the evils of channeling

'We are close to an end of technology.'  recent channeled being ...
technology is tools - tools for operating in the 3 dimensions of space and one of time - many people have seen that the technology that we are allowed to use on earth has been deliberately kept primitive -
we have had the theories and designs and machines for free energy and interstellar travel on this planet since e.g. 1890 faradays monopolar generator, lord kelvins atomic vortex theory of ether in 1901
if we are close to an end of technology - we must by definition be at the end of human struggle for reality and truth - for no human being would willingly relinquish their quest for reason and reasonable interstellar reality.
My definition of reasonable interstellar reality is a communal and symbiotic community of all types of consciousness - beyond time and within the strictures of these frequencies - operating within a technological envelope.
for these beings who preach abandonment - we are to drop our mortal overcoats and our title deeds and export rights and dive into an energy sea.
Even if all of humanity does do that - no matter what level of consciousness operates within our 3 dimensional time space - they will still all use technology - just like these beings currently use 3 dimensional technology to propogate their ideas on the 3 dimensional internet.
These beings need for technology will always be obvious - so why do they preach an end to technology ? is it perhaps true that we will never see them or hear from them again ? I doubt it -
they will be deployed all over the supercluster preaching an end to technology - and the greatness of being pure energy.
Its true that being a being of pure energy - beyond time and matter - living in bliss is great - Christ told us about that - but no-one ever said that three dimensions with its tools of technology was an evil place to be shunned ...
If they think that we can believe that technology is an evil and a lie - its only because we can see that the technology our controllers have alowed us to utilise is pre-stellar.
Many interstellar civilisations have great peaks of beautiful technology and have achieved massive and enduring feats of civilised nurture and social communion - why therefore must we abandon all hope of social regulation and large scale social nurture - it is only technology that enables vast civilisation and huge scale nurture - if we abandon technology we abandon civilisation for ever -
this channeling being wants us to do this - to become self involved and self empowered ... but such feats of selfishness are at best asocial and at worst vampiric and predatory.
so I will give our asocial channels the benefit of the doubt and shall not call them energy dependent predators - for they teach spiritual sounding ethics -
but for them to ask us to disavow technology is to peel off the weakest from the social herd - for it is only under the umbrella of technology that feats of enduring social logic and regulation can be achieved and the greatest good can be done for the many.
andrew hennessey.


Angelalan37 said…
Nothing wrong with Channeling,
It is the intent that counts,
Channel but without intent,
Don't give your power away,
Everyone has a right to channel the Divine Mother,
It's free so use your right,
Through the Divie Mother free energy flows!

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