A Sketch of my Tripartite Research


Tripartite Relativity - a unifying general systems theory is both a physics and a programmable metaphysics.
Here is an introduction to this new paradigm - a sketch of:

  1. The physics - ‘it’s only ontological’
  2. The metaphysics - ‘it’s only logical’

by Andrew Hennessey  16th January 2016

for Frank Ferguson

Our scientific Earth is trampled flat
our tunnel vision on linear lines
our cosmos hangs by strings and hairs
big bangs and crunches and corporate spat
will not roll out the welcome mat
for supercomputer chaos

But chaos theory the absolute norm
our particles emerging eyes of storms
in our turbulent aether
In aether a galaxy at every scale
no final particle, boson, god or not
sciences ego was designed to rot
after the next sensor upgrade

and order emerges from the chaos
it is a natural law
that heat death is opposed by heat life
entropy is only half
and in that chaos context
the Big Bang theory is a laugh

and particles as they emerge
are driven from microaether flux
both particle and wave at the same time
continuous standing waves they are
not isolated billiard ball
but constrained as if by Boyle’s law
by pressure of aethers push
no collapsing wave paradox in truth at all
let’s not beat around the bush.

and light matter that we see
and dark matter that we don't
the transitional form we see as hairs
around Hawking's black holes
opaque and not too obedient to
laws of gravity and space
will linger longer till eventually
they catch up with the race

the threeness of our natural order
is a logic too
and abc relativity
works the cosmos through

as a increases b declines is oft
inverse power law
though often in such chaos
more sudden or more vague
a relativity we draw

These transactions have logic
their components in a set
like particles of similar properties
and behaviours not fully identical
but performing yet

Nouns or Objects, systems too
macrocosm to the micro
all exchanges we can measure
performing nature’s laws

This general systems theory
has a name called TRE
from Tesla through to Fermat
no universal constants - except chaos
there for us to see

Predicting solutions to paradoxes
explains energy that's free
both physics and metaphysics
it’s only logical you see
that if chaos gives non-linear time
then thanks Einstein's atomic clocks
for the less time you will expect to find
far from Earthen rocks
because time is a gravity wave

As above, so below, ontology is true
but refutations of the old
do not bring in the new
whilst vested interests mine for gold
they have a halting problem
their lack of foresight they will rue.

by Andrew Hennessey  16th Jan 2016

for Frank Ferguson

Our robots are in trouble
they get lost amongst the rubble
because they've no Gestalt
they don't know when to halt

Their data is a nonsense
with labels rather strange
but a metaphysics called TRE
can their lists all re-arrange

every object has a value
every object has a scale
every object has exchanges
from high to low, without fail

the context of each object
puts the objects in domain
and sorted by TRE
a map of living life will gain

when the maps are put in order
every thing has a domain
objects ergonomic numbers
make the mountains and the vales
so far every robot trying to search
gets confused and then it fails
with infinite choice

But What if choice had limits
In TRE its shown that things are made of three
and like osmosis exchanges seen
life is a to b through c
and in our world of natural chaos
we have at least one interfering d

In our data maps and mountains
our objects and what they do
the story of our noun or object or system too
we agree on valid exchanging sets
of abc and some odd d
we ask is  a; a yes or no or maybe d
we do the same with b and c
to get models of integrity

This adds up to a very finite set
but its only logical that this is what we get

abc and d is three times three times three, time one
time one is twenty seven
in our world of flux our logic is that things will always change
so time two truths our twenty seven can be any twenty seven
that's twenty seven squared
every change we ever see
exchanges we define
with help from set theory
the whole kit and kaboodle
can be
seven hundred and twenty nine

zero has a context, infinity has a number
no human surely seen this
else why the robots blunder

happy robots therefore
no longer without scale
and every limited map they search
can take them up the trail

and searching for answers somewhere
in the domain of the minute
solutions to the problems can be
modelled from galactic fruit

chaos is our cosmos
but on Earth scientific flaws
things would go much better here
if we worked with all the laws.


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