Andrew Hennessey's Secret Scotland calendar 2013

My SECRET SCOTLAND Calendar for 2013

It's stuff that the tour bus usually accelerates past !!
I might add that in 1985 when I signed on for the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights templar of Jerusalem - I did not have a clue what it was really all about. I was thinking maybe Christian, some Chivalry and being nice to people. Unfortunately I just could not understand what it was really all about - it seemed to include talk of Kings, Pretenders, Mi5, National Sovereignty and alas it has to be said - money ! I witnessed one rich dude probably from America walk in off the street as it were - and go through a lightning fast pantomime as a squire for less than ten seconds, then become a Knight, then a Knight commander with some rapid wardrope changes with different coloured cloaks and then some sort of templar general with the power to raise armies from his own Fiefdom etc etc etc. In the space of about thirty seconds had taken place the alleged results of months of meditation and soul-searching. From Zero to MegaLordCommander in 30 seconds. My young life as a 'poor Knight in Christ' was in torment witnessing all these contradictions and not the least having sombre conversations with gentlemen alleging to be from the British Security Services on a regular basis - some of them anonymous phone calls. Of course, I had no idea that at that time Mi5-like people were allegedly cultivating contacts within the little group and had by all accounts some seriously circus-like things going on behind the scenes. Probably as a result of all the collective nonsense - the Order split up into many fragments and splinter groups - and subsequently not feeling myself cut out for the 'finesse' of the occult section of the Scottish Knights Templar after one of its wierd leading occult 'ladies' suggested that I was a (spiritually) weakling Knight with a cheap fragmentary lance who falls at first hurdles - even (then) the easily impressed I, have to say Knight Knight at that point. Lesson for the decade ? Never let anyone make you think you're crap.;jsessionid=EACA8D0578EA86816F70B452F2B7CE9A#productDetails?showPreview=true


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