greys - the war on human grace

The Insectoid/Demonic Cosmogenesis

The mechanics of our dualistic cosmos is fairly black and white – indeed its dualism is governed by flow and transference across potential differences at all levels and scales – from places of high potential to places of low potential.

Our dualistic cosmos is driven by this ceaseless flow between areas of high potential and areas of low potential e.g. in chemistry there is valency and ionic transference, in plant biology there is osmosis and in electricity there is voltage and current and in human psychology, there is transference across a field [Lewin, K, Field theory in psychology, 1952]

Human society, because of natural laws such as; chaos and entropy and the emergence of order out of chaos, is identical to the physical order of things and also produces differences of supply and demand, sufficiency and insufficiency, therefore flux and exchanges take place within and between all human domains and social processes.

Greys and Reptilians [telepathic and bio-energy seeing life forms] can exploit this energy transfer in human bio-electric and mental ecology as our assumptions and secret investments although invisible to us are visible to them. They can do this by confidence tricks, undermining and triggers. e.g. causing us gushing and energy-releasing bouts of self-vindication.

Human investments in social assets though occur not only at a physical and monetary level, but also at a spiritual and psychological level. Very visible to telepathic and biomagentic seeing predators we live unaware of our human vulnerabilities amongst an eclectic bunch of allegedly advanced life forms. Very often our physical theatrical props are used by ourselves to shore up and bolster our self image and self-esteem and not only do these props have monetary investments but they also bind us with chains of assumptions driven and sustained by our psychology using both bio-physical and soul energies.

Our external world manifests invisibly [to us] and internally as life-essence architecture, assets and investments. These energy fruits and concentrations distilled from our efforts in the world could be ripped from our souls. e.g. by confidence tricks of various depths and complexity and spiritual value.
Christ asks us to leave attachments, worldy things and to also turn the other cheek to the world - to disengage from it.

The investment of the human soul in its worldly attachments can create a millstone to drag us down into unseemly investments and demeaning compromises in a chaos driven environment.

This planet, or perhaps more accurately, this lowly pit or density imo, tends to be a carefully arranged set of primitive, non-evolving simulations in which to farm humans and their spiritual and soul investments and intentions. The social trend within the more evolved social processes and charades on Earth tends to war on or depress/repress the creative and spiritual and nurturing intelligence of its human social classes.

The alien farmers in disguise can create sudden cascades of human mental anguish by collapsing the house of cards of assumptions about normality in a very surreal and undermining way.

From this link, the story of Bart appears harmless – but did it occur to him to ask what mind-reading, matter-manufacturing aliens were doing in a 9 to 5 office environment – what were they really up to – surely beings that can manufacture clothing and other fabric could easily materialise a half million dollars.
Why would such beings focus their minds on tedious human mundanity, given their encyclopaedic command of skills and knowledge surely they could devote themselves to the hardest jobs on this planet or indeed any other with total ease ? – unless, for example they were farming humans e.g. the mundane human workers from inside their own heads ?

Bart though reacts very well to the absurdity.

What is this war on the human spirit, the creative human being and his/her imagination ?

In many ways it is a war – though I often compare it to a field-effect spiritual acid bath that acts to distort, shear away and strip off anything good that we emerge from our beings.
In humanity and the human soul there will be constant growth and emergence - emergence is a universal and natural law of chaos - order out of chaos is the other half of the equation from disorder and entropy - and the alien farmers imo act to prune these soul outpourings and outgrowths off - presumably to supply the hive with life - the way that bees collect pollen on Earth.

Humans experience the pruning and stripping in many ways.
Why does artistic, spiritual and creative ethics get driven down to bestial beats, non-family, non-nurture, anti-heroic, anti-grace, anti-human, and why also does our image of sexuality get so corrupted and distorted ?
In many ways this nihilism takes every form imaginable by a human – every aspect of our personal negation appears very unique to us – as if custom designed and strikes at the very root of soul essence by which we are attached to the True Vine of Christ [John 15]
It not only distorts and shears our investments in what we think society is – it also distorts and attempts to break our investment in ourselves, in the things that make us what we are – hacking at the root of our gender and sexual processes and our belief in and our connection to God.

Our sexual psychology tends to drive us down into anima and selfish gratification yet our media and culture glorifies it by de-emphasising long-term relationships and rolling out superficial role models in some social cult of sex.

Some may say that that is because of an innate and low degradation solely within the human soul.
What if, however, like Global Warming, spiritual and sexual degradation is not primarily driven by the innate tendencies of Mankind.
What if the creative and sexual intelligence and beautiful sub-culture of mankind on planet Earth, and its emotional emanations is a threat to and or is food for some alien life form ?
What if our negation was a demonic/grey priority.
The eating of our human graces and our creative diversity is experienced as an anullment/nihilism by ourselves

Because human culture is manifesting as driven by the aggressive sexual energies at the heart of the male adrenal cortex or ovaries in the female – social programmers from any alien culture could feed into the basic psychology of such investments by driving and promoting and inspiring an animalistic culture. This would create a social paradigm of male and female human stereotypes that can be derived from the behaviours observed within the most basic biological research into primates e.g [Robert Ardrey, Anthony Storr, Konrad Lorentz]

It might well be the case that humans on Earth carry on with their human issues, industries and mining but that embedded within our human epochs and societies and amongst us there is a totally different sort of mining taking place.
Ie. That our souls are being mined out by aliens.

Aliens that don’t have to work at any human job, for any human result or any human money or who aspire to no human artefact or human social goal.
Indeed aliens who can manufacture any of what humans collectively aspire to at the drop of a human hat.

The problem with seeing the perspective of human farming is that it might be hard to think of why aliens don’t want what we want and why would they bother with us anyway.
Its my opinion only, but the answer to this riddle may come from a greater cosmic perspective – a bigger picture.

Humans, the target of alien farming are;

1. sexually polar, interactive, interdependent and complimentary
2. creative and diverse, analytical and also irrational and destructive
3. adaptive, creative and re-creative tool users
4. tend to invest and externalise in tokens and artefacts and facilities and stores and boundaries
5. more diverse and soul-endowed than life-forms driven solely by chemical processes
6. tend to be culturally driven down by engineered animalistic ideology and then spiritually distorted and twisted away from their supply of life ie. the recognition of the True Vine of John 15, their salvation through and in the pattern of Christ that refreshes and re-supplies their human spiritual pattern.

From all these interacting human ingredients in the environment of human social chaos – fomented or otherwise, there will be a lot of expended mind juice as assets distort and disintegrate. If aliens were interpenetrating the human social process with the intent of undermining to elicit human psychic and soul energy through despair by e.g. collapsing central assumptions in human mindscapes like houses of cards, or by precipitating acts of self-vindication from an unjustly treated and outraged human – then there is a whole ecosystem of human aspirations in which to telepathically roam.

Why though would aliens need humans at all ?

Aliens are technologically advanced, with superior facilities and empires, superior knowledge and they can make anything they want.
Perhaps not everything – for the very key to life is the essence of love from the True Vine of Christ [John 15 ]
Such beings as e.g. the Greys – as others have pointed out e.g Nigel Kerner in the ‘song of the greys’ do not come from human beginnings but were and are part of the insectoid genesis within our stardust driven duality.

The upward surge of insectoid evolution as it collects and collates and stores and computes its collective logistics produces the logic of the totalitarian hive. Devoid of the passions and choices and diversity of human biology, mind and family, insectoid mating relationships are specialised and also permanently redundant as a modus operandii. Such sexual processes being governed by the Queen and cloning processes and other natural rhythms and factors [As they are in nature on Earth] do not have human priorities.

Within the insectoid hive the evolutionary step in consciousness from hive interdependent to individually motivated is a step that not all insectoid life wishes to take.
The raw force of the chaos law of emergence though dictates that the evolution of sexuality and psychological diversity will take place in these grey/insectoid populations.
Unique ensouled individuals could emerge within these populations.
It might also be that these general population deviations are brutally suppressed as they do not form part of the ruling or alpha caste.
e.g. in highly evolved technological insecta the population may be regulated and purged of these emerging creative and unique deviants.

It is the driving force of sexuality in humans that can account for much of what is both good and bad within our worldly culture before Christ, and it is the image of the diverse, divine, human grace-filled family – so often under attack on this world that maintains our aspirations to God.

There must therefore, naturally be a disagreement between ‘sexuals’ and ‘asexuals’ – Sexopolitics !!?.

[the as above so below cosmic analogy]

The planet Earth is used here as an analogy with which to calculate the composition and proportions of life in the Cosmos at its most fruitful.
The relative proportions of life forms on planet Earth I assume remain intact in this cosmic bubble of the multiverse foam.
From this biological and geological planetary analogy of our planet which also extends to account for the internal structure of the cosmos, we can imagine the air within the bubble as dark matter [planetary geology] and the bubble skin being light matter with light matter superclusters of life and stars as we know it on the periphery or skin of the bubble. We can deduce that dark matter and viral life-forms and primitive formlessness are on the inside of our planet/cosmos amongst the crystal and geology .. perhaps a crystal-based robotic intelligence predating on the essence of basic level beings.
In the superclusters within the skin of the cosmic bubble, like some mandelbrot set – a black looking circle [analogy for the planets geology] with a rich highly coloured fractal edge of chaos skin .. there will be [imo] a rich sea of essences and transactions at a more invested level as discussed by biochemist Dr Peter Plichta at the end of his work on chaos theory called ‘God’s Secret Formula’.
Here Plichta discusses how the evolution of chemistry has led to the evolution of the physical forms in biology. I.e. the presence of certain types of bio-chemical compound always seem to drive the same sort of morphology in nature.

The skins of other cosmic bubbles interpenetrate this one – hence semi-visible galaxies have been noted.
The relative proportions of intelligent life that is organised within the light matter at the edge of chaos in the cosmic bubbles skin may well start, as it does on Earth - with fungal basidiomycetes. The intelligent-life-equivalent could be primitive basic non-anthropoid collectives the forerunner of the massive organisations of the phylum insecta which by sheer weight of biomass on Earth below have to govern the absolute majority of anthropoid forms in this cosmos and density.
Insectoid probably being the most common intelligences in this cosmos.
Phylum Hymenoptera – the bees, ants and wasps with its caste system that can include regal and admin, scientists and operants or drones .. intelligent alien life in this cosmos has to primarily derive from insecta or indeed reptilia.
The Reptilian need to feed is covered elsewhere.

Perhaps 5-10% of all intelligent life is anthropoid of which the main proportions of anthropoid life in this cosmic bubble maybe about 70% insectoid society with maybe 10% reptilian 15% other and less than 5% humanoid.
A closer look at earths ecology and biomass may yield a more accurate brief as to the insectoid proportions in this cosmos.
At the level of individuality, intellectual diversity, quality of creation and recreation the human type with its gender and nurture and social diversity is capable of creating most interesting social investments for a long term group soul.
The human equilibrium might emerge abundant and diverse fruit.

All of cosmic life and matter is driven by Gods will and in the material world by chaos processes.

A known law of chaos theory is emergence – studied by e.g. Stuart Kauffman at, e.g1. ‘autocatalytic self-organising polymers’ Stuart Kauffman on the DNA instantaneously and out of nothing model of the cosmos, or, e.g.2 Brian Goodwins work on the spontaneous emergence of the eye in Acetabularia sp.’
Emergence is known to Theosophists as ‘outpouring’ from vol 1 of the Secret Doctrine quoting Hindu science from 10,000BC
Evolution it could be argued by chaos science is spontaneous and sudden.

Mega populations of insectoids therefore will be most abundant, massively organised and logically regulated – but amongst their numbers there will emerge by laws of nature and chaos proto-gender beings.
This emergent sexuality and creativity in insectoid Beta castes under stress would be seen as a direct threat and challenge to the ruling alpha caste which can perhaps barely cope with the processing of all of its own prima donnas.
The secret of the mechanism is within the caste structure of insecta populations. The middle class or beta caste has to balance, reconcile and creatively resolve conflicts between the rationalist science and service classes and the irrational aberrance of the ruling caste as they on occasion become contradictory, driven by their ‘regal’/irregular natures.
This evolutionary pressure and creative stress is similar in nature to balancing the left – logical and right – creative brain in humans.
The sexual process tends to separation and natural differences, sufficiencies, specialisms and insufficiencies.
These differences are going to be considered unwanted deviations from the norm in insectoid populations.
This creative end based thinking leads based in difference and diversity leads to more diversity within the being and an emergence of individualism and ultimately sexual based intelligence.
Without the Grace of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit though there will be little opportunity to escape the pit. Psalm 139.

Why they emerge is probably a best kept secret amongst e.g. the greys, because creativity is actually a God-given birthright – not the prerogative of a clandestine caste.
The greys have probably a 3 tier caste system with internal variants.

e.g. regal the internal alpha caste
admin the external alpha caste
executive scientist the internal beta caste
operant scientist the external beta caste

soldier the internal gamma caste
drone the external gamma caste

Here is biological research on an insecta hive in nature on Earth
Here is a proposed model for the emergence of soul evolution within insectoid societies in the cosmos.

Within this insecta caste system, it is predicted that both the external alpha and the top beta scientist types will produce social aberrance.
The reason being that the regal caste, chaos driven, is fundamentally contradictory and irrational in nature and that the representatives of alpha imperial policy to the rational beta scientists will have to sanitise occasional irrationality to present regal insanity to the scientists.
This process wizens them up and educates them, hones them and sculpts them.
These beta insectoid beings though probably get a very hard time in the insectoid mega populations.
I speculate that perhaps 3 or 4% of the Beta become candidates for other sexual soul groups e.g. the alleged Verdants of Philip Krapff.

Their issues are not genetic though … these beings have been made to catch fire and implode into God empowered resources under stress and social trauma and as a result the more pressure they are put under – the more they evolve and grow.
They must therefore be an unpopular insectoid caste – and IF they can escape – where would they go ..
Well the answer is that ‘things can only get better ..’ they take their sparks to form new soul groups that are post-insectoid like the alleged Verdant Mega Populations that we hear of from Philip Krapff.
His stories of the alleged Verdants seem plausible.
His Verdants tend to be adolescent in their attitudes and having come from an abusive hive .. they tend to rebel like any of the youth cultures on planet earth.
Might this passage be applicable ?

In human perspective, all romantic notions of cosmos aside, the hive mentality on Earth, as deployed, is a brutal and demonic feeding mechanism. A demonic legion of anti-soul and anti-life beings are deployed around human creatives, breaking them down to bestial levels, stripping away our Divinely given human grace.

I am reminded of the alleged contactee or incarnated Pleiadean who has memories of flying a Pleidean starfighter – it might be that that pilot is long gone home to heaven in those ancient starwars – but that their last memory was being taken by a demonic ship in the defence of their homeworld.
Recycled memory records and fragments appear to be a specialty in this Legion of evil though all good souls will be brought home by the loving Angelic effort in this Great Work of Salvation.

The only truth in this respect is that if we turn to Christ and keep prayerfully connected – we will not be harvested by this evil.


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