incessant nihilism attacks ordinary people

here is some evidence of my contention that every person is incessantly bombarded with spiritual nihilism.
Only prayer to Christ keeps us free of this spiritual dis-ease though - not sinking to base animal levels where our frequencies can be mapped and manipulated and farmed..
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here is the article that shows everyman and everywoman experiences unfulfilling spiritual negation on a daily basis.


Only making love keeps us focused

November 12 2010 at 10:12am

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Our mind is more likely to wander to an unpleasant topic than to a pleasant one.

It may seem a harmless way to whittle away the day’s duller moments.

But daydreaming actually makes us miserable, according to scientists.

What’s more, we all spend almost half our waking hours dreaming our lives away, no matter what we are doing, they found.

Contrary to popular perception, our idle thoughts don’t make us happy, even if they are about something pleasant. Instead, daydreaming only leaves us yearning for what might have been.

The study, at Harvard University, found our minds are wandering 46.9 percent of the time, from the morning commute to doing the housework. It is only when making love the brain fully focuses on the task in hand.

The study used mobile phone technology to follow 2 000 volunteers going about their daily lives. They sent back updates on what they were doing, how happy they felt and whether their mind was wandering.

Researcher Matthew Killingsworth said: “This study shows our mental lives are pervaded, to a remarkable degree, by the non-present.”

The volunteers tended to be less happy after letting their mind wander than they were before. The experts suggest that one reason is that when our mind wanders it is more likely to wander to a neutral or unpleasant topic than to a pleasant one.

Researcher Professor Daniel Gilbert added: “Many philosophical and religious traditions teach happiness is to be found by living in the moment. They suggest that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.” - Daily Mail


caledonia said…
here's another demonic event
the alleged greediness gene is a cover for temptation of a more evil sort.

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