swastika reptilian/aryan connection erased on wiki painting

In the painting by Scottish symbolist, mystic and visionary John Duncan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Duncan_painter (not to be confused with the Scottish colourist and painter John Duncan Fergusson) of the shining ones - are the illuminated 'riders of the Sidhe' pronounced 'she' - the seelie court - the high court of evolved interdimensional 'faerie' beings who go riding about the land. (as opposed to the lesser unseelie court of greys kobolds djinn and gremlins etc). These shining reptilian and sumerian de dannan basically the anunnaki - who shine in the dark - have some very interesting tie ins from their presence in ancient times to their blueblooded draconian and monumental sculptures in our cities today.
In this painting by Duncan which shows reptilian derivations that are similar to mesopotamia e.g.

we can see that some photoshop editing has been done on the public domain image on Wiki that excludes the ancient Hindu or contemporary 20th century (nazi?) link between the reptilian bluebloods and these ancient ideologies.

I'm not sure I agree with Wikis assurance that 'This is a faithful photographic reproduction of an original two-dimensional work of art.' unless Duncan did two paintings called Riders of the Sidhe which were identical except for the symbolism in the horse harness detail.

Presumably the editorial was done by someone of esoteric leanings as the male sun sign - the swastika is replaced by a female sign, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vesica_piscis - the vesica piscis - however this cultural tampering with the human historic record is totally unacceptable.

note the Hindu swastika on the shining ones - anunnaki - anu - de dannan - EL's - seelie court - reptilian - blueblood - horse harness in a faithful copy of the picture above - i.e. at http://www.celtic-twilight.com/ireland/art/duncan_john/ridersofsidhe.htm but note below the version on wikipaedia that in amongst all the pixel crunch has totally lost the symbolic connection and its educational worth as far as the ideologies of the anunnaki/shining ones are concerned - how did such a significant emblem get so lost in the editorial ?
this is a link to the (current) culturally doctored image on wiki

Although we know that the swastika dates from thousands BC from Hindu culture - why was this connection edited out of our modern day perceptions of the reptilian subculture ?

It also begs the question as to how many more important images on Wiki and elsewhere in publication have been worked over ?


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