from the true way out of here. [John 15]
Scientific truth cannot set us free from reptilian and grey/demonic zones like Earth - only the truth of the way of Christ can set us free from these soul pits.
There is still time to come to Christ and be helped upwards and home in the fellowship of the Saints and Angels and the Holy Spirit.

The Paradox of ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE is that people keep claiming it cannot be had.
Here we are in 2010 and I had stuff in 1990
This is what they are saying today about the never to be discovered solution to the central theme of AI and executive robotics.

‘….The field of AI began with dreams of creating machines with human-level and even superhuman intelligence. But over the years it has drifted into a focus on "narrow AI" -- software programs that deal exclusively with specific areas like chess, medical diagnosis, mathematics, vision or robot arm control. These programs are very good at what they do, but they lack the ability to generalize their knowledge across different domains, as well the ability to reflect on themselves or create fundamental innovations and insights. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) has been pushed into the margins of the AI discipline.

The existence of such software could lead to radical transformation of the human race itself, and to further developments we humans (with our small brains) literally can't even dream of……’

We can take it from these quotes that even a clue or incomplete model towards these solutions would be a highly desirable treasure !!!!

The scene is set for big time industrial megabucks – all those diligent scientists and corporations just waiting to transform the human race etc

Science though, having recently renamed the central paradox and stumbling block to robot sentience discovered by Hume in the 19th century – the Induction paradox, as the Kolmogorov theatre paradox, having got this restatement of the obvious past an alleged peer review panel – they made the central problem in AI look brand new.
As if they only just discovered it after years of painstaking logical analysis and sure and steady progress etc etc so no-ones going to notice the abject lack of progress if they are just coming fresh to it if they keep finding these new names and terms.

The answer to any Induction paradox – basically how can we know whats going on – is to be found within the context of each event – every event is uniquely linked to piles of information within its immediate context … but since science with a capital S is the perpetration of Reductionism which strips away the context to look at components – its never going to see the answer to that.

Why give mankind weirdo robots that can think for themselves – good point – but if they say it cannot be done today – that’s just not true.

There are several problems at the heart of it all.

The Central issue is the infinity of objects and labels in our universe – too many for a machine to get its sensors around – but I have modelled a solution to that recursion problem [1991].

In this expert system model - when a question arises in some environment and context the question is reformed in terms of the way things function in their environment and context, and processes and transactions are modelled in terms of the nature and function of exchanges between the query object and its environmental context.
By using energy values alongside any other data about the query object it is possible to schematically map out the flow and exchanges of energies between the query object and its context.
Each query or issue becomes a topographical map.
In the new expert system there are a limited number of maps that any problem could be because any system, however defined has a limited number of issues as defined by my 6 keys systems theory.
Because the topography of these maps is preserved regardless of the scales being mapped, maps from issues in other domains and other areas of knowledge can be borrowed to provide possible solutions and outcomes. These maps can sketch or infer the possible nature and function of components in an unknown environment whose interactions look similar to the performance of objects at other scales and domains.

It is possible to make the labels we attach to all the objects in our universe secondary and instead of focussing on the labels we give to objects to focus instead on the object and see it in terms of a process with activities and qualities and energy investments and that the objects interaction with its context can be empirically measured as a transaction or several complex transactions of the form A to B through some common but resisting medium C.
Our questions and answers can be translated into the form of geographic/topographical maps modelled on the scale of energies within each object and its context environment.
Rather than an infinity of English language words with arbitrary sign to thing signified we have instead a fixed number of geographical looking energy maps charting the flow or discharge of energy - from the object to its environmental context.
The trick is that these geographical flow maps can be reused to model discharge solutions to objects in any other scale of magnitude - so-called isomorphism between domains.

Here are the common knowledge components to my 1991 discovery in AI

Natural Language and Logic programming in PROLOG

Power Laws in electricity - software

The major hiccup though was that I didn’t have the aptitude to learn C or UNIX which would be required for the database and its lists and its ultimate industrial implementation. One would make the declarations in PROLOG which would then instruct the database e.g. in C++ and its infrastructure in UNIX and SQL
But then why should I have to do everything here anyway ?
[HX] ASSEMBLER is a hybrid fusion of PROLOG with an inverse square power law using Ohms law as an example of such.
It describes universal events and transference/exchanges using an inverse square power law.
It’s a system of metaphysics that will describe and model all exchanges at every scale and magnitude and domain in the universe.

For this to work as an industrial model e.g. in Artificial General Intelligence – the database of labels/objects would require to be index-linked to an empirical scale of universal energy values e.g. such as Watts; milli, nano, mega, kilo, pico etc that describe/categorise the scale of transactions in each system and its state.
This helps to standardise a series of topographical maps of these transactions and energy gradients. Each energy map being one of a limited and closed set of possible maps derived from a universal systems theory model.

You would get similar looking topographical maps mapping out the energy exchanges in the environment and world of microbes as you would in energy maps of cosmic exchanges or exchanges within human society and environments.
ie. they would be interchangeable.

Making the basic framework and components of each knowledge map is simplified and made possible by the use of the tripartite essentialist metaphysics and the six keys systems theory I invented.
A finite and limited set of universal transaction maps can be produced in no other way. Using this metaphysics infinite lists and tasks are removed from the computation making it physically and commercially viable.

Every transaction is a transference of energy or components from places of high potential to places of low potential.
The characteristic way that water or indeed electricity flows [solution to problems A to B through common C] through topography produces a limted set of basic maps - and these geographical schematics - these solutions to impedance issues - to the flow of the solution from A to B through common C, can be applied to other problems in any domain and at any other scale without immediate recourse to labels.

The more complex the problems - the more impedance to flow and solutions.
There are though a basic limited and closed set of these transference maps like the climate zones in human geography - though each area has its own diversity within each zone.

e.g. a solution map produced in the energy scale of billions of watts with topography sculpting out cosmic architecture can be scaled down to apply to the milliwatt world and environment of microorganisms.
This because our database of objects and labels has an empirical/energy index.

Once the proposed solution map had been obtained from whatever scale of domain it could be borrowed from, it would then be rescaled e.g. from the world of millivolts to the world of gigavolts and its objects and behaviours, and then english language labels for gigavolt objects would then be assigned to the solution map and its topography of implied gigavolt objects.

These implications - borrowed from similar processes and transactions at other scales in other domains - generate new analysis and options for unknown situations.
Unknown objects within unknown domains can have explanations about their functions and processes modelled by recourse to similar looking known maps about other things in more familiar contexts.
This is the key to executive robotics - from agricultural robot to Governor of California.

The unique universal/general systems theory I called Tripartite Essentialism TRE and 6 keys systems theory was first put together in 1991.
e.g. all the issues in the world of bacteria, from disaster to expansion and evolution would produce a limited set of maps – and these same sets of maps, minus our human labels, but with their gradients and ratios preserved could also be used to describe solutions/energy flows at other scales e.g. the behaviour of stars and galaxies or transactions within human society.
This innovation in mapping using the TRE and 6 keys systems theory solves the central problem encountered in 5th generation Artificial Intelligence – where a robot trying to be executive extracts solutions to new problems in new areas from old experience of exchanges in different areas/domains that it had previously known about.
This process of robotic comparison that extracts similar models to the current problem from old solutions to similar exchanges in other domains [subject matter] is called ‘isomorphism between domains’.
The people at IBM Hursley complained that it needed this empirical database – but then once an encyclopaedia of energy transference had been accomplished as a one off project – it could then be patented and re-used in every expert application that came out of it.
Lets be honest – they were probably not going to build the Germinator agricultural robot were they ?

remember what they said and whats allegedly at stake here in terms of corporate billions/trillions .. 'The existence of such software could lead to radical transformation of the human race itself, and to further developments we humans (with our small brains) literally can't even dream of……’

all they need is a sketch, some indication and with billions and trillions of corporate dollar at stake - why wouldn't they check it out.
The three part metaphysics at the core of this new systems theory is actually an illuminati secret school degree albiet written in Hindu and theosophical terminology.
Could this be secrets of the Vrilya technology that Bulwer Lytton wrote about in his book about Agharti and the cities under Tibet called The Coming Race.
A book of alleged fiction that Hitler had a thing about ...

The human race confused in the scientific cul de sac has only one place to turn to .. the Kingdom of Christ - it is only from the root of our vine John 15 that we can draw the nourishment we need to keep on keeping on in this vampire laden desert


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