Grinding Us Down

Grinding us down to the level of the beast.
Andrew Hennessey

There have always been dark forces at work amongst humanity with obvious superhuman powers and technologies – but what is their agenda for Humans ?

I contend that there is an ongoing programme of alien/demonic dehumanisation and bestiality like some threshing mill trading on the pain of artificially diseased human lives.

The greys have been around a long long time and have had many names;
Djinn, Geni, Faerie, Kobold, Demon, Archon, Goblin, and are referred to in the New Testament in the letters of St Paul to the Colossae.
This was a Christian colony in a region beset by malignant Grey activities though in those days – the demonic Grey elementals conjured by Dr John Dee the Elizabethan mage for his keys of Enoch stuff, storms etc were called by the name Stoicheia.

From Contender Ministries
Clinton Arnold has provided exhaustive research on this term as used in religious contexts (both pagan and Jewish) in the ancient world. He wrote an entire chapter on the subject of the stoicheia. What is compelling about his research is the broad range of material from which he draws. He concludes that the stoicheia are evil, hostile powers. It was these that both Jews and Pagans feared as is shown by many examples cited by Arnold. They feared the stoicheia because it was widely believed that these controlled "fate." After rejecting other interpretations, Arnold summarizes his view: "It is more likely that 'the philosophy' was indeed teaching that the stoicheia controlled the heavenly realm, but the concern was much more directed toward their hostile influence on matters of daily life - causing sickness, effecting a curse, bringing poor crops, plagues, earthquakes, and 'natural' disasters." Pagans and Jews alike (and evidently some Christian teachers at Colossae) were looking for help in averting the work of the stoicheia in their lives. Much of the popular folk religion of the day was focused on this.

What ties this folk religion together is the felt need to be freed from influence of the hostile forces. The stoicheia are evil, personal, spirit beings and they can be the source of a teaching. Paul asserts that "the philosophy" against which he warns, is "according to the stoicheia of the world" (Colossians 2:8). The source of the false teaching is twofold: the traditions of man and the stoicheia. There is some irony in the fact that the source of the teaching which supposedly is necessary for protection from the stoicheia are the very hostile forces themselves! Arnold summarizes this:
The Colossian opponents did not understand their 'philosophy' as imparted to them through the agency of harmful spirits, but as a tradition that was effective for averting the evil influence of these hostile forces. Paul's polemic would have startled his readers as they realized that he was actually denouncing their 'philosophy' as inspired by the same malicious powers from which they were seeking protection!
The stoicheia (elemental principles) no longer are a threat to those who are crucified with Christ. F F Bruce describes it like this: "You died with Christ (he says) and in that death with him (which is what your baptism was all about), your former relation of bondage to the elemental forces of the world has been terminated." The ascetic regulations were likely deemed necessary for religiously warding off the stoicheia and their pernicious influences.

Also it is to be noted that the Greys traditionally have interest in soul stuff and genetic processing too e.g. faerie abductions and the changeling children. [I M Banks, 1937, Rev R Kirk, 1697, Grimm, 1901]
This Grey farming is well discussed by Nigel Kerner in his book The Song of the Greys, although I disagree with his conclusion that the Greys are creating hybrids to evolve themselves into a more habitable life filled state, my opinion, rather is that the Greys are hierarchically and very well adapted to hungry lifeless states and efficiently predate upon larger social systems and that these hybrids are not to house a new evolutionary state for the Greys but are Trojan horses or adapted feeding mechanisms making incursions into diverse and creative sexual type mega-populations with evolving cultural sophistry of the sort mentioned by Philip Krapff in his stories of the Verdants.
These would be a rich source or seam of creative souls.

The disintegrative farming process on Earth as it pertains to the human type souls I discuss:


The long term harvesting of incarcerated interstellar prisoners takes the form of driving them to abandon their soulful humanity – to abandon being the social human being full of love for one anothers brothers and sisters, respecting personal integrity and loving God, the One Father with all our heart, mind, spirit, body and soul. [This is Christ’s New Covenant]
The essence of being human.

For the Greys and Reptilians in this artificially constructed funfair of pain and desolation we call a social system here – the main aim is to break down their humanity and their souls presumably for the harvest of their life essence.

We read in Revelation 17 that the woman, which rides the beast with seven heads and ten horns, is the mother of harlots. The ten "horns" are 10 kings according to Revelation 17:12. Notice too that the woman does not control or steer the Beast. It is the Beast, i.e., Satan, and cannot be tamed. Those who ride the Beast have sold their souls to Satan voluntarily, and are thus controlled by the Devil.
Indeed they have surrendered their humanity and notions of human love and society, dignity and respect to become self serving predators akin to nature red in tooth and claw – doing what they will – as they have the strength to do it.

It’s a fact that several contactees I know of who are immersing their consciousness in the Archons, Stoicheia/Faeries, Greys have severe back injuries. One victim has been promised enhanced animal senses – the eyes of an owl or eagle, the legs of a panther, the strength of a lion etc and I find it not a co-incidence that the newest movie of 2009 called AVATAR is about the transplant of the consciousness of a severely disabled man into a less than human form with enhanced animalistic prowess and dehumanised symmetries.

The lure of the beast … the unhuman – and ultimately a loss in the human aesthetic. Having said that I have nothing against pods of dolphins who by acts of love, mercy and kindness have saved swimmers beset by sharks and then towed them to safety. Such stories are beautiful.
There is though something more to be said in my opinion for the aesthetic of the human form, human tool use, human recreation and human symmetry.

As the emergence of statues of human beings being carried by uncontrollable and unbridled beasts emerge onto central stage it would be worth bearing in mind that a lot of thought has gone into the systematic degradation of the human aesthetic; family, education, diet, etc and even the tool use that we think is doing us good, merely leads us up another degradative human cul de sac.

This certainly brings another perspective to the idea of being ‘ground down’ by the Stoicheia/Greys/Faeries/Demons

The farming of Interstellar prisoners from a Reptilian Anunnaki [Devil] perspective is discussed

As discussed elsewhere, HU is generally acknowledged to mean Reptilian god and, Man, in this context tends to mean clay or nesting material. [Dr Deagle]
Rather like the 20,000 year old sphinx, the HU-man being is part Repto hybrid and part clay or nesting material into which host is inserted many parasitic links to Reptilian ancestral larvae.
I discuss this in the article THE PHOENIX AND THE SPHINX


guadalupejoe said…
well said andrew...are u familiar with Sanni Ceto? she says she is hybrid american indian. she says she was commander or pilot of one of the two crashed Roswell craft in '47...she says that it is not the greys who are abducting and mil labbing humans. she says it is reptilian shape shifters....she is adamant about that...
nice blog, by the way

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