Otis T Carr & Ralph Ring

I'm a total advocate of Tesla technology, and have even conceptualised an AI guidance system and space drive for such a space ship as is described by these guys - however - there is one very important clue as to the truth of these events decribed by Otis Carr - that is they could not remember a thing about what they said or did after they travelled - although they came back from wherever with lumps of rock in their pockets.
Its a strong bet that the whole process seemed genuine to the humans involved but was actually a demonically controlled (grey controlled) hoax.
The fact that their ship went spiritual turquoise meant diddly squat at the end of the day - and its very likely that the whole event was a charade intended to disempower these allegedly human agencies or at the very least trick people into sending themselves to hell or somewhere very near to that state of being.


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