So what is Xenopolitics ?

So what is Xenopolitics ?
Andrew Hennessey

Xenopolitics is the recognition that the common man, especially human victims of alien abuse has been left unrepresented by an uncaring decade of alleged Exopolitics.

Xenopolitics is a recognition of the fact that if on balance the starbrothers have not been seen to be nice to us, have never been shown to be Philanthropists, have never produced any beneficial physical evidence by way of solutions to paradoxes and cul de sacs in human knowledge and technology – its because they too are children of hunger-filled dualism and a galaxy, a cosmic plane in a state of energy depletion – and they have us (for many millennia) right where they want us.

So where is that ?
A disease ridden un-evolving cul-de-sac whose peaks of scientific and technological knowledge are ridden with deliberately contrived and maintained paradoxes.

At this point the ‘new-age’ apologists come out to tell us what mankind has done to this planet - and our unevolved state gave us what we deserved or were asking for - despite the very obvious fact that the ruling elite that have guided the common herd into desolate wars, desolate crops, and desolate ideologies have always been the blueblooded reptilian anunnaki – or so their letterheads and crests, art, sculpture and other exhibitionist cultural paraphanalia has always tended to suggest.

I always end up saying ‘Who’s WE ?’ we did this we did that we ruined our environment etc etc etc
My accusers never make it clear what faction of humans or shapeshifters disguised as humans that they are referring to in this ‘We’.
Nor in fact accounting for how the alleged human activity that allegedly caused global warming has simultaneously warmed up every other planet subject to the sun in this solar system !! Are there untold billions of 4x4's running rampant all over Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn etc

Xenopolitics does say however – The elite responsible for planetary desolation are soul farmers milking human despair e.g. with vexatious taxes and tolls – they come in two generic brands – the reptilian anunnaki and the insectoid greys – like devils and demons.
Science, medicine and technology as practised are charades – there is enough riches from free energy to mine and colonise any solar system and such riches to be unlocked by free energy space exploration, mining and assets could end poverty forever on this and any planet.

Scientific knowledge of free energy is the means to the end of human poverty and desolation - but not if human poverty and desolation is the end to which we are being steered.

The problem is though that poverty and disease appear to be the condiments of a soul essence fast food takeaway.
The reptilian species could not survive without such planetary farms because they are disconnected from God, they are in a fallen state – do not love - do not draw power from our Father the Source of all – and they are hungry for essence.
Whether the charades are bronze age, iron age, pre-stellar tech, mad max – there are always would-be gods and tricksters grandstanding and showing off and killing the joy of the more ineptly engineered humans.
In Christ though is the victory for He has paid our ransom, and as we turn the other cheek to disengage our mind and spirit from the charades and side shows – our heart will take us home to be with Him.


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