Here's my take on why we get flooded with Disney animorphs if the aliens succeed in making us as animals - they can map us and our intentions and assimilate us by a process that can be more easily modelled than we could hope - as when we conform to 'the territorial imperative' [Robert Ardrey] - our interactions can be easily mapable.

as such all within what we assume is human society can entrain us to be as animals and therefore all our human goods, values, infrastructure become no more than a basic pseudo sexual imperative in a dark spiritual jungle.

Driven and governed by the constancy and consistency of sexual hormones and their cycles and our minds referenced by their social, psychological and cultural territorial markers we can be easily modelled in software as our decisions can be influenced by graduated cues and carefully contrived stimuli, just at a more sophisticated level of jungle than the apes of Robert Ardrey's study.

If we our mind can be mapped and anchored by our investments in such

pseudosexual realities then we could be more easily uploaded ...

imagine our virtual reality chemtrail sugarcoating in an alien software and microwave environment that thinks like this ...

I suspect that chemtrails could be a sugar-coating of electrolytes like a virtual reality suit like in the film 'the lawnmower man' !!!

The human mind extends and invests into its body and executes aspects of its intentions I think in a very programmable way if the intentions are based on the animalistic sex drive and adreno-cortisones.

The answer to avoiding the frequency millstone and the deep alien VR ocean is prayer to Christ and the Holy Spirit imo.

'Add me to the heretic club, [snip] .. (there is a ) ... prevalence of multiple loving deities, angels, nature spirits, along with the law of karma & cyclical incarnation of the human soul associated with Paganism & its Astrological Seers (adepts/priests), members of which were chosen as advisers to kings, like King David and King Solomon prior to the alteration of the Bible.' Post 46126 Dean Sloan on p4c

Since the creation of the first batch of flooded out aggrieved clones called humanity, in the Garden of Eden, or Hesperides or Atlantis or Ultima Thule or NW Celtic Europe, the Human Race comprised of captured starship pilots and interstellar citizens and prisoners of war and assimilation have been on a real loser.

The captured souls whose resumes will include highly technological citizenry of reasonably advanced interstellar societies have been made to drag big blocks about to build pointless pyramids and other crazed and exhausting projects such as the half human half animal sphinx and numerous swords and bows and arrows epics in great attrition.

Even in the most Medieval conditions, however, our Repto-Grey farmers have made their interstellar captives jump through hoops - creating pointless social projects to break their collective spirits and enable stripping and uploading and recycling via very space age equipment.

[as reported by Ralph X who remembered being an interstellar alien who betrayed his society and was then recycled between lives via a control room, Hennessey, 1981]

Under the watchful gaze of their hitek miners the Reptilian Grey alliance thousands of years of pseudo-human activity and secret hitek administration and surveillance have consistently broken down the inmates of planet Earth.

Many of the prisoners were chosen for breeding, [Jewels 2012] or for Grey software research [Schroeder] or for hosting the Reptilian larvae, but also the life essences of the physically and mentally incapacitated human prisoners were to be extracted under conditions of stress and sorrow and despair.

The distressing inbuilt redundancies and chaos within all social artefacts, processes and systems plus the godlike ability of the incognito farmers themselves to always espouse the very best winning attributes of everything that was alleged to be good about each social charade would create natural and unjust winners and losers and a whole heap of sorrow and yummy distress.

One secret to their oppression is to treat their captives as animals and beasts of burden. Other secrets include; telepathy and superhuman powers of thought and processing, other sensory capacities and superhuman speed and strength.

The reptos may also have the ability to produce doubles and maintain multilocal identities and lives rather like rooms in our house - where each room and its contents is one identity.

Interstellar prisoners in retarded human DNA straightjackets have been picked off at will by Repto-Grey central for millennia under the acquiescing gaze of this galaxy. Which should tell us a lot.

With the interstellar prisoners the slaves of mankind being kept down, and farmed into sorrow - one of the means of successful oppression is in my opinion - defining a human as equivalent with an animal.

In so disconnecting us from our loving human pattern we can become alienated to the anthropomorphic imperative of loving one another and self-respecting ourselves and equally loving the One God, our Father and Source.

I know animals must love one another but in a different way to us.

This is a tool used by the Repto-Greys to oppress the unique differences between being a successful human and being an animal.

No-one including myself can claim on planet Earth - a repto stockyard and programmed soul matrix - a place whose sky is full of alien droids [see] and malignant mind controlling aliens [Schroeder, Streiber, Jacobs, Hopkins, Hennessey] to know unless they can remember from other times, what the spirit of a truly free genus of advanced animal might commune like.

Their emerged group intelligence and attitude towards individuality and gender, recreation and play, worship and artefacts, justice etc

Every one of them though would animatedly or inanimately, consciously or unconsciously recognise a basic natural law.

We have many anecdotes of loving Dolphins, some saving groups of humans from shark attack, and also scientific evidence to show not so loving Dolphins attack and kill dolphins from other tribes. The issues of planet Earth because of the dense soul and spirit population and how they can get into other beings in this highly controlled charade is not simple.

In the faerie tradition - a world of the Greys - they speak of the migration between animal shells and the taking of many forms. [Kirk, R 1697]

The secret of the Sphinx therefore is probably that it is the key to making the animal out of the divine human, rather than mankind as a divine aspirant.

The issue really is what is the divine human as opposed to the animal.

The reality comes down to being brothers and sisters for one another whatever our form or format. We become those who do the will of God.

I'd rather have a cup of water from an interstellar squid than a poisonous chalice from a repto blonde.

Reptilian controls upon born again and again starship pilots have been working these beings through slowly evolving but very retarded social and technological growth.

In breaking down the spirit of their captives by outraging their memories of real transportation, justice and infrastructure they also act upon their spirit by forcing them to think of themselves as the equivalent of unhuman monsters.

[I didn't insult animals or beasts by using those terms]

You just have to look at the cartoon worlds of Disney to get an idea of the philosophy of our animal trainers and how we should think ourselves lucky to be happy puppies. Even rats can cook.

At the beginning of this article the poster called Dean extolled the virtues of Pantheism and Animism saying that it is an adequate paradigm for the human spirit.

I looked at all the belief systems of the world; ancient and modern, religions enthroned by Illuminati and identified the components of the worship e.g. artefacts used and venerated. I looked at all the pantheons of the Gods themselves and saw that each pantheon had 5 key attributes that included all of its Gods. In fact ALL of this

Ethnological data is simply what humanity remembers of the way they were, those 'elder gods', before the fall of Atlantis. There are cultural variations but they all reduce down to the same very few factors.

The Repto-Grey farmers can simply use social engineering software such as the very simple example that follows to mine us all out with.

I needed to find some logic or reason to the human races need to wallow about in the mud and vegetation - for instance - what was the distraction ? The 5 attributes of the Gods seemed to be a recipe for a never ending and cruel reptile soap opera.

To see how they equate, we look at the expectations of the Human Race and how we need a saviour and true Messiah to help us out - but which is true and which is false - In order to analyse it all - I grouped the key components of each godly

attribute into sets.

The NWO doctrine of Humanism that is emerging today has it that man is nothing more than an animal - an organic creature, imperfect in a shitty world, sharing the food chain with other animals, ruled by passion and blood and nature red in tooth and claw - man the beast.

yet the more I look into this barbarism, the more I see it to be a satanic/reptilian invention or perception. For in the cosmology of the satans/reptile aryans - we are no more than dogs. We have no telepathy, no understanding of physics and reality, we have no strength and we have no intellect. The world of the warring tribal

monkeys of mankind has for millennia been about 'piles of corpses, blood, slaves and gold' to paraphrase Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler.

What I am going to do now is look at the components of global beliefs and religions and the geography and flora and fauna that they are also comprised of and see how they all relate as a system to one another.

In so doing - by defining multiculturalism as a system we can see just how easy it could be for real genius and evolved alien monsters to run rings round us with programming and other matrix-like issues.

What follows is a simple exercise in systems theory as applied to global religions and an example of how easily such massive complexity can be programmed.

If you're not into this part - as a systems person - then this isn't going to be that entertaining ....

I'm just trying to show that although humans think themselves very very sophisticated - the aliens have definitely got our numbers.

The main geographical components of the Human Condition are:

CLIMATE, TOPOGRAPHY, GEOLOGY, VEGETATION, AVAILABLE WATER, ANIMAL LIFE, Out of the fabric of our World we make our Gods and we make our reality - a mudbath or bloodbath - but certainly out of that we make no Interstellar Civilisation, no Free Energy, No Galactic Patronage - no Powerful Allies, not yet !


There are 5 major aspects to all the Pantheons;

Firstly we'll look at what the Gods are supposed to achieve - then we'll look at the stuff that Humanity have traditionally associated with them. The Gods: [allegedly] they protect us, they nurture us, they destroy us and or they illuminate us, but they don't give us the controls of a good spaceship.

1. PROTECTIVE ROLE (masculine)

Harnessed land and artefact production for defence.

2. NURTURING ROLE (feminine)

Harnessed land and its powers for perpetuity.


Negation of all structural values and the organic equilibrium.


Unidentifiable aspect which would confer an overall advantage.


Gods indulging and excelling at all Human activities concerned with learning extensions or tools which augment the Human ego for personal evolution.

The following are HUMAN cultural associations with Gods throughout history:

i.e, The raw cultural material and `colour'. This is distilled from accounts of the various pantheons and their cultural ingredients and cues.

1. PROTECTIVE ASPECT [present in literature]

Gold, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Red Green, Black. Hawk Vegetation Mirror Cat Lotus Sword, Serpent Seashell Lightning, Dog Tree iron shoe, Lion Elephant red dragon, blue eye, horned moon, black ram, head of a bearded man

2. NURTURING ASPECT [present in literature]

blue, green, gold, red, black cauldron tree crystal rod hand mares head bird amulets owl star apples spiral ibis dawn iris water dolphins peacock falcon seashell child

3. DESTRUCTIVE ASPECT [present in literature]

fire, ice, lava, black basalt, rocks sun, moon, lightning, waves. torch, spears, red mace, axe, skull withered tree, sacrifice, chariot, fever, poison, broken vessels deceit, dragons, trident, horn, snakes, white silks, decapitated heads, bestiality, rats, reed pipes black opals, single eye, prophesy claw, lizard, wealth.

4. Harbinger / Messiah ASPECT

FALSE negates powers confers wisdom sells variables


requires human values/context conferred to the recipe

5. VOYEUR ASPECT - The Tools/theatrical props of Sataniel.




So like some bad joke - the belief systems of humanity for millennia have evolved around some dark stuff that's nihilistic and some nice watery nurturing stuff that is reminiscent of the watery Vingian princess who first created humanity in Union with one of the good reptilian aryan/Meros.

There are to my mind 5 sets of ingredients and 5 themes - but my next task was to translate these components into Human/Monkey values so that we can more instantaneously relate to the ideas.

I then reduce these behavioural and aesthetic aspects down to the metaphysical characteristics that can be attributed to the 5 god themes. Basically all the Godly nonsense of the Elder Gods and the way they have interphased with humanity to derail their evolution can be put into sets of pros and cons. At that point when simplified down to a few basic ingredients that don't involve references to skulls and spears and bones but put in more scientific language we have the beginning of a bit of logic and reason.

This is step 2.

The following are all the things we have been taught to expect from our Elder Gods or satans/illusionists. We poor humans, we imperfect humans, always need a bit of augmentation - and non-telepathic - we are always at a loss to these cunning and evil telepathic monsters. I have simply distilled the scary detail of all these belief systems

down to the simple human psychological attributes that they have come to represent for sets A-F of the Gods programme.


Here is a list of typical human ideas we associate with the behaviour of the gods.


mind/intellect, decision, efficient aggression, speed, manoeuvrability power, invincibility, stealth, wisdom, environmental knowledge use of powerful artefact, destructive


equilibrium, growth, fruition, future magic, endowed by the land children.


greed, jealousy, hate, anger, vanity ingratitude to God loss of human values

set D & F Harbinger/ Messiah

provides solutions to Destruction (restoring equilibrium)

D. Absolutely true

F. Absolutely false

set E VOYEUR - Temptation


I then prepare the metaphysical descriptions of the 5 sets so that they can be equated in a logical hypothesis. [using symbolic logic] ie. sentential calculus.

Alien farmers probably do this with very sophisticated software.

The next step is to further distil all the common aspects of the ingredients of each of those sets - remember step 1 was full of skulls and colours and artefacts, step 2 was actually what all these things have come to psychologically associate/ represent to the human race, and at this stage, step 3. We further distil these associations

contained in sets A - F into more compact definitions, i.e. we give these sets of associations in A - F a theme. This is called metaphysics. [step 3]

THE SETS now become lighter and easier to handle.

A. protective.

some aspect working towards the constant assistance of or decisive intervention on behalf of, one specified geopolitical unit.

B. nurturing.

some aspect working towards the maintenance of a constant resource base from which stability may evolve a perpetual harvest.

C. destruction.

any aspects which negate the consistency of A&B

F. harbinger/messiah

absolute solution to the imbalances created by C

or D. subversion and disguise of the true solution to destruction.

E. voyeur.

An inconsistent benefactor or nuisance excelling at all human play or battle activity, whose various perfections and gifts foster inadequacy and therefore the temptation into Human excesses where set F is the true messianic solution or the false messianic solution

At this point we now have several usable ingredients. What the following jargon or logic really says is that :

1& 2 things are far from normal; are bad and need a solution F, then for some combination of 'godly' participants, there is some temptation. Temptation leads to destruction and deceit. 12000 years of evidence says yes to that. But something good can negate that. The key system being maybe the return of Christ or Beings from off-world.

Some intervention or some overwhelming truth that will empower love and justice.

Sentential and Predicate calculus are academic programming tools and ontology means how things relate and connect up within themselves. The consistency of relationships within a system. Anima is the academic name given to the animal within us, as in Animism, the worship of vegetation and the beasts.



1. Q = equilibrium

2. Q <>

3. if (Q therefore F, where F is the key system/ solution

4. if (A+B) --> therefore X((AE+B) v (A+EB) v (AE+EB)) for all human

equilibrium, there is some temptation X

5. if X --> therefore ((C) v (C+D)) for some temptation, there is

destruction or destruction and deceit.

6. if F= ( (CvD)) The key system is equal to the negation of

destruction and deceit.

7. ((C+D)v(CvD))+F =S Destruction and or deceit, plus the key system

F[messiah], is equal to some solution S

I present this analysis hoping that Humanity can break free from the old ways of death and destruction. 12000 years of worship, hate and delusion appear to be reduced down to a 7-line equation, which could theoretically be programmable.

7 lines of logic describe 12000 years of angst, an unbroken cycle of despair.

There is still time for us to get our act together.

I truly advocate Christ as my solution to the Repto-Grey anima prison.

He is out of all the chaos and forms that form, the first born archetype of what it is to be lovingly human. If we resonate with him, we resonate with a whole vineyard of love and its nourishing and saving wellspring.

Others may have their own ideas such as the Repto charades surrounding sun worship and false messiahs connected to these circuses - yet it cannot be untrue that there is a first born loving archetypal human, regardless of whoever has desecrated the idea in our highly controlled culture.

Certainly chilling out as an animal sometimes in the future doesn't appeal to me despite being indoctrinated by Disney and the world of internal combustion and its attendant socio-economic financial metabolism and natural decay.

My vision is the sophisticated human in a civilisation of all kinds of races, all brothers and sisters, many forms, but all human love. A civilisation that is created out of the freely given gifts of energy and nurture and facility and the genius of real technology and recreation.

I just don't think I would appreciate a rat preparing my food though, it just Disney seem right.


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