the eBooks of Andrew Hennessey Ufologist

I have several free eBooks out on the net which serve to document my journey through the strangeness and the surreal that is part of the close encounters phenomenon. Each book is a signpost on my route

PHASE 1 Wakening UP
In 1999 I wrote the ebook Monkeys of Eden, the telepathic overlords and the slaves of Earth.
It’s a bit reactive because I was struggling with the impact of this phenomenon on my perceptions of life and society. What I didn’t realise then in 1999 was that the whole picture isn’t just about reptilians and that the basic fabric and props of society, its science, technology and history can be easily falsified. I didn’t realise back then just how pervasive and matrix-like this phenomenon that afflicts us all really is.
Monkeys of Eden though is the first step on my own personal journey towards the recognition of the darkness that attempts to socially engineer us. At the time of writing though I was appearing at Conferences suggesting that the greys could still be our little grey buddies.

PHASE 2 Hand to hand and getting a grip
After a period of very close encounters and having survived the fact that the greys were not in fact our starbuddies I wrote up my series of very close encounters initially as a book called ‘A Last Stand in Unwhere’ – but when I realised how much Angelic protection I had been getting I put the stories out in a collection called The Turning of the Tide in 2006. People should read the Turning of the Tide as these weird and surreal events are actually commonplace in many lives but many folks can’t bring themselves to talk about their experiences.

PHASE 3 Recalibrating the world
Taking the things I had witnessed a step further – scaling these alien realities up to global levels I realised that the things we take for granted as the status quo are probably highly engineered events. For example we seem to be getting locked into a world where things are routinely getting burned and turned into rust and dust. I reckoned that the era of internal combustion engines could be artificially maintained by aliens even if it meant manufacturing our crude oil using the energy to matter free energy technologies that they wont allow us to have or develop. I wrote these kind of ideas up in a collection called Escape from Earth.
Finally in PHASE 4 Seeing what they are up to
Recognising that it took some serious Angelic help not to have ended up either assimilated, hosted or in a vat of green goo I take stock of the fact that demons are wearing silver suits and that these alleged spacemen are running scared of Christian realities. I analyse some of the things they have been doing and arrive at my conclusion that they are HARVESTING THE DISCONNECTED

In the next few months I am publishing my hardcopy book called Alien Encounters and the Paranormal and this will be a reference book which will document my personal journey through the folklore of Scotland and will make a record of my own conclusions about the alien phenomena as it impacts us


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