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THOMAS CARLYLE in Sartor Resartus circa 1867, chapter 10 quotes a German ethnologist who has identified in 19th Century UK a widespread back to the earth cult which practises Earth worship and anarchic ideologies, who like to live more in burrow-like abodes made of deliberately recycled materials.

This quoted portrayal of gypsy ideologies fits in well with the leaving of tied rags and clouties at fairy wells and trees throughout the UK.

The fairies themselves have been noted by the research of the Reverend Robert Kirk in 1697 to be materialising bodies out of the essences of the air and also for drinking through the pores of their skin.

This latter is a very Grey-like activity reported by Garry Woods in the famous early 1990’s A70 Tarbrax abduction case in Scotland.

There is a tie in therefore between Faeries, Greys and rags.

From the following quote from Carlyle’s Sartor Resartus, it can be seen that there is some link between anarchic rags and nature worship and the Greys and their de-regulation of the human social imperative.

Other forms of de-regulation of humanity is also evident in the enforced dehumanisation nightmares afflicted by the Greys on Paul Schroeder of the USA circa 2000.

Nature spirits all over Western Europe from Medieval times that have been reported with the characteristics of Greys have been traditionally solicited and appeased by the currency of human rags tied to Hawthorn trees or other trees near wells and water sources.

This 19th Century quote shows the early origins of the 20th Century and 1960’s hippy philosophies.

I speculate that these images of human social de-regulation come from intimate interaction with the Greys and such other non-human communities mentioned in Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology, 1901 and Kirk’s ‘Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Faeries, 1697.

'In strange contrast with this Dandiacal Body stands another British Sect, originally, as I understand, of Ireland, where its chief seat still is; but known also in the main Island, and indeed everywhere rapidly spreading. As this Sect has hitherto emitted no Canonical Books, it remains to me in the same state of obscurity as the Dandiacal, which has published Books that the unassisted human faculties are inadequate to read. The members appear to be designated by a considerable diversity of names, according to their various places of establishment: in England they are generally called the _Drudge_ Sect; also, unphilosophically enough, the _White Negroes_; and, chiefly in scorn by those of other communions, the _Ragged-Beggar_ Sect. In Scotland, again, I find them entitled _Hallanshakers_, or the _Stook of Duds_ Sect; any individual communicant is named _Stook of Duds_ (that is, Shock of Rags), in allusion, doubtless, to their professional Costume. While in Ireland, which, as mentioned, is their grand parent hive, they go by a perplexing multiplicity of designations, such as _Bogtrotters_, _Redshanks_, _Ribbonmen_, _Cottiers_, _Peep-of-Day Boys_, _Babes of the Wood_, _Rockites_ _Poor-Slaves_; which last, however, seems to be the primary and generic name; whereto, probably enough, the others are only subsidiary species, or slight varieties; or, at most, propagated offsets from the parent stem, whose minute subdivisions, and shades of difference, it were here loss of time to dwell on. Enough for us to understand, what seems indubitable, that the original Sect is that of the _Poor-Slaves_; whose doctrines, practices, and fundamental characteristics pervade and animate the whole Body, howsoever denominated or outwardly diversified.

'The precise speculative tenets of this Brotherhood: how the Universe, and Man, and Man's Life, picture themselves to the mind of an Irish Poor-Slave; with what feelings and opinions he looks forward on the Future, round on the Present, back on the Past, it were extremely difficult to specify. Something Monastic there appears to be in their Constitution: we find them bound by the two Monastic Vows, of Poverty and Obedience; which Vows, especially the former, it is said, they observe with great strictness; nay, as I have understood it, they are pledged, and be it by any solemn Nazarene ordination or not,
irrevocably consecrated thereto, even _before_ birth. That the third Monastic Vow, of Chastity, is rigidly enforced among them, I find no ground to conjecture.

'Furthermore, they appear to imitate the Dandiacal Sect in their grand principle of wearing a peculiar Costume. Of which Irish Poor-Slave Costume no description will indeed be found in the present Volume; for this reason, that by the imperfect organ of Language it did not seem describable. Their raiment consists of innumerable skirts, lappets and
irregular wings, of all cloths and of all colours; through the labyrinthic intricacies of which their bodies are introduced by some unknown process. It is fastened together by a multiplex combination of buttons, thrums and skewers; to which frequently is added a girdle of leather, of hempen or even of straw rope, round the loins. To straw rope, indeed, they seem partial, and often wear it by way of sandals.

In head-dress they affect a certain freedom: hats with partial brim, without crown, or with only a loose, hinged, or valve crown; in the former case, they sometimes invert the hat, and wear it brim uppermost, like a University-cap, with what view is unknown.

'The name Poor-Slaves seems to indicate a Slavonic, Polish, or Russian origin: not so, however, the interior essence and spirit of their Superstition, which rather displays a Teutonic or Druidical character.

One might fancy them worshippers of Hertha, or the Earth: for they dig and affectionately work continually in her bosom; or else, shut-up in private Oratories, meditate and manipulate the substances derived from her; seldom looking-up towards the Heavenly Luminaries, and then with comparative indifference. Like the Druids, on the other hand, they live in dark dwellings; often even breaking their glass-windows, where they find such, and stuffing them up with pieces of raiment, or other opaque substances, till the fit obscurity is restored. Again, like all followers of Nature-Worship, they are liable to outbreakings of an enthusiasm rising to ferocity; and burn men, if not in wicker idols, yet in sod cottages.

These ideologies are also reported by IM BANKS in British Calendar Customs, 1937, Vol 1-3 in tales of jumping the fire where the weakest man in a group that is jumping might at some point not be able to clear the blaze !! etc

Although the Greys themselves are seen to be interstellar and have much capacity over time and space, and have obvious mines in Saturn’s rings [Cassini photographs and also Dr Norman Bergrun’s Ringmakers of Saturn] and at Ianni Chaos on Mars – the human beings that they interact with appear to be taking steps away from civilisation in contrast.

Here are some more thoughts on my hypothesis of human animalisation.

Some observations I have made that seem to illustrate the anti-human and pro-animalistic alienation of mankind.

What we see below is likely the status quo for a tribe of rhesus macaques or orang utangs.

  1. empowered-as-animals-media-culture
  2. energy out of organic decay
  3. inbuilt obsolescence of cultural artefacts and materials
  4. territorial tribalism globally
  5. the cult of sex [glorified in media]
  6. the disintegration of family values
  7. melting to nothing and electricity
  8. discord in knowledge and reason

stuff like that for ex starship pilots, [Ralph X] and assimilated colonists, people with galactic memories [Schroeder, Collier] … there are no electrogravity propulsion units or energy systems, no rust free infrastructure, no loving society or social glory, no libraries full of real science and truly untainted culture.

All of the above can be governed by a field theory e.g. Kurt Lewin, 1952, Filed Theory in Psychology, also Wolfgang Kohler, 1952 on electromagnetic fields and psychology, and can also be modelled by Robert Ardreys study of monkeys in The Territorial Imperative.

Basically if we can be driven by the sex hormones produced by our adrenal cortex we can be easily tuned in to and mapped.

Sexual and Biological and material entropy can be easily guided by e.g. subliminals.

Its good farming methodology.

We hear of the coming harvest – but lets hope we don’t end up as future beasts of burden farmed out elsewhere when the stockyards disappear with earth changes.

In fact maybe that’s why this planet is called after an agricultural medium called soil. We compost things in it …

Its more than likely to me that in the galactic records – this place is only called Earth for the benefits of the inmates.

Maybe FARM 16253i84LLk77 sigma sector ??

There are probably other Repto-retarded farms in this galaxy called MUD, STONE, GRAVEL, DUNE or SWAMP.

Planet Gravel is probably a very very beautiful place, and has been contributing soul dust and software to the Repto hungrydeath markets for millennia.

Its inhabitants are perhaps semi-human semi animal clones, like an excerpt from the Muppet show and their social and technical environment might well be Repto-Grey controlled.

They all have one thing in common, they have key issues missing from their science and technology and their trusted wise ones never issue decrees of change even when changes are shown to be logical and needed.

The Muppets on planet Gravel probably watch a version of Disney that’s teaching them to be flawless robots that don’t experience pain and organic disorder and disease.

They probably have been worked on to long to meet the Great Motherboard to willingly go to the harvester ship where they can be free of furry messes and finally be clean aesthetic robots.

They have been annulled and negated and inverted as beings

Yet these planets probably once had some very beautiful names and some very special ways of doing things.

Planet Earth is a bit more sophisticated yet the same issues prevail. We are driven to divest ourselves of what we were based on the idea that what we are is inappropriate or insufficient for a loving life.

What we replace it with is engineered by degrees such as the animal instincts in the cult of sex and cool.

Dehumanised by the anti-social recreation and recreational substances.

On Earth we are imo being trained to long to be in the social glamour of the family of animalistic Muppets.

I think that this social, spiritual and psychological engineering is being forced onto us by non-humans to farm us and reduce us all down to our component parts that are rooted in biological behaviour.

So rooted our behavioural triggers and anchors can be tweeked and pushed by even existing human technologies that operate at the frequency of the human biological mind.

The escape route is prayer – the raising of our spiritual frequencies and our faces from down in the earth where they have been pushed to the loving destinations in our heavens above.


Samantha said…
"Thank you for the enlightening post. Appreciate it a lot.
Subliminal messaging can indeed be very powerful. Interesting enough, a website (non-aff link) sells a bunch of subliminal programs. Might be interesting to check them out. "

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