Andrew Hennessey

This is an article about the power of the Angels of Light and the darkness that they oppose as it tries to harvest Humanity.
Being in the world and not of it is a much more important thing than I have ever realised.
The world as I have previously written on is a deliberately contrived socially dysfunctional malignant charade implemented by both Reptilians and Greys for the purposes of soul farming.
It is replete with both visible and invisible matrix technologies – some of which can be seen parked outside various houses from e.g. satellite photographs.
A daytime monolog nihilism comprised of unjust winners and losers amongst the gods of everything we think we wanted to be helps keep us in a negated frame of mind as we struggle with the physical and spiritual straightjacket of our artificial human DNA – initially created by the Annunaki.
Our struggles though are also scanned by matrix technologies and our farmers.
As we already know from some research, such things like microwave technologies used for things like mobile phones operate on the frequency of the human biological mind, and that there has been a scientifically based movement even from the 1930’s called, initially, Radio Eugenics, then later, Transhumanism according to Drew Hempel’s Matrix Plan, that are designed to upload mankind into some sort of alien virtual reality using high frequency technologies.

Our artificial dreamspace encounters at night could take on a new meaning in this context.
As can be seen from the testimony of Paul Schroeder as he battles his Grey demons in some sort of grindhouse evil matrix at night, this alien virtual reality is brutal and dehumanising.
We must pray for people like Paul.
It’s rather like attempting to strip off the vestiges of any human resistance and reference points.

My own confrontation with such processes teaches me many things.
If we think that we alone and by ourselves can survive this barrage of alienating evil we are sadly wrong.
If we think that we are some sort of powerhouse on our own, some sort of wizzo wizard magi and that by the power of our will we can stand this stuff off – we are in for a brutal surprise.
Firstly, everything physical that we have in the world, our bodies, its frequencies of matter, its resonant chemistry, and the physical process within the human mind plus our daily psychological moves and coping routines are known, scanned and mapped.
This doesn’t apply to higher frequency aspects of our souls though.
In the same way that a 3G mobile phone could technically impose some external thought frequencies upon you, the aliens have the capacity to do this too with more powerful alien technology at street level.

I got a bit worried when over a couple of nights my internal visioning system got first blue screened and then on another night yellow screened. It meant that I was being majorly imposed on.

I have also noticed over the years how it is possible to be looking at some header text on a book in a bookshop or on an advert and that it can be totally changed in the exact same font to say and mean something else. I have also seen the recent images of the two paragliders that were filmed in the local Moorfoot hills near Edinburgh landing on a UFO superimposed on my other daily imagery as if using a technique used in video editing called chromokeying.
This is where you lift the image of e.g. the paragliders and impose them on a totally different landscape that is initially blue or green or some color .. and then you add another scenery file to occupy the strong background color.

At a social level, applying this reality to other people in the street we could all technically be occupying the same physical area but all seeing totally different things. This makes sense in the context of no-one in a big Scottish city and its hinterland seeing a 3 mile ship over a period of two hours parked over the local sea.

I also noticed that the symptoms of alleged physical disease such as type 2 diabetes were manifesting before rather than after ingesting sugary meals. Even when there was no causative sugar deficit – and that when these alleged symptoms started to attack me like blows to areas of my body – I recognised that Humans were being scammed out of their health by debilitating psychic and paranormal warfare.
I am not saying that all symptoms of physical and psychological disease are false or are wrongly diagnosed just that they could also be artificial.

I have also noted my eyesight recover its clarity after certain of these alleged social farming processes and theatre during the day.
Prayer in my case, restored my vision, and when aliens used some excuse in the town centre to blast my right eardrum out with a huge industrial claxon alleging to be a car horn in a parked car – that created such pain in my ear that I could not bear to play the violin for six months, my ear somehow became restored by an act of healing and I can now play again easily and without any tinnitus
Indeed some abductees complain of serious physical health problems such as back injuries.
I can sometimes pick up what seems like serious physical injuries to my legs that stop me from walking distances and these can be inflicted by paranormal and invisible beings and forces, and also healed by Angels as quickly as they have been inflicted.

There was the time in 1984, the night before an important concert, I somehow picked up a massive twist of calf muscles just seemingly turning around in the street. It was so painful to walk any distance but I hobbled to accident and emergency where the doctor put his hands on my legs and I could suddenly walk again without pain.

It might look like I have been selling tickets but the weakest link and deepest wound in my own spiritual world happened at family level making me vulnerable and making me make allowances for certain kinds of people. Evil approaches me impersonating my childhood spiritual needs from those kinds of people. This either by the sound of their voice or their physical appearance or mannerism.
The forces of alien darkness know and have an engineering note of what you have been missing in life, on Earth because in fact they stole it from you in the first place.

At first I thought, naturally, that this imposition of color and imagery stuff was more inside my head than it should be, but I then recognised that it was adjacent to me and projecting at me rather than in me.
I could even partly see the beings in front of me that were responsible for these [allegedly my] dreams as I sat or lay there at night.
Real soul sleep has to take place in other higher densities and in entirely other conditions and places.
In Church terms I was being obsessed rather than possessed.
I have caught myself from being drawn into distracting dreams and timelines created by adjacent beings and recognise the work that my guardian Angel does in keeping my life relatively free of the evils within and between our worlds.

I was allowed the experience of standing alone in my dreamspace amongst this stuff last night – and it didn’t take long to get twisted into some sort of mind game and painfully debilitating trap. Disconnected – our thoughts are quickly accessible and vulnerable.
I could also see myself through the eyes of my guardian Angel at one point, so I know that I was never alone even if I thought so.

I carry my weakness and burden gladly though.
Were I to only have the love of Angels all around me in every and any direction, in truth, I would be no longer of any use as a human to God in this world, not being a part of it and in it.
I would not be here.

Its probably not true for everybody, but me having to deal with some evil process in the daily world keeps me in it, and if my faith is strong, and my love is strong, and my guardian Angel does not let me fall from the Vine, then I can engage in active prayer for the many people I know in this world who are beset by the alien evil.

Without the love of Christ’s Holy Vine though which we are either in or out of, for or against … there is only another network readily there.
It is an evil alien farming matrix.

These beings have the use of technological processes with which they intend to harvest Humanity on this planet and they can use physically and spiritually brutal techniques to puncture our spiritual envelopes, then distract us with simulations of something that we have recently seen and interacted with during our day, tripping us into some dark matrix cul de sac.

On our own we are as beings not capable of holding these things and their millennia old farming techniques and technologies off, but together with the love of the Holy Spirit, together bonded to the Holy Vine of John 15 we can survive and prevail.
We may find that our minds can be imposed upon as we pray rather like hoodlums shouting outside the walls of our church - but in Christ our souls are firm and eternal and not alone and therefore not weak for the taking.

Deception, illusion, evil trickery and lies will be used to unsettle the Human journey, to take the feet from under the pilgrim soul, but know that you do not journey alone in this cruel alien darkness.
These beings need to convince you of their ability to control you, but if there is no agreement and ceding of powers to them .. they can rage in vain, and do.

The alien farming proceeds night and day and mostly we are unaware of the contrived and negating dialog that is part of this alien charade here, but we must stand fast in our faith in Christ and in the certainty that our sins can be forgiven.
Without the love of and love for the Angels of the Holy Spirit and my brother Christ, I am in no doubt what could very easily happen to me in moments in some dark toilet of the alien matrix.

The power of our own personal prayer keeps us above the evil low frequency pit beneath us and we should persevere with any and every prayer no matter what seems to impose upon and usurp our thoughts and our lives.
It is our prayerful intention that is Holy, and the impositions of the world that is not Holy, and that world external to us is not of us. Our root intentions to pray are of Heaven not of the alien Hell, and we can commit our souls to any prayer in this evil world – and though in Human time our alien farmers can hack our lives and prayers – our eternal soul and its eternal prayer are already safe and sound and complete in the higher frequencies above this realm in which our souls are rooted.
In the world, my own prayers are only safe when I pray with the love that protects me, not in isolation from them.
The alien farm here on Earth could attempt to disorientate many beings such that they lose their hope and their faith in the Holy Vine [John 15] and its messengers.
I think that each of us should take some time now to consider how their own personal and unique pattern besides being mapped in some alien process is also written in Gods book of Life so that when the aliens flick the switches here .. we know that there is a realm of love and salvation beyond the evils of our experiences here and that we can stand fast against this way of death when these soul pits open up.
My guardian angel left me seemingly alone the other night so that I could witness at first hand the greys soul capture and processing ...
This stuff isn't playing nice its totally brutal - it is the absolute hurtful negation of anything you think that you are and it doesn't really need a lot of your time to get you.
its very very bad not just for me but for anybody taken down.
Most people think they will end up in some sort of ok not too bad hotel california with some painful down side and some evil combat, where they can be useful wise guys with an angle on being useful … but that Hollywood myth is a trick. etc
bad idea ... its extremely quick and potentially excruciating

God help the happy zombies on the high street when the switches are flicked here a terrible fate awaits them imo

Luke 19:42 Saying, If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes.
43 For the days shall come upon thee, that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side,
44 And shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation.

I would not be surprised though if besides the greys soul stripping that the reptilians are running trips to other Americas and Russia and Chinas and Britain’s out there in this galaxy so that they can keep their hosting farms topped up supplying Repto progeny for their war efforts :)
There have to be about 1000 other earthworld retarded nurseries in this galaxy - all mining out roughly the same soul groups.
Lets say the Reptilian Empire didn’t want to have to put all of its captive eggs in the one earth-basket.
Say that one earthworld garden centre or nursery had to suddenly close for geological reasons beyond the logistics – but that you would not want to disrupt the gestation period and cycle of alien progeny – then you would want to transport that population of that earth zone and re-insert them into other earthworlds and other America’s or Russias or China’s. Therefore the maximum levels of population slack that the average China or America or Russia could take up is about an increase of about 10% of its population without too much logistical trouble – so that would mean that there might be at least another 10 interstellar America’s, Russia’s, Scotland’s and China’s etc

If ships turn up - they will probably take you spiritually sideways - across this plateau of time space to more of the same I suspect ...

I think we should be trying to meet Identifiable Christian Angels - ICA's instead of UFO's - they will take us up above this plane .. which will be far better than going somewhere across it ..


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