The RingMiners of Saturn

It always makes me wonder who or what could get onto the end of a NASA jpg with snazzy adjustments from Photoshop. Norman Bergrun was seeing these long cyclindrical ships amongst Saturns rings in the 1970's and wrote the book Ringmakers of Saturn - to explain their presence. On the other hand they are probably mining out the minerals amongst the planetary rings. What could be more economical - bedrocks that have already been ground down into bite sized chunks by the machinations of the solar system - all lining up just waiting for the big mining cylinder to churn them up - refine them and then spit out the unwanted material.
The usual spooky nonsense that attempted to dismiss these ships was that they were actually caused by frame dragging and streaking of light by a small fast-moving object - and there are whole websites set up with elaborate animations with this idea in mind trying to look rational and convincing. You can forget that though - here's a picture of one of the cyclinders with its rear engine ports open - looking like a tripartite petal ...

Here is my own artistic rendering of the Ringminers of Saturn ...


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