Paranormal Scotland - souvenirs and gifts

As part of my remit as a tour guide and tour operator I have put together a small online shop at cafepress that will hopefully lure people to Bonny Scotland. The idea being that folks can find a real souvenir of the paranormal weirdness that can be found there if for some unlikley reason they could not get to the skywatches. Generally these images are already online for research purposes - but it just seems such a shame not to put them even further 'out there'.
I am still stunned by the fact that one of my youtube videos - shot at great personal risk by John Jackie Gillies called paragliding with aliens which shows a couple of paragliders flying round hovering ufos then landing on some hovering artistic looking staging 20 miles south of the Scottish capital Edinburgh has only had a few views after 5 or 6 years !!
I would have thought that such evidence of establishment collaboration with extra terrestrials should have been featured virally on a global stage - and taken up by leading lights in exopolitics and all the other ufo superstars - clearly not. The footage shows two paragliders making a landing on a Ufo - whats there to dislike about that ?

So here's my shop at Cafepress - genuine images again - some images not to have been seen or recorded anywhere else on planet earth


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