Soulmining without technlogy

I often wonder if the way I have been seeing life on Earth is inclusive of the whole picture – after all there are so many cultural realties – ancient and modern that could easily have been tampered with by an energy to matter converting faster-than-a-speeding-bullet demonic alien.

Without recourse to our classical hand-me-down historic vision then I would have to see things in terms of what I know from my own experience and also what I can inductively add into the mix based on folklore data that is being repeated.

We often get television telling us that star trek and warp factor 10 in a straight line to the nearest visible star or galaxy is the extent of what we are supposed to be bothering about - vibrational rates of matter which for some reason science calls ‘light matter’.

What if though that the nearest star to planet Earth isn’t x million lightyears but only a couple of stops in the frequency elevator above our heads where we are right now.
This idea of a multidimensional universe here and now and in amongst us is probably not news to the various species of ET or Interdimensional ET that are visiting us. The fallen race of Adam – disconnected from Gods grace and only fulfilling itself by a reconnection of loving intentions and actions seems to be at one of the lower levels of a frequency pit – densely moving through the cold molasses in relative slow motion.

Our predicament deep down the bottom rungs of the frequency ladder appears to be worsened by the number of hungry beings around us – many also fallen and disconnected (from abundant and free natural love and energy) – some wilfully like the reptilian anunnaki and others through no choice of having or wanting ensoulment and yet they have a hungry need to predate on soulful life force whose outpourings are part of a natural destiny of being loved by our Father, God.
These latter beings the Greys as we are calling them today need to be understood without all the star trek rhetoric and projections of federations and such. Their feeding activities on us seem very personal because they are to us the distressing and disorting of our intentions but to the demons – its just ripping a shoot off a tree and they get their mitts on it by annulling and denying our intentions – causing our extensions to be sheared off.
Before mankind dreamt of technology and starships – they were the demons, archons, djinn, then elementals like the faeries with flying carpets, shacks, carts, chariots, shields, coaches and then today they are the greys – from so-called zeta reticulii.
The issue is not that they come from a star system – though I doubt that – its really that they probably don’t need that much technology for they are interdimensional in nature. Look around for the secrets the establishment hides in plain view and you will see allusions to hives and matrixes and biblical references from Isiah to bees and out of the strong dead body of the good guys comes forth the honey of the demonic hive heads.

The Greys/faeries/elementals/demons do not need their spaceships.or Hybrids. They only mention words like Federation because of what good humans naturally hope for.

If the Greys get driven from here by the final realties and judgements to come then they will attempt to hive off and head somewhere else in similar or worse darkness. Grey demons then – ancient and modern – we make the mistake of thinking they are ’space men’ and need technology and atmosphere and time and biological reproduction and genetic evolution – and they want us to think they do need these things so we have some humanesque concepts with which to relate to them..

They are soul parasites.

Their hive is like a swarm of interdimensional locusts that has invisibly swarmed around this planet and their feeding mechanism is to strip away and bite off our extensions of ego – like the green shoots of a tree or crop.

They need to stop us making the connection between the demonic and the civilised technophiles they portray themselves as – for as we know – it says in star trek and in exopolitical rhetoric that insults our victims that they are good beings because they have high technology.
No they only have the appearance of high technology – the semblence of civilisation that’s their cover story.
They are in fact the very demons that Stella Davis Vatican Deliverance minister casts out.
You must at this point be saying no way – all that sloppy green pea soup, spitting nails – evil behaviour – whats that got to do with the nice techno guys in silver suits.
The answer is everything – the surreal the horrific the suddenly frightening is their way of hooking into our souls.
They will use a proportionate amount of technology depending on what intelligent species they are predating on and their strategy to present social negations and nihilism but the High Strangeness reported by Hynek to the UN is totally where its at.

At this point you must be saying that we’re in trouble – but when you realise the power of a prayer – and these creatures will go to any length to disguise its effects – when you realise that despite being in deep pits surrounded by mechanistic hive matrixes and predatory locusts – there are many of us who can still love the sght of the natural world and the many wonderful people in it.

Whereas the Great Work as far as the Angels are concerned is probably in aiding the Great Escape of the race of Adam from these deeps and in helping us recognise Christ, the only name these demons are afraid of – there is still time for us to have a good look round – maybe recognising the many subtle and unsubtle ways our lives are being countered .our aspirations being stripped out – many of us can see that happening – some of us have unnatural luck too and worldly attachments can equally weigh us down and blind us to the light – but if we take stock – we should be able to recognise that there is a great deal of hope for our future evident because we still have the time to see that.


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