The Free Energy Hydro-cell - introduction

Hydro-cell Introduction
by Frank Ferguson

It's said that there's no such thing as a free lunch, but there are currently 300,000 American citizens driving their autos on water power and free energy. That's 300,000 refutations of the alleged laws of physics, yet only one refutation was needed for true scientific change to have taken place. It didn't.

Hydro-cell is; green, world-saving, world-leading and its output is free.

Hydro-cell is producing electrolysis of water (HHO output) with an energy equivalent equal to 3 times the measured energy input or energy equivalent that needs to be "paid" for from a battery. This is an energy output equivalent to 3 times cost of the inputted energy: as measured in AMPS.

Some of these Hydro-cells are outputting HHO as fuel for electrical generators... and when the electricity from these HHO-fuelled generators is sold to the electrical GRID : Free energy produces free money..
Such limitless energy produces abundant profit at any level of entrepreneurial society or industry and it isn't too good to be true. Potentially this is a supply of free energy that is independent of global anarchy.
Since some of the electricity produced by the HHO fuelled electrical generators is fed back and used as the energy input necessary to continue the HHO production of the Hydro-cell the Over-unity factor of the Hydro--cell approaches infinity.

Most of the inputted system-free-energy comes from Zero Point Energy ZPE, the energy that persists throughout the Universe when heat energy is reduced to absolute zero or zero degrees Kelvin as well as other open systems-sources-of-radiant-energy. The conventional electrolysis of water to HHO using only a closed-system 12 volt battery, delivering AMPS is a system arbitrarily and pre-emptively defined and designed so as to unnecessarily deny access to free radiant energy and therefore by definition and design one that is a useless unhelpful closed system but not one that "violates the law of the conservation of energy".. When the open source systems of energy such as those of ZPE are considered, the increase in Over-unity production of energy by the Hydro-cell is not violating the laws of conservation of energy.
Hydro-cell is not a conjurers scam and the pseudo-science arguments against this physical reality are not rational.

To deny the efficacy of the Hydro-cell is to deny the existence and accessibility of energy from ionized solutions and gases, environmental heat, electron spin of atoms, and ZPE.
To deny the efficacy of the Hydro-cell is to deny the existence of the electronic eye that opens doors when you break the light beam that generates electricity that tells the door to remain shut..

To deny the efficacy of the Hydro-cell is to deny the existence of Browns patent on a diode that will not work if ZPE does not exist. The principal of a diode is identical with that in Edison's 1883 experiment that produced the light bulb..

To deny the efficacy of the Hydro-cell is to deny the existence of radiant solar energy that photovoltaic cells transform into electricity...

How these open energy systems are accessed is explained in a more technical presentation available on request. There is also an opportunity to inspect working examples of this technology by arrangement.

Hydro-cell producing HHO to power an electrical generator using water as the only continuing cost is a demonstrable reality .... one of many ways of having free energy for all now.


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