the age of combustion is over - long live free energy

Methill Power Station, Fife, June 8th 14.30pm by Andrew Hennessey


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Hi Andrew,

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This 2006 article talks about the company and therefor thanks to the Supreme Court of US the Person -- Mirant.

Mirant runs all the coal fired power plants in Washington DC metro area and has done so for several decades. Before, during, and to date many of us have worked to stop the pollution that Mirant constantly spews into local air. There have been some looses in battle to stop Mercury that my grand children have always breathed. from coming from Mirant's smokestacks.

Mirant first illegally got grandfather-exemption from using congressionally required "advanced pollution controls", then went into bankruptcy and became de facto controlled by Don Blankenship president of Massey Energy

Many year lawsuit against Mirant produced an out-of-court settlement between local concerned citizens and Mirant. Mysteriously Congressman James Moran was presented with a bait and switch settlement yet signed anyway. Congressman Moran at moment of signing of Mirant out-of-court settlement agreement was told that Mirant would sign only if one small change in the wording was made. The change meant that Mirant would be allowed eighty more percent pollution than Moran and the activists against Mirant understood to be the agreement.

Mirant continues their charade and to play the same game today.

Two years ago Virginia State Legislature passed amendments to force coal fired power plants to clean up their act. Mirant purchased an exemption to pollute for themselves covering the Washington Metro area from corrupt VA legislators. Governor of VA Kaine crosses out the Mirant exemption out of otherwise positive Anti-pollution Amendment, and signs the bill. Mirant could not buy the necessary two thirds vote to reverse Governor Kaine.

Free energy may be replacing coal fired power plants in Edinburgh but not right now here in Washington DC where Sec of Energy Chu and chief scientist in White house Dr John Holdren who put out disinfo that laws of physics make it impossible for free energy technology to exist.

Most of country's 420 coal-fired power plants today lack advanced pollution controls, even though the equipment to clean up their hazardous exhausts has been widely available for many years, and even though there is much talk of totally improbable clean coal technology.

Here Ralph Nader is informed of reality of free energy

Nader is against safe nukes, clean coal, and drill baby drill yet won't talk about free energy technology even now after Fukushima. Japan's makes painful attempt to now shut down all of their nuclear power plants but Nader won't tell them how to avoid sweating through a very hot summer. Germany's decision to kick the nuke addiction is not a signal to speak of free energy technology.

After the publication of Dr Judy Wood's new book gives all irrefutable evidence of reality of free energy technology

it would seem safe for our no nukes activists Ralph Nader, Helen Caldicott, and Daniel Ellsberg to start talk about free energy technology.

These no nukes activists may not have read my post on weourselves yahoo group

but they know free energy technology.

in Christ,


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