extra ordinary claim, extraordinary proof AND extraordinary venue

Although it’s a well known fact that in Ufology and the paranormal ‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof’ there is unfortunately another factor in the ufology circus which has to be taken account of.

As such I would develop the pragmatic idea that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof AND an extraordinary venue.

Its quite pass̩ to actually sit and be a critic of ufo claims Рfor at the end of the day, logically, no digital data can suffice, no experience can be valid. (empirical scepticism, Descartes) It was however our eagerness to please the alleged rational naysayers that prompted us to send off to some allegedly prominent ufo group a digital video master tape.
This item was to be subject to rigorous scientific testing, conjecture, hypothesis and refutation – it was to be reviewed by a body of educated rational peers. It was to be assessed and re-evaluated, measured, slowed down, taken frame by frame, pixel by pixel – its images were to be compared, magnified, translated, enhanced, juxtaposed, catalogued, resized, contrast enhanced, inverted etc etc etc etc etc

In the end the master tape came back with a UK soap opera called Eastenders taped all over it.

Suffice to say coming onto me with the lets get rational routine doesn’t impress me.
Know that I do not make claims about data that I cannot back up.
If I make extraordinary claims it will be because I have extraordinary data.

Sure its nice if I provide that also – but then don’t come at me from some high place over your inability to find publicly available images.

As far as the SKY TV digital data re the horse racing paddock and its aliens recorded by Jackie Gillies from UK television probably produced by some alien process – we are not willing to present such data to every rude nerd that thinks they are more clever than us.
Especially when its not really their life that is on the line.
(Life isn’t always a game of Warhammer)

Both Jackie Gillies and myself have collected tons of good empirical evidence and despite showing some of the good stuff off – have been regularly shunted out of the UK conference scene.

There’s a very obvious reason for this – we can not only demonstrate aliens as lights in the sky, but with numerous types of formal ships, and numerous types of personnel on the ground at various times and localities almost on demand.

Alas these are demands which have been avoided by the dodgy uk and global ufo scene which is trying to play at exopolitics without policies for human victims of alien abuse.

These days therefore trying to appease people pretending to be scientific and rational doesn't occupy any of my time - as its a well known fact that the truly educated alleged rationalists on the ufo scene are anything but. e.g. we have an email from Nick Pope stating that this ship is either a meteor or a manmade object http://www.andrewhennessey.co.uk/repto4u.gif this image and collection of images have not been featured by UK ufology in the last 3 years since their shooting. I find that there is an abject lack of reality being demonstrated by those people with an ulterior agenda


caledonia said…
hi Scott

here are the nasa photos

but you failed to say the magic word 'please' - you are a perfect example of why extraordinary witnesses do not come forward.
You can forget getting sight of that SKY footage - from our point of view it isn't worth it with all the flaming and name calling and sh*t. You don't deserve to know any more than you do in my opinion.
caledonia said…
it would seem logical to make a polite request to view the data at your own expense - come to Edinburgh, be introduced to Mr Gillies, view the SKY recording take notes, make your own HD recording of it - create a conference/news conference, or other media related venue, seek permissions from SKY TV for a public rebroadcast - this serves to protect Mr Gillies who has been on the receiving end of some very abusive stuff from local aliens. That didn't occur to you though - and I'm not going to publish any of your rude (adolescent) commentary on my blog. Mr Gillies and I are perfectly willing to talk to anyone about our data - if people who allege interest are in fact willing to make an effort to find an extraordinary venue for it
caledonia said…

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