Andrew Hennessey

In western society - as the terrible war on the middle classes, its beliefs, spending power and social, cultural and spiritual choices continue - we can collectively see the evidence in United Nations and New World Order rhetoric of the billions of useless eaters and planetary spoilers that allegedly deserve the naturally selective axe of devolution.

We also know that all the planetary issues that allegedly necessitate this cull could be easily fixed with century old Human free energy, even from the time of Faraday and his monopolar generator in 1890AD

Alas the only realism for mankind produced by our farmers is disease.
We know that the price of an average payload of an old F16 fighter jet could keep a small African nation in food for a year.
We know also that there are African villages where people are slowly dying on a diet of mud mixed with sugar.
Death though comes in many guises and can be seen in Stealth mode on some of our supermarket shelves in western so-called civilisation.

Mouthwashes full of benzene, carcinogenic processed meats, foods and fizzy drinks, where e.g. ascorbic acid or added vitamin C reacts with a complex carbon and nitrate compound to produce a carcinogen.
There are chocolate bars the size and weight of paving slabs for a pound sterling and an epidemic of youth obesity.
Mass farmed fruits are picked green and might taste good, have color and fibre - but green picked warehouse ripened fruit has little or no vitamins.
Similarly intensive agriculture of root vegetables produces exhausted soils with very little minerals in the produce.
Even China seems to be accidentally adding unnatural stuff to its globally exported produce in milk solids that end up in our baked goods, pastries, cakes, sweets etc
Meat farmed and packed under extraordinary conditions seems to have steroids added.
Meanwhile western parents are feeding their children with trolleyloads of garbage plus the usual staple recommended by the State.
Even if the apple and veg and fibre had been totally ok .. then the bad stuff in the diet of the average child would have destroyed the nutritional value of all the cofactors and vitamins and minerals in the fruit and veg.
However, knowing that someone like myself can suffer from a vitamin deficiency on a 6 weeks diet of fruit and veg should indicate that green picked nutritionless fruit and intensely farmed root veg PLUS a diet of toxic sludge for the children is going to be lethal.
Growing children traditionally turn their biological cycle around every seven years - and the growing and developing cellular biology of their bodies has in many cases been constantly exposed to garbage ...
If parents do not start to address the issue of child nutrition .. they will be handing their kids the keys to heaven by the time they reach 21, not the keys to their estate.

The issue of nutrition in general isn't helped by the mandatory introduction of global regulations of all things ingested by the end of 2009. The Codex Alimentarius is a set of industrial regulations that make all things eaten within the provenance of the pharmaceutical industry. These regulations can reclassify foods by a semantic and legal trick by default as either industrial toxins or pharmaceutically recommended and supplied nutrition.
This makes it difficult to buy high doses of the vitamins and minerals that appear to be missing from our foodstuffs.
It is somewhat ironic that the highly lucrative mint crop of Afghanistan that was seen as a replacement for the perdition of the black opium poppy farms is going to be as illegal as the Heroin.
There will probably be a huge crack down on the trafficking of mint in 2010.
Metric tons of drugs, alcohol and tobacco and carcinogenic mobile phones and educational media with tiny low resolution display screens turn the aesthetic importance of our life into human junk hypnotised by the alleged or implied social values of the charade.
Certainly the African village on mud and sugar pancakes is more upfront in the reality stakes.

In many ways it can be argued that the philosophical, spiritual and social processes of artificial nihilism and cancellation are being used against the middle classes of western democracies.
Whether deliberately or accidentally you can witness a tidal wave of bizarre dysfunctional flotsam posing as household goods in the stores and also the equivalent of class A semantic recreational toxins posing as wholesome multimedia and printed works on the shelves to the editorial exclusion of whole catalogs of socially important authors.

In either the chain stores or the high end social market; clothes, fabrics, furnishings and bric a brac and electrical goods have the look and performance of garbage.
Clothes and shoes for next to the skin made wholly out of plastic fibres do not go well with human homeostasis, whilst fabric design tends to use either bleached or blackened color palettes and overly clumsy patterns and cumbersome designs which can also be seen in furniture such as sofas. The aesthetics don't improve with the alleged cultural class of the stores in Scotland.
Dirty black, clumsy garish pictures stare at you offensively from the walls of a new household store opened by a hypermart giant, and in a top end furniture store by the Ferrari garage - insensitive and cold fabrics and colors and rambling big black scary flowers - sometimes with the caricature presence of a screaming color like light blue are alleged to serve the needs and desires of the elite.

Inbuilt dysfunction in the designs of e.g. HIFI with no auxiliary stereo inputs even in a high price range - and other computing and media machines already obsolete before the january sales seem to have waste of time and money written on the side - like the pixellated grainy jpg electronic media picture frame - that would definitely take all your photos if you spent all your time on it trying to read the very very small printed instructions deliberately aimed at hacking off older people with eyesight issues. Some people think its time for you to go. Once the photos were in though and rendered into resolutions that presented all your yesterdays as if they were made out of pixel lego bricks - then the next issue of the media frame would come out with better resolution for the same price.

With Human beings having their minds and their spirits sunk down a desolate frequency well, and weighed down with social and aesthetic and spiritual and biological disease it seems it can be hard for them to remember the life and love within themselves. The planets surface is set up as a place of despair by the Annunaki and Grey soul farmers.

The socially retarded artefacts and flotsam here on cul de sac Earth though - an Earth created by the Reptilian HU as a nursery to hatch their progeny amongst the HU-mens - is not so much about Investments - it is about DIVESTMENTS.
Here we are encouraged to slew off our spiritual humanity and endorse the symmetry and activities of the beast and the bestial.

Speaking of cartoons - my late and beloved Uncle died of advanced alcoholism, multiple organ failure with severe heart and liver and cardiovascular complaints. He had a red face and rosacea .. that blue red tracery of veins on the surface of the face that indicate severe and systemic cardiovascular issues.
He gradually became less and less mobile during his life and often unable to move quickly because of his heart and blood pressure problems. It was somewhat of a personal shock therefore to see one of the drunks in Edinburgh who had similar features, alleged habits and symptoms leap bolt upright to his feet from totally horizontal to totally vertical as if like a cartoon character when he wished to confront me about obtaining money.
Without so much as bending at the knee in the process.
Was this some alien impostor drinking in the real despair of those
unfortunates around him ?

There are though, maybe less obviously, many more walking biological catastrophes in my own city that appear to be getting incredible sustenance from some reality that is totally alien to me.
Having seen and being in possession of footage of three paragliders circling round two diamond shaped UFOs in the local Moorfoot hills above Middleton and then seeing them circle and land upon a hovering theatre stage that is light by colored disco lights - I am now more inclined to believe that many amongst the population of my own home town are on something and are literally off the planet at times.

For others like myself though who are confronted with the paradigm of death and disease that permeates all social fabric at every level it is a matter of getting my own head out of this stuff and into a more beautifully orientated paradigm - regardless of whether there are several starwars matrix droids outside my bedroom window showing on flashearth.com satellite photos.

The matrix of death and disease we can see during the day however is only a part of what really happens to us.
Telepathic hacks and draining links from soul farmers take place 24/7 often occupying an entirely artificial dream space.
We can hear of traditional above and beyond the world energy over matter issues from otherworldly beings and also in the New Testament
– but very few of this is attributable to work done by the deliberately
handicapped DNA of the Human livestock population.

Our farmers are swanning about playing at the gods of everything we always were made to want to be or have and doing so using multiples and walking through walls, remote viewing with or without technology - all so that the nesting material called our Human DNA can be distressed enough and warmed up enough to serve an active aetheric incubation process [Dr Deagle, Project Camelot Interview; HU-gods men-Clay]
Their farmers motto - SUPERCEDE TO FEED

To that end all the escape routes for our souls have been either poisoned or blinded so that we cannot identify them and to those ends an avalanche of predatory new age repto nihilism in our media, history and culture probably even to the falsification of alleged historic artefacts. If you were social engineers with teleport technology and could beam a red herring underground to be dug up ... then you probably would as easily as you could beam a family through their walls and up to your gestation lab.

The inside of our minds and headspace is Not governed by the rules of biochemistry or licit or illicit pharmacy - it is governed by our unique and independent soul that does not belong in this dimensional plane.
The birds and the bees know this reality too - as you can see from one of my orb photos of a flock of eggshaped orbs taking off in V formation as if pigeons at the rising of the sun.
Other more advanced soul lights can be seen flitting in and out of Greys space ships - traditionally these lights were also called faerie lights or the Will O the Wisp.
It's a huge lie and deceit that that reality is also not a Human one.
It doesn't require PhD's and secret programs - huge training - Dr Strangelove or Dr HU - it is actually Gods innate gift to us.
I'm sure that with Angelic assistance we can be shown how to do this safely too.

I've written before about suspicious mood engineering, attempted soul capture and hijack and foreshadows of abusive daytime encounters manifesting in these alleged 'dreams' - but in the main had become more and more convinced that dreams are an artificially manifesting reality that can be invaded.
I know that my soul goes elsewhere at night as one morning I found myself between two worlds with my Angel holding my hand as I awoke.
I was having one beautiful and meaningful and peaceful dialog with my ancient soul friend but I could suddenly hear the telephone ringing and as I focussed more and more on the world could also hear that my lower mind was also engaged in a parallel dialog or worldly and depressing dialog or countersong with some beings in this density.

In order to ascend it is clear to me that this is the countersong that I have to stop hearing.

The Human being no matter where or when or however isolated they think they are - are in fact always in contact with alien and or benign dialog at this time and this has been the Status Quo on this soul farm for 20 millennia. imo
I think though that the interfacing negative alien reality and the realm of Lightworkers do much more than just talk as I will try to illustrate.
Despite how it looks - no-one dies alone.
I was having a peaceful nap in my armchair when suddenly I could feel this very inappropriate dream starting up. Immediately I started to try to force myself awake pushing away at something with my arms.
The images within the inappropriate dream were of some unpleasant and threatening social reality and I could see stark looking naziesque images. As I came more awake - still pushing with my hands and arms I could sense rather than feel or see the presence of some being very close to my body. When I finally struggled to focus on who or what was going on - I saw a spirit figure posed sitting on my knee resisting my pushing arms. I could somehow see that the dream images were emanating from her - as if I was watching them on small television or screen area where her head should be and then suddenly as I strove to recognise my assailant the dream images vanished, leaving the image of a small Grey hybrid lady that I had seen and encountered and had run-ins with several times before.
She then vanished.

Some dreams I can conclude from this are evil impositions and do not originate from within ourselves but are imposed on us from an external being and locality.
I have also written how during some psychic attacks - my vision will be constructively diminished but then my Angels come and fix my eyesight.
Because this being was allowed to come in close to try that one on me - I became aware of a very important fact - that I was indeed effective at pushing her away.
This means that continued Angelic contact has lifted my vibrational rate above what is usually seen as Human and enabled me to have the perspective and vision to see through the charades and the predation that is taking place amongst mankind.
It could just be that my frequencies are starting to detach themselves from the stuff of the matrix trap and that the shackles that keep me down here have been greatly loosened.

We will see in due course what gifts of unknown fruits may come my way - my guidance tells me - by their fruits ye shall know them.


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