the mexican wave - some people just have all the luck

some really lucky people accidentally made money from the gulf oil spill


caledonia said…
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caledonia said…
Goldman Sachs prior knowledge of BP's 70,000 psi oil gushes.

What did Goldman know and when did they know it.

ABC news is polling to find out what people think about Goldman.

Andrew Hennessey has Imo correctly observed that the future is NOT fixed in concrete . . . more like fixed in jelly.

Some people at Goldman Sachs have admitted to being guilty of the sin of Greed or being possessed by a spirit of Greed.

Fallen angels as explained in Hennessey's Interdimensional Cosmology know in advance of people knowing events that occur in this World of Jelly -- life.

Is Goldman Sachs and BP's defense for the great harm caused to people that "the Devil made them do it".

If Goldman makes this devil-made-do-it defense what of the God given free will and the failure to use free will without sinning when faced with the temptations to bargain with those beings who have prior knowledge. Is this a way for people at Goldman and BP to satisfy their individual greed.

Is it possible to be and remain a key player at Goldman and not be possessed by a spirit of greed?

As Dr. Michael Salla has cautioned us in another context: "Don't demonize the demons." We can however send demons in people at Goldman Sachs, BP, and many other companies to Jesus for disposal.

This deliverance from evil sets the captives at Goldman, BP, and elsewhere free to hopefully do the right thing: stopping all underwater drilling for oil especially deep abiotic oil.

BP shut down Atlantis deep water drilling and oil extraction NOW!

Oil is not needed to meet people's energy needs.
Free energy technology meets all energy needs.


Frank Ferguson

Arlington VA

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