THE PHOENIX AND THE SPHINX - A Guide to Repto Hosting

A guide to Reptilian hosting

Andrew Hennessey

There have evidently been wars and conflicts in this galaxy – see the quotes below – but just what happens to the prisoners in these conflicts ?
'Q. what are the Beings doing with the other ones ? A. looking at them, touching them with something, real fast. Q. you mean, with an instrument of some sort ?. A. Yeah with a stick .. and they're all quiet.' Jacobs DM, 'Alien Encounters - first-hand accounts of UFO abductions', pub. 1994, Virgin, ISBN 0-86369-727-5, p.76
Also from some of the Cosmic history, e.g. Orion conflicts, however biased from Alex Collier, and also in our own older accounts of Draconian mythology, e.g. the Book of Enoch and the prisoner army called ‘The Grigori’, and museum artefacts, monumental statues e.g. City of London, and the witness accounts of Draco battleships and warfare from e.g. Susan Reed and James Bartley.

Moreover, in a galaxy that has for millennia been party to the wars and tribulations of the Reptilian and other species that have been mentioned variously from e.g. abductee accounts it is clear that if there was going to be any benevolent change in the Status Quo on Earth enforced by some space fleet of liberation – that it would have happened by now in one of the many millennia since the Sphinx was first built.

You can see from some of the ideas presented here that Earth as a standalone idea that starts in Africa with stones and bones and slowly moves up some scale of evolution in technology is rather farcical.

There are abundant examples of interstellar conflict in our galaxy, and I have personally conversed with two people who have memories of interstellar life and conflict before they were captured and recycled here.
[Paul Schroeder and Ralph X]
Whilst our last thousand years is replete with flying shields and medieval wood engraved UFOs that also posed to be in Renaissance paintings so few of the ET ships were actually alleged to be doing anything to alter the deliberately artificial and primitive charade and its alien-engineered despair.
All the mud and damp wood, bows and arrows, sails and stone walls were totally un-necessary and totally unreflective of the Interstellar powers behind the sometimes cheap and flimsy theatrical staging on this planets surface.
Why therefore in millennia of interstellar reality on Earth have the controlling Reptilian elite retained and engineered a debilitating disease ridden pigsty and technological cul de sac when even as interstellar prisoners we could have been processed amongst hitek metallic spires and walkways in more hygienic and rationally performing though albeit oppressive conditions ?
The answer lies in the existential distress and disease inflicted by deliberately obsolete and malfunctioning materials and processes that are forced upon our straight jacketed HU-man souls for that distress is a desired reality for the waning Reptilian civilisation.
The Greys also here performing in a janitorial capacity have their own deliberate agenda of strip mining the detainees .. e.g. Nigel Kerner – the Song of the Greys.

Amongst this dysfunctional charade however strut the turbo charged gods of excellence and easy experts of everything you ever personally wanted or were made to think you wanted to do or achieve. Often the unjust winners and losers serve to stir the pot.
The phoney and chaotic and often surreal and evil charades serve to keep us focussed, hypervigilant and spiritually suppressed.

What is a Human Being though and why is it that we are made to think by many people that there are no Reptilians currently on the planets surface [e.g. Bob Dean, Bill Deagle Sitchin etc] The place on the contrary is saturated with Reptilian veneration and monumental works to them both ancient and modern.
Obviously [from Masonic lore] there are a bunch of Beings called the HU … and then there are the HU-mans, and also shapeshifting Greys/Faeries [British Calendar Customs IM Banks, 1937 vol1-3]

When humans hear that WE are destroying the Earth and we led things to this and that .. it does seem rather implausible that a human being would be put into any position that would order about and command and decree and dictate to some alpha draco. Indeed on a planet deliberately set up to cause and then milk distress it is more than likely that the very human attributes of facilitating balance that the Reptilians are trying to agriculturally extract from us and inculcate into their spawn would have restored social order and priorities very quickly if some monkey had actually gotten into any kind of power.

"The Druids had a high veneration for the Serpent. Their great god, Hu, was typified by that reptile; and he is represented by the Bards as 'the wonderful chief Dragon, the sovereign of heaven'." George Oliver, Signs and Symbols, New York, Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company, 1906, p. 36
"Masons .. admire the Druids and some of them even claim that Masonry came from Druidism. Of course, the Druids were occultic priests, practiced astrology, and offered human sacrifices." Dr. C. Burns, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, p. 28

Dr Deagle and Eastern teaching and Masonic teaching define the HU of human to be the Reptilian and god source and the man of the HUman to be the clay or nesting material in which the ancestral spawn of the Reptilians are to be parasitically gestated and groomed by our own personal stresses and strains amongst the dysfunctional social mess and its worldly evils.
A HUman therefore is a being of part Reptilian DNA and part animalistic clay or nesting material empowered by a captive soul into which the Reptilian administrators or farmers attempt to insert their ancestral seedstock to be nannied.
The occult “Royal Human” therefore is a ripe and fruitful repto nest, and also an actively instructional teacher in anthropomorphic problem solving strategies and other issues in the habitation of such forms, such as actively striving to keep balance and order and nurture and walk the middle line amongst the artificial chaos.

At the right time the Reptilian and Grey farmers crack open a bunch of gestating nests or Humans in some brutal harvesting process e.g. a war and from the ashes and broken down soul embers of this trauma – emerges the Phoenix or Hrumachis the fully educated Reptilian adolescent child [Horus] that has learned all the lessons needed from the artificially induced strife in the life of its HU-man host.

There is another level of sophistry applied to the HU-mans by the Shining Ones or Reptilian Illuminati who farm us. [see the shining Repto ideology illustrated by 19th Century Scottish painter John Duncan in ‘the riders of the Sidhe’]
In certain soul couplings and other strong relationships and interpersonal and intimate bonds it can be possible to engineer a grey area of unrecognised disease into which a Reptilian larvae depicted in statues in a park in Oslo, Norway may attach itself.
In dysfunctional HU-man telepathy in dense circumstances for the third eye any true and deep relationship between two HU-mans is going to need work in order to maintain a balance and equilibrium. A good ecological niche or nest of links therefore to insert some progeny into.

It might be that during centuries of artificial soul recycling using precision interstellar matrix technologies and monitoring that certain captives are paired up and artificially grafted and related in contrived Hu-man historic theatres so that their bonding in later lives and generational batches can be more distressed and therefore more educational and more nutritional for any Reptilian parasite/larvae.

You will see shortly that the twin sphinx idea promoted by the Illuminati – the relativity between soul pairings - is thought to be a rich source of Juice for those adolescent Reptos just bursting to get out.

e.g. The ideology of soul twinning, twinning and telepathic links that also interested Nazi and Aryan elements in the 1940’s continued to be establishment topics of research on all sides all through the cold war period that followed.
Although as illustrated by the book Vodka Cola global trade between all alleged cold combatants did not cease on a planet landscaped and sculpted by Reptilian architecture and designs e.g. Matt Delooze.

This idea of balancing the male and female between males and females and also within the generically Reptilian or Aryan hermaphrodite mentioned in HP Blavastkys root race discourse in the Secret Doctrine is represented in the ideology of secret empowerment taught by e.g. Rosenkranz in The Alchemical Wedding. It is the balance of masculine and feminine paths within the single self so that from such balance may emerge a god of Harry Potter prowess.
It is also taught extensively in Gnostic doctrine that a link to the Angel of a soul twin is actually only a disease of the uninitiated self. That there is likely no such thing as a soul twin with a separate individual intelligence but merely a personal problem that one has failed to see. That will be the Reptilian beasty posing as a playmate then.
If we as people feel some strong telepathic link to another being and that is reciprocated love the only reason to introduce doubt into a healthy and eternal and empowering bond is to introduce the cuckoo into the love nest.

In the following extract

You hear what sounds like a channelled Reptilian intelligence talking about the multilayered dimensional onion of resonant shells around the density of the Earth. A contactee Jewels, notes that these beings even on this lower earth can slide in and out of these realities of our planet like eager shoppers in a mall with revolving doors, unlike its somewhat encumbered nesting material in its dense straightjacket of HU-man DNA.
“So I Became smarter. I thought, "Well, I can think. I Know what I am, I Know I am an Intelligence. I am aware of the form I am in, I am aware of my surroundings. I shall give this same Self-Consciousness to whatever species seems most promising." So I searched throughout all the galaxies and the Universes, wherever there was life that sprung up, and I gave my Gift. I bestowed upon whatever the most promising species was, forms I recognized that had many capabilities...doing things other forms can't. I tried to find the most versitile forms.”
For the purposes of rearing the Hrumachis or Phoenix or sons for the Age of the [Reptilian] children of Horus.
Having been around successfully for a long time, the Reptilian Empire had plenty time and logistics and resources and “volunteers” to set planets like these up.
“Keep in mind, I had a millennia to search these planets, to view all these creatures one by one, and see which ones I thought I should give this Gift to. On this planet it was monkeys. They were able to grasp and climb and do things other animals couldn't. They seemed a little brighter, too. So again and again, I gave this Gift of Set, the Gift of Intelligent Self-Consciousness.”
If they were brighter is was only because they could still remember flying their starships in those last sorties before they got captured. Indeed many still have most of their civilised memories and skills intact.
“Some of the Dimensions were plyable to me” [multidimensional skinwalkers etc], “so I decided to make personal Creations in them, similar to how you would make something out of clay.” [Yes man means clay and HU-man means Reptogod-claynesting material] “But I decided to give my Creations Intelligence. For example, lets say you got molding clay and you decided to make what you would consider a "perfect" man.”
The processed interstellar captive [Ralph X] remembers being inserted into human DNA via a computer control room.
“You also had the Power to animate it with Intelligent Self-Conscious, and it would exist on a Vibrational level that was higher than the material ones that I had no control over.”
Yes, this is the truth that our creative and socially conscious and loving souls so equipped to search for balance and facilitate best outcomes in conflicts of all kinds are operating at Higher levels of vibrational reality and life than agencies of darkness, but that we had stepped down into this density. The trick of keeping us, our spirits and our hearts and our cognition and recognition locked in this maze though is to blind us and disorientate us and distract us with evil smoke and mirrors and cruel and outrageous tricks.

“They were lower than me so that they could have ease of communication with the material forms that I had given the Gift of Set to. These are what you know as the Original Gods. This is how it happened that I fashioned some of them.
Humans, because I gave them my Gift [of Set = a Reptilian larvae?], are able to Create just like I can. Humans can create servitors [Nanny the Reptilian progeny], actually build them up in the astral into real Beings with real Intelligence. So I gave my Gift to humans, humans have the power to create as I do. Most just don't know how to do it because they are so stuck in ignorance. You can make babies on this dimension, yes, but you can make other creations too, Thought Creations. Build them up properly, and they can go to other Dimensions you can't even fathom. You can Create your own Gods too [Royal rising Reptilian progeny – fully fed and groomed] by feeding them Energy and worshiping them. You grant them Intelligence just as I gave the Gift to you. I gave the Gift to the monkeys, and they developed their own little culture. They develop and advance on their own. They mostly use it for wrong, though...turn on themselves, destroy themselves. Do you see?”.
I certainly see that for an interstellar hosting farm to be successful chaos and confusion must reign supreme in society and in books and cults and literature and also the need for a hierarchy full of people doing all that they will to do without any or much restraint. Indeed that was Crowley’s Law of Thelema ie. “Do What thou wilt shall be all of the Law”.
Kenneth Grant in his ‘Magical Revival’ 1972, writes of Crowley on page 12, “The Thelemic Book is not merely passively prophetic, but actively charged with a power strong enough to reduce whole dynasties to rubble. Crowley describes the Phoenix of Thelema that will arise from the dust and debris of civilisation in a brief but powerful work entitled The heart of the master, 1936. … “The phoenix is known as the double wanded one, the Bird of Return”.
This newly emerged fully schooled Reptilian adolescent or phoenix or walker of the middle path or Hrumachis arises from the rubble, ashes and embers of HU-man society and relationships, presumably desolated in some artificial social and personal conflagration.
There are though not one but two mysteries of the Sphinx and the engineered animalistic nesting material it describes. One is the male with the male head and Egyptian archetype and the body of a lion and the other the female Egyptian archetype with the head of a lion and the body of a woman. Both are joined together in this ideology and are depicted as having the Reptilian inside bursting out of their forehead like in some Alien B Movie.
For the innocent but lost strays who have wandered into the reptilian dens and cult parlours – there is plenty of available advice on what do with the little etheric beastie inside.

“Always seek to stay conscious of your Black Flame. The Black Flame is the Highest part of your Soul that survives the death of the material body. It is composed completely of My Essence, and is your own Inner Godhood. If you wish to Become a God, you must always be conscious of this Essence within and bring it out to Shine. This is no simple task. You shall always use the Energy that comes from within, from your Black Flame. This Energy, this Force, has the power to Heal as well as Harm. This Energy you shall use to protect yourSelves, gather things unto yourSelves, Heal yourSelves and others, and many other Wonderful things.”

Once your little black flame has burst forth like a phoenix from the ashes of your issues, having learned all your best moves in how to keep stuff balanced, the Hrumachis leaves you for ashes and embers and proceeds into its alleged new age of the child or repto Horus.
From a Gnostic dictionary:
Hrumachis (Egyptian): Greek Harmachis. "Horus the Elder". The Sphinx. Similar to Heru Ra Ha/Heru Khuiti. The Sphinx represents the solar principle of consciousness that destroys forms to create new ones. Symbol for The Beast/Set.

Nothing goes to waste though on farms like planet Earth, or planet Dune, or planet Gravel etc, even our soul dust or partially glowing embers, for as we see illustrated in the first twenty minutes of the film The Golden Compass, an alleged fantasy land where we all are intimately linked to our empowering daemons .. the adults are eagerly looking forward to consuming vast amounts of glittering soul dust to feed their needs.
The “we are stardust and electrons and soulless bits and pieces” e.g. Professor Hagar, Scientific and Medical Network, or channelings on Ronnies ASCEND2012 yahoo lists, and cosmic materialism in ideologies of the new age of the 21st Century though might promise annihilation or emptiness for the disorientated double sphinxes, but for the risen Phoenix or Hrumachis, previously the Albatross around our necks – there is the promise of Condos, palaces and jobs and further training out of Sirius.
There must be plenty of HU-man ancient mariners on planets such as these that wish that they had never set sail – to end up burdened with the millstone of dead redundant seabird.

Kenneth Grant writes “The Silver Star (Argenteum Astrum) is Sirius. As Hoor-paar-Kraat, whose formula is silence and strength, he is the undying god, beyond our solar system. Horus is the “son” of this god and the sun (or father) of our solar system. Horus is thus Hrumachis (son of) the star, Sirius. Sirius, Sothis or Set-An, thus represents the supreme, the eternal light. The star is therefore the key to the present aeon of Horus, for it represents the energy of Satan that will permeate the earth during the present cycle.”

If it pleases God, not for much longer.


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