No Free Energy in the UK

No Free Energy in the UK-Euro Zone
Andrew Hennessey

Although I had worked out the Tesla particle physics that would explain why spinning magnets produced free energy over 15 years ago I was always at a loss to actually build the technology – having no light or electrical engineering expertise.
Obviously free energy could end the vile pollution of our beautiful planet, it could feed Africa and China and beyond, it could cleanse and purify and even manufacture our water – it could destroy and reconstitute pollution and it would end the paradigm of combustion on our polluted world – supplying clean energy for billions, cheaply and freely sustaining huge populations, keeping the environment clean in the process and also extending our clean hands to the other farming opportunities in the solar system e.g. on Mars.
Yes sir, and maam without much ado – obviously free energy devices were the answer to all our ills.
Sure them pesky corporations seem to make inventors die all the time – but the designs and prototypes are so plentiful that a little thing like that wasn’t going to stop all those disgruntled intellectuals out there spinning a couple of magnets or converting an old rusty transit van to run on one of the plentiful free energy hydrocell designs.
Frankly by now I was expecting fleets of hippy vans to be using them – just as they do in America – where the latest figures I have are that over 200,000 American motorists are actually running their cars on free energy hydrocells – basically on water.

Note that Frank Ferguson is a globally significant expert on free energy devices, inventors and theorists and has access to lots of the technical data that can fine tune home-made free energy projects. There are large numbers of people doing this in their garage in the USA.

No such luck in the UK.
There was Professor Frank Searle and the thing that went through his garage roof and the wrangle with red tape and GCHQ that ensued but that was back in those days of Hammer Films where folks thought you needed to be Dr Strangelove to build this stuff.
There must be/should be tens of thousands of internet savvy, professionally educated, safety conscious, equipped and skilled and motivated people who can follow the simple instructions in relative safety.
Even with lots of Free energy inventors totally accessible to discuss the technical details such as the best magnets and the best distances between plates etc – not one popular reactionary mass movement for the people taking a stand against them pesky corporations and their weird alien personnel rolled out a free energy response.
In the UK – judging from the sheer numbers of disenfranchised educated people out there, there ought to be by now at least a small fleet of alternative vehicles running on free energy.

Why NOT ?
Has anybody ever heard of ONE free-energy conversion in the UK ?
It ought to be an urban legend by now.

Globally, the blueprints are plentiful and free and many of our brothers and sisters hoping for a new dawn and a better tomorrow for mankind on Earth paid for their hopes with their lives in creating them.
Sure lets hear about solar power, wave power, wind power, geothermals and other hot air – but how is it that there aren’t countryside communities in the UK off the National Grid e.g. following the example of American Inventor Lyle Latham who generates his own electricity using clean carbon zero, world saving free energy ?

Isn’t creating free energy vehicles and free energy generators for communities going to totally undermine these evil corporations and really demonstrate that there is a movement for real civilisation amongst mankind.
They do in the USA – so why is the UK doing nothing ? Whats wrong ?


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