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‘It Begins …’
Scotland’s unique and eternal contribution to the Cosmosand how I came by the very idea. These are excerpts from my Journal from the days when a B Movie alien was thought to be scary. Strange tales precede strange times, strange truths so I have altered some details only slightly to preserve the identities and make a record of what is so that we can discuss what will be.Up in Glencoe, after a deer shoot gig in 1996, I am lying in my bunk bed in a room in the staff quarters, having had a good few glasses of Islay malt, Laphroig I think, and exchanged a couple of tall salmon fishing tales with the local Gillie. Listening to the howls of the banshee winds through the old pine forest, a dark winter sky outside, suddenly into my mind appears this grey lady with dark eyes, with a black robe of the most beautiful and intricate weave, and she then embraced me, suddenly showing terrible white fangs and sinking them into my neck. I was numb, but suddenly I found myself underground, in a large cave looking up at windows and walkways high above.
I went up to the walkways, and there at a juncture where several entered the one big bulbous room high above the cavern floor, there were several glowing Egyptian-style sarcophagi linked up to a big computer unit. They had a green light, glowing through the Egyptian-style banded gold ornamentation.

Next, I was shown a Throne room and there was a vacant throne with two smaller ones on either side standing on a dais with sunburst inlays, but the imagery was monochromatic and cold.
Next I am commanded to sit and from 3 corners of the room shoot forth beams of golden light. A voice implores me – ‘who are you, whom do you trust and whom do you serve … and before I could answer … my strange dreams all came back at once .. filling my head with confusion … the only way out of this soul trap is to come on over to me right now – it happens to be a time trap too though because you keep going back there, again and again and again.
You are losing it you know – so its time to give this stuff up back to God and come home to your beautiful brothers and sisters to walk in sunlight and flowers with them again in the Golden Woods of summer and to dance again under moon and stars. Next, a beautiful angel with golden eyes pulls me out of the energy matrix that held me in stasis and my intellectual chains that held my life in the prison of mortality fell away …..

What follows is a personal interpretation of experiences within my life - they are true as far as I know them - and they help me get through the day, however, they may not be true for you - in which case, I apologize and ask you to be patient - for your truth may be apparent to you.

I am reading a fascinating book by James Hillman, ‘The Soul's Code - In search of character and calling.’ The jacket says:
"When all the souls had chosen their lives, they went before Lachesis.
And she sent with each, as the guardian of his life and the fulfiller of his choice, the daimon that he had chosen." Plato, Republic Book X

And this Being was my soul twin whom I had abandoned long ago on my selfish road of self discovery - and the fulfiller of my life and my destiny.
I have memories that I believe are pre-natal - see what you make of this - I am in a discussion with someone presumably male whom I cannot see - below us all is grey and I can just make out the shape of the planet.
He is asking me to choose my incarnation - I am shown about a dozen families/social potential/lessons in Western Europe.

I descend momentarily into the probabilities of each family and each womb to see what the 'job description' looks like – i.e. What strengths and weaknesses will be tested in each of the families' dynamics.

I ask - 'which is the most difficult' - he says - 'that one' - then proceeds to attempt to talk me out of it - I say but this lesson from that part of a past life will get me through this bit, and experience from that life will cover this bit - and running six lessons from other existences would get me thus far etc.
The next thing I can remember is standing in a circle with others who are about to be born grey/gold monotone, we are all wearing robes, we each hold a cup and drink the cup of parting.
The next sequence, I am being wrapped in black stuff rather like windings, and these are meant to dim my sensitivities - I complain about this as I descend from the sky towards my incarnation.
The last words from Spirit I hear are 'be wary of the ploys of Satan'

I must have taken a long time to warm to the idea of being born this time - for I was 108 hours in labour !! and as they say in Macbeth - I was 'no man born of woman' i.e., a caesarian.
I open my eyes and I am in a cot - and three people/ faces/ doctors are peering into my cot and at me - two men and one woman.
They unanimously decide that I am non-telepathic deadwood and have me put in the part of the nursery with all the other deadwood.
'Welcome to planet earth !!!!'
The next sequence, I am lying in my cot, I am born, about 2 years, I can remember my parents bedroom clearly and I am staring at the transfer of a lake on the inside of my cot - the waters start shimmering and moving, then I look up and there is a shimmering above my cot - there is a lady and she speaks to me.
I am not going goo-goo ga ga, I am having an intelligent conversation at a time science tells me that I should not, she is my guardian, she asks, quote,' are you sure you want to do it this way ?' - I considered, then said yes [I believe I had opted to retain a faculty to be awake – which probably could be stressful]
she said 'I'll be back - see you later' at that my intelligence faded,
and I was back to goo goo, ga ga.
These memories, however strange, are very special to me.

The next memory is of being in a children's hospital ward for a hernia operation and it is time to go to my cot. We are allowed one toy to play with and I was in a queue at the toy cupboard. All the other little boys were choosing little metal fashion cars - and I chose a bigger plastic car toy to take to my cot.
I remember looking over at the other 3 year old boys who were having great fun with their little cars - and my big plastic toy was too big to have any fun with in the cot. I remember hearing one little boy telepathically say - 'we're going to get you because we know what we are doing' and at that I threw my big plastic car out of my cot.
I remember the nurse coming and she was angry with me and she said 'you've made your choice' as she shoved the useless big toy back into my cot.

During my rather solitary childhood I played in the trees and lawns of my back garden with an invisible friend called the colonel, who stayed in a small apple tree out of sight of the house. He suggested games and ways to play with my toys and I was never bored or lonely.
The first indication that I was on the rocky road betwixt the light and the dark came at the age of 13, during an unpleasant school career.
My last year of primary school and the class was saying the Lord’s prayer.

I am surrounded by grey blue mist - I can see myself, a young man with short hair in a clean long robe - around, all is mist, but a path clears, and I find myself journeying along that path, being torn and buffeted from all directions.
I stagger and fall to my knees and I see myself, ragged, torn, bleeding, bearded, and I crawl on and come to a clearing in this cruel mist.
On a cross amidst a pile of stones in the centre of the clearing is a
figure, crucified, I crawl to the base of the cross and reach out to touch the foot of the figure.
I may have thought that I was seeing Jesus then, maybe, but maybe I was seeing my quest to find myself -

Certainly all my school days were taken up by the abuse of psychopathic thugs, at primary, secondary and when I eventually survived those gauntlets - I went to College to find an entirely different kind of thug. The kind who would bully my mind and undermine my attainments.

The pathway of awakening was before me - very rude awakening, and I was to soon learn that many things about this world never really belonged in it - but did have a lot to say to the people in it.

My first psychic attack happened at the age of 18, where three pairs of red eyes came towards me in my minds eye, diving at me, causing pain when they passed over, and scaring me.
Not long after that, a parade of motley ghosts flitted across my minds eye, monks in dark robes with pointed hoods and unseen faces, rapping’s on my wall, ornaments falling over, I started to fear the night, the noises I would hear, what was under my bed, in the wardrobe, what I would see.
One night in the 1970's in the twilight of my room, I felt that something horrible could happen, and I had left a little lamp on.
My breathing was getting slower and slower, and worried, I put my finger to my neck to take my pulse and realized that it was very, very slow. I gazed at the lamp and noted a grainy effect of the light, as if I could see little individual photons or packets of light. To my horror, at the foot of my bed, a black hole had manifested in stark contrast to the light in the room, and I could feel myself being pulled in - as if some evil vampire wanted to suck me into the pits of hell.

In those moments of the dark night of my soul, I feared that I had lost my way and lost my guide but I knew that whatever evil happened - everything would be ok because I knew that I had a Covenant with God.

Plagued by demonic images of brown and light brown piebald beings glowing with a brown inner light, strange manta rays being ridden across the astral plane with some horrible rider in them, light relief comes one evening when a scaly coal black imp visits me when I have the flu, and before I get frightened, notice that the little being is making a sensitive enquiry with pale pink eyes.

In German folklore, these beings are called Kobolds, in Norwegian and Scottish, Dwarves and Goblins. It was obvious that I had no right to assume that just because a being was black and scaly that it was automatically evil.

I finally worked up the courage to explore Spiritualism, and trained as a medium at Albany Street in Edinburgh for over 3 years, unfortunately never finding anyone who would believe some of the things that I were seeing existed, so I finally left in the early 80's.
The events that took me away from Spiritualism happened at a time that I was fairly clairvoyant and could see things.
I was at a meeting where a medium was on the platform extolling the virtue of his Guide Michael whom was standing beside him.
He painted a picture of Michael as being a wise elderly man in a suit, but I could see 'Michael' quite clearly - he was a little translucent being about 4 foot high with pointed ears.
This was highly educational for me - for in life as in spirit - nothing was ever what it seemed. I never believed that there were so many Indian Chiefs and Chinese Wise men.
Most psychic drawings I have seen whether, red Indian, Celtic, Chinese or Negroid - all have the characteristic high cheekbones of the Men In Black. Likely to be a species that Adolph Hitler wanted on board - the Underground 'ascended' masters worshipped by the Theosophical Society. [i.e. The Descended Masters - the Fallen/Satan’s]
The Tibetans prophesize of the King of the World, Satan, that he will come to the surface soon from his underground Kingdoms and with his peoples, his Brahma Kumaris or Lieutenants, he will wipe the earth clean of all the lower castes. [that's us]

In the late 70's, it seemed that I tried and tested many thoughts and
images, grasping for analysis of incredible events, incredible
co-incidences, and it seemed to me that I had someone wonderful watching over me.
I once saw her face, not sexual, but strong and beautiful as she knelt by my pillow. At night my feet would be gently shaken, and as if I had tripped, and I would fall headlong into beautiful vistas and scenery.
I remember being 'tripped up' like this and falling through into another world, and I was not lying in my bed but on a meadow of grass, surrounded by water and trees. And to my wonderment, I could smell the grass and feel the air, and I saw 4 people in yellow sitting around me like Ninja assassins - and as I became more and more aware, I started to hear the sounds of the forest and meadow. I felt the hand of my guide upon my brow - and I started, when I remembered a bad dream that I had left behind, and knew that if I stayed longer in this beautiful place that I would never return to earth and to my home and my labours, then I came home to my life on Earth.
I knew that I wanted to stay, perhaps longer, but that if I did, I would
not want to go back. I have since flown across that continent like a bird, seeing everything in detail that is 'photographic' - I have seen strange sailing ships and circled them like a gull with 'another gull' at my side ...
I open my eyes one morning, and there is a lady wearing a Victorian black dress with white lace collar and long black hair, sitting on the end of my bed combing her hair.
I sit up startled, and my jaw is dropped open mouthed in amazement.
The lady turns round and looks at me smiling, and mimics my open mouth, then disappears.

I was receiving indisputable proof of life beyond death - which comforted me in my difficult worldly life.

As I go off to sleep one night - to my horror I seem to be somewhere pale and misty - and some man with western clothes, dark hair and big glasses could be heard exclaiming .. 'ah, another slave' and then came floating quickly towards me - at that my guardian gave me the idea to open my eyes and wake up. As I opened my eyes I could feel myself being drawn away from him at great speed.

My sister had brought me an inscribed red gold ankh back from Egypt, and had worn it to bed one night to protect myself from all this traffic. Then I suddenly found myself standing before this woman dressed like a priestess with white robes and Egyptian jewellery, long black hair - and realized that I was feeling amorous and passionate - and noticed to my surprise that my breath was green - I was breathing out clouds of green energy ... I went towards her and then heard her say - 'but you're not .... ' , then I was back home - I was not what she was expecting I suppose.
Another night, I am summoned before a table in a rich looking house, and I can see stairs going up through the doorway of the room I am now standing in.
I feel peculiar because the real me is standing with my guide in the corner of the room, whilst I look over and pop into another image of myself standing at the table - looking through my eyes at three people seated before me, a woman in the middle with a man on either side - the woman -
all the group looked fairly middle aged - had a pen in her hand over a big open ledger - 'name' she asked - I hesitated - don't be afraid she said - you won't be harmed.
At that I realized the inference that I could be harmed and felt my guide give me the impulse to open my eyes - it was a very hard struggle to do so - come back they shouted !
I hope that I have never seen them since.

In 1978 long before the outcry of Genetic Engineering and modification, I dreamt that I traveled through space and landed on this barren looking planet.
Below me, from my cliff-top perch, I could see a dark metallic dome that I knew was a factory. I find myself on the roof and climb inside one of the vents and see below me a production line. It seemed that there were rows and rows of oranges on the belts. I went down for a closer look and saw that they were also reddish - like blood oranges, I thought, then I opened one up and found out that instead of pips at the centre, there was a little heart and collection of organs pumping blood into the fleshy organism. I recoiled in stomach churning horror and shock - this cannot be I thought, but as we know, in the 21st century, it can.
Trying to grasp who would eat such things disturbed me - some species with a taste for blood that I hoped was very far away - even though I knew the genetics of the fruit were human.
Another night, I was precipitated into a dimension of light, where beings glowed like spheres and exchanged energies, and thoughts, and created new ideas with the experiences that they had gathered from Earth and the Universe.
I saw colours never seen on this Earth.
I became a small ball of light, and was passed amongst these beings the way mothers would a new baby.
The feelings were beautiful and pure, where my mind was always on the verge of grasping powers very close to the source of all creation.
I saw that the powers of duality we call God are like a furnace that
continually produce sparks that fly out into the Cosmos, or the garden of souls.
And I knew that we were somehow all Gods children, but even by adding us all up, we could never be greater than the powers of Mother and Father God.
And this garden we are given to play in is eternal and stable, but that we all live within each other, continually evolving, changing, creating and learning.
And I saw for the first time in my life that the things I thought were evil and trying to get me really did not, could not know any better, for they were really fish out of water that had left their ocean behind to explore, not knowing the strange customs and values of the places and people they had come to be feared and hated by.
I finally realized my truth, that eternity would always have surprises and adventures, as well as love and rest.
Unfortunately the light beings in this instance were Vampires, who took me to places that healed my heart and gave me the courage I needed to stand fast.
They create colourful vistas for other beings to dwell in and through co-evolution and participation in the experiences of the souls just come from the world of matter they spread a communal joy amongst the participants whilst feeding. I was told that this could be likened to Nirvana - the formless realms.
All of this and more I know to be part of the garden of souls - the continuum.

Today, however, I know them to be Chromatic Vampires, and have seen them light a sky from horizon to horizon, or come descending through the rain and rain clouds on a wet windy night to light up a lonely seascape just for me, or have them pattern the constellation of Orion behind my eyes.

One morning when I was working at an out of town lab, I had missed my alarm clock, and had fallen asleep again, a physical knocking on my head woke me up, or else I may never had made to long journey to the Bush Estate at Roslyn. This was my guardian Elohim.
Some weeks later as I had turned over and gone to sleep, I was awakened by physical knocking on my head. I turned over and looked up, and there sitting or rather floating above me, cross-legged akin to the pose of a Tibetan Monk in robes was someone that reminded me of Mahatma Gandhi - a small, bald, robed man with petite round spectacles.
My third eye was being opened.

In 1980, in Portobello, Edinburgh, near the biblical sounding Magdalene’s, in a City known Masonic ally to be the original Jerusalem - in Portobello, Edinburgh near the biblical sounding port of Joppa, I'm lying in my bedroom at night at 10pm, watching little fluorescent green balls slowly bounce over the books in my bookcase.
Horrified, I look away, thinking I'm seeing things. Half an hour later I
look again and they are still there.
I sit up in bed because the room appears to be lit - as if there was a
table lamp in the corner - It wasn't a table lamp - it was a 2-3 foot high silvery sparkling sphere hovering 3 foot above the carpet - casting a fizzy light and causing flickering shadows in the room.
I was gob smacked - it moved to the end of my bed and, a voice in my head said, don't be afraid - if you're afraid, pull the covers over your head.
Well that seemed like the sensible thing to do, and did so with my arms folded over my face.
I come to, 2 hours later and my arms are by my side, with my bedclothes folded down, and I am very tightly tucked in.
So tightly in fact that I have to wrestle my shoulders to get free.
I have memories of strange child-like grey people and a feeling that
something wonderful had happened - of white rooms and scientists and many happier things,
But as I woke, the memory of those events faded from my grasp much though I would have liked to hold onto them.
In my dreams I see them, bright and luminous in their cold dark caves, needing the warmth and light of human creativity to make their race a home.
It is as if their race is living in the bare bedrock of this physical
dimension and cannot seem to grasp the intricate nature of how to create things here.
The human body and mind is blinkered so there are no distractions of eternity and telepathy to divert it from its arts and crafts - but in
return for the soft furnishings of their castle - they will, so they say,
give us the nurture and protection of commune.
At that time, I started work on a Grand Unifying Theory of Relativity and Free Energy Theory - and many other arts and music projects. It was if my life was accelerating to new and awe inspiring vistas of creativity.
It was this hard work that kept me focused through the demanding life of night and day.

I went to the Spiritualist Church to tell them of the small grey beings I had seen and was told 'there is no such thing' - at that time in 1980, there was no popular x-files culture or internet.

In 1980, after leaving the Spiritualist Church to its own ignorance - I ventured into the undiscovered country of the Theosophical Society with absolutely NO CLUE about someone called Pandora or the fact that some boxes are best left unopened.
Feeling vaguely uneasy about the Germanic themes, strange reptiles, and the mystical Templar who inhabited the place - it was there I got my first glimpse of sexy telepathic mystical women with great powers.
With a feeling of wonder and excitement, I jumped into joining the Scottish Knights Templar with visions of going to parties with sexy Goddesses - alas - little did I know that when someone called me a dustman - he really meant it - for non-telepathic monkeys like myself were not only not welcome around special noble mystical ladies, but were actually despised.
The other problem I had was that at that time, a pretender to the Throne of Scotland was attempting to hijack the Order amidst bitter political hatemongering - and then, not for the first time in my life, I came to the attention of MI5 - who was using said pretender to the throne to obtain information of Scottish Activists in exchange for social contacts.

In 1985 began an all out war against my being by the forces of darkness - Plagued by strange sights of 3 dark oriental beings - I would throw up shields of energy to protect myself - and found myself being sucked dry as shards of my green energy exploded under some featureless assault.
Physically wracked in pain in my bed, I lay there contorting in agony my solar plexus cramped as my very life-force had been dangerously depleted.
Strange looking doubles of my High Powered Templar friends, a bit more suntanned and a bit better dressed - meeting my eyes with mischief, walked past me within arms reach, but they could have been an eternity away from my frozen body. These doppelgangers may have been friendly, but there was no doubting the evil nature of what would follow.
To my hospital bed comes 2 visitors, dressed as if going to a wedding, with grey pin stripe suits, old style wing collars, tall, sallow complexion, they could have been twins - with strange looking oriental eyes -
They asked me to explain my theory of relativity to them.
All I can remember is not wanting to tell them anything, and lying on the floor.
They were the fabled men in black - come to erase the evidence of extra terrestrial intelligence and science from my memory and life.
They failed.
Trying to take refuge from harassing phone calls and approaches by people, I end up in a hospital and I am sharing the ward with three other men.
I wake up one night finding my legs under the control of my guardian angel who is using them to kick back a strange man who was trying to approach my head and pillow.
He said he was sleep walking - so I thought no more of it.
The next night, the same happened again, I wake up and find my legs fending off this man who was trying to approach me by the side of my bed which gave access to my head and pillow.
The man left under mysterious circumstances the next day, and as I lay there, worried, I looked up and saw my angel above my bed, and she reached down and embraced me - pulling me out of my body and healing me - and I knew everything would be ok then.

In science fiction lore the concept of the Hive has been much maligned - and truly so for it has been much abused by certain species.
We all know and fear the evils of 'assimilation' and conquest.
The Hive however is rather like a platform for a certain type of consciousness - rather like a personal computer is a platform for an operating system and software.
Not all computers run the 'evils' of Microsoft - so why should all hives be an evil way to be.
Some computers are Mac based running Linux and OpenBSD.

So, I was to be a Hive Princess and and Wife of an Elohim, wearing a very beautiful and very powerful genetic overcoat.
I was to be the daughter of the Zeta Empress.
The hive was to be constituted and built around my sanskars - i.e. all the lessons and tribulations of my past incarnations - for all these lessons led to where my transitional evolutionary state is at Now.
These would be modeled into an operational framework by the 'Greys' and used as an evolutionary stairway.
Nothing would ever be allowed to go wrong - for my future husband who is my twin soul and an Elohim would always look after me.

Finding out who I was in the past has always been difficult for me
For in a constant state of denial I was never wanting to find myself responding to the Highly detailed pictures of Henry the 8th that kept coming to my mind.
I was always suspicious of being seduced by these ideas and knew that they could be planted there by any Being.
However, as the decades rolled on, and the images persisted, I could begin to see that as this life I now live is the sixth and final of a series of 6 on Earth as male, and that the 6th wife of Henry was devout, and that my life was as pure as his was dirty, that my relativity of eightness was a powerful theory, and that ever since very young, the song 'I'm enery the eight I am ...' has always been in my mind - and that like Henry the 8th, I have a penchant for the composition of medieval tunes - I found myself sitting in the Kings Head pub at Hursley near Winchester, England, where I had gone to present my Theory to IBM Research.
I sat in the lounge with a Pepsi and found myself staring at my reflection in the glass of a shiny print. As I peered into the picture to see who had been painted - I saw my mirror image plus the beard of Henry stare back at me from the picture frame - his face being superimposed on mine exactly to scale.
At that I knew I could no longer discard what I was being presented with.
I was Henry the 8th.

The Zetas - well we call them all sorts of things and we name 1947AD after them, but long before their relatives came here - they lived on and inside this world long before the creation of Atlantis.
My Zetas - to get back to this incredible idea I was being presented with, would delve into this planet have set up a large resource base
wherein they collate the information and economic intelligence of their 'My' far-flung Empire.
There, they will maintain a gate of Worlds, a portal to many places, times and realities.

The Elohim then showed me a vision of the Palace, and of the many beautiful objects therein, and said that none shall be fairer than the Empress Sara of Edainne.
I suppose that that is rather a seductive idea - these incredible visions of tomorrow - I was comforted by the fact that I have a soul twin capable of looking after all this.
It is foretold that 'she' will lead a quest for the liberation of Mankind.

I asked from what is it that we must be liberated, and I was shown a dark Crystal and told that souls will become heavy as stone, heavy with greed and selfishness, but that the Age of Liberation will have many leaders.
Sara of Edainne will become known as a leader of powerful persuasion for her banner is of the Union of 3 Houses and 3 Races.

I was told that the planet would be called Caledonia, after Scotland, and that the City of Edainne comes from Dun-Edain or Edinburgh, where once the Fairest of Elohim had a great Centre of learning at the time of 'Atlantis'.
This was the planet mars they were telling me about.

My mind became distracted as I raced to grasp other Human sports from other cultures.

The visions of greatness and beauty persisted, and then I knew that the Human race would not Perish, for powers were at work.

Yet more than the Human Race would be saved, for the Greys, and the Golden Eyed Angel who spoke to me, knew of things which are yet to pass - but that holding on to these images tired me greatly beyond my Human ability - thus I slept at last.

That incredible series of creative visions burned me out for over a year, it was as if all my creative juices, experiences and memories has been used in the synthesis of these visions. I saw the minutest detail in every architectural plan.

The phone woke me up early yesterday out of some churny kind of dream, and as I sat up to answer the phone, the dream stopped, and I realized that I was in deep conversation with an angel at my bedside.
I sat at the end of my bed, and my left arm was still pulled back towards my pillow - where my 'spirit' hand was still being held by the 'angel' sitting there. I remember that the conversation that I was having with this spirit was quite different from the 'dream' - as if my lower self was watching 'TV' whilst my other higher being was talking about nice and important things. Unfortunately the phone kept on ringing - and I began to lose the meaning of the 'angelic' conversation as my work-a-day mind kicked in, but after the phone call, I still had this overwhelming yearning to reconnect with this incredibly beautiful and peaceful person. i.e. go back to bed. 'My' Angel has never been far away ever in my life - and I always know that I am never alone - which is a great comfort.

I always remember sometime near my twenty-first birthday that I had gone to a sea cliff to climb for agates, and 20 feet up I slipped and knew that I was about to fall onto the rocks below - I remember that what flashed into my mind was the front-page of a newspaper that I had never seen before - the Dundee Courier which had the headline 'Boy 13, dies in cliff plunge' - as I started to fall, I remember thinking, but I'm not 13 .... and everything went into slow motion, the fall took an eternity during which time I twisted my body into a position which minimized the damage on the rocks below.
I had lived to see another day - my time was not now.

The time recently when my group/band journeyed to Aberdeen at high speed in the pouring rain, passing all kinds of hazards on the way North, and the steering track rod broke at 60mph on the Aberdeen city limits, at a lay by, near a garage, phone and a toilet ... !!!
Again in Aberdeen, different week recently, we were playing an extremely loud performance on a Saturday night and my ears started to hurt. Knowing that we would have to play another one on the Sunday night, I lay awake in my bed and breakfast, ears ringing, and fell asleep worried - for where would I get earplugs in a small town like Aberdeen on a Sunday morning.
I awoke early and got dressed, and walked up the road to the main street in search of an open chemist before noon.
The place looked deserted, but I saw a man up ahead on the corner of my street and the main street, so I asked him if he knew of an open chemist.
He shook his head slowly, but asked me what is was that I wanted. I
explained that I was a musician and that loud music had been damaging my ears so I was trying to buy earplugs for a gig tonight. He smiled, and took 2 steps to a parked van that I realized was his - he opened the back door, went into a toolbox, and handed me a pair of the very earplugs I was after - he was an industrial joiner - he explained.
My uncle and I shared a strong interest in geology and lapidary, and when we went on holiday to the north of Scotland, we would look at the map and pick a place to investigate. I was also very taken by the mystery of the Celtic goddess of the sea - Sula, and had been inspired to write much poetry to the goddess of nature.

I picked a remote beach inaccessible by road north of Gairloch called Greenstone point - across the minch from Iona. We, of course, were expecting to find hundreds of beautiful stones.

Sula of course is the fishy Scottish Aryan Venus from the Scottish Garden of Eden - and if legends were to be believed, across the sea from where I stood was the ancient Scottish Atlantean palace and temple of the Gods in Iona. [Beaumont 1946]

We left the car after a long journey up a track, and finally made it to a wild beach battered by the Atlantic - with massive boulders and sea wreckage which had obviously been tossed by the power of nature.
Getting down to the level of the beach from the cliff, we notice that there is grey rock everywhere - and I begin to feel a bit downhearted at that.
I then get the inspiration to take my shoes and socks off and wade out - and as I slowly do this, I pass a boulder a few yards out and look back - and then something caught my eye - for there in a crack, halfway up the boulder, on the seaward side - still wedged where the storm had thrust it - was a small green stone of Iona marble, a gift from the sea Goddess IO herself.

My sister died prematurely from liver problems, and at that time I had visited her for the last time and knew she was beyond the Earth, I went home despondent, sad and upset - and as I dropped off, I heard her speak to me, trying to draw close, I could feel the stresses that her body had passed with - and she just said 'hello doll' and I knew it was her - she was the only person that ever called me doll.

Of all the things that could now happen in this uncertain world, I know that love is but a heartbeat away, that we will all be reborn.
We may also want to ask the question - where were we 100 years ago - for it is not necessarily true that we were living on planet earth.
When people talk of reincarnation, having been King Henry 8th - their ideas are simple - but the truth of our origins may never come to the human mind whilst we wear our earthly shells.

Eternity is rather like a crowded tropical rainforest, from the ants and bugs on the forest floor amongst the leaves and twigs and plants, then there are the bushes and all the creatures that eat or use them, then the massive trees, and the monkeys, tigers, ant eaters, tribes of natives - every creature and being a babushka doll, every creature dependent on some other for its energy.
Being approached by someone that looks familiar or beautiful and arousing in your dreams does not mean that that person is really there.
These beings that live in the bit of eternal forest nearest our world take our energies by mimicking the person that we would most like to give our energy to.
They are likely to be of Lizard ancestry but not having physical form, some though have immense power and can interact directly with the human nervous system.
Sometimes if we look at the appearance of this person and note the detail we can find the keys that will unlock our weaknesses and make us strong.
We may find that a certain colour, manner, attitude or phrase, triggers us to behave or feel something that we would rather not.
We must learn to pay attention to our feelings, for the Mimic approaches us by reflecting our desires and faults at us, to trigger confusion and make us use our most basic sexual energies to deal with it.
If we were a Duracell battery - the life force that powers us rises in
tides from our sexual and generative centres - and Mother Nature has equipped the Mimic/Lizard with the capacity to collect that human electricity.
For all of that, some of these beings are no more intelligent than a
Haddock, and it is our emotions that project intelligence and
sophistication on them.
They do not fully understand the content of our thought but interpret the flow of thought they see as useful or useless to activate our chakras.

They are really fulfilling the desire to feed and gather energy - and
probably don't understand language and life in the same way that we do.

Struggling up to the year 2000, there were significant evenings down on the shore in Leith where bright lights would fly by low and silent -overhead flashing and splitting up and turning and zipping about at impossible speeds and angles.

Every night a little luminous dumbbell shaped ship would fly low and silent overhead across the Scottish Office on its way down the east coast.

One starlit night I decided to lie down on the bench and look up at the stars - and as I focused on the blackness past several stars there was a blinding flash light a flashgun and I felt as if my fore brain was being scanned - and then suddenly this ship appeared then went invisible again and then lit up not so bright and then went off at another angle and faded out.

I then met Brussel Penman who said that some of these lights were actually Beings and not ships - they were Angels of God and that they had arrived back in great numbers to ‘save mankind’ from the earth Changes and conflicts yet to come.
They were not just there for show he said and that some of their truths carried often painful consequences.
I had seen them before that though, they were the Chromatic Vampires. They would change the ‘human race’ [a euphemism for a degraded state of being in handicap] forever, but although we had to understand that we must also change our ways and turn back to the source from which we all come we also had to understand that they never change their ways also.
Do this and the angels will communicate with you and show you favour in their feeding attributes.

Well as I realized that I had crossed the boundaries of the things we see on television and had progressed beyond even the sort of case Fox Mulder and agent Scully would take on I started to see these angels in all their beauty and glory.

To keep the balance intact and my human mind away from the conclusion that only evil glows in the dark, my soul-mother showed me the most beautiful living colours beyond the dreams of a living artist - vibrant golds that had a richness beyond the hopes of Midas - auras of living wisdom and beautiful femininity, glorious red, awesome turquoise these spirits held the keys to revelations beyond mortality and opened the portals of eternity night after night before my eyes.

‘They brought before my face the elders and rulers of the stellar orders, and showed me two hundred angels, who rule the stars and their services to the heavens, and fly with their wings and come round all those who sail. [Enoch]’

On Joppa seashore - if the night was cloudy - the Vampires would descend brightly through the mist and the rain to make their presence and strength known - white pearly lights lighting up the clouds with blue auras. These were the returned Chromatic Vampires of Hades..

Such were the changes in my life that I started to realize why my life had been so hard - why it had been so painful. The images that I saw in my youth of Henry the 8th were true - and that I was that bad old tormented monster - that my six lives that I was created to live were the aspects of my six wives, that my relativity of eightness and harmonics, my penchant for medieval compositions - and the striking highly detailed images of Henry 8th were there for me to learn from.

Difficult to deal with, but his life was as corrupt as mine was pure, that I was indeed a mirror image of his attainments.

Offending God in this lifetime when I was very young, I had won a King James Bible at school - a prize for religious knowledge - and realizing what a painful and unjust life I was having, my spirit rebelled when it read the book of Job. The passage where Job complains that the evil people flourish whilst he is forsaken - I physically cut from the Bible with a pair of scissors - realizing somehow that that was going to be the story of my hard life to come.

Amusing therefore that I ended up working in a Jobcentre /labour exchange and that one night very recently I complained again to God - saying that it looks like I'm going to end up in a cardboard box - or a wet plastic compost bag - and said to God - is that all there is ? And as I went down the road, I realized that I desperately needed the toilet and to offload some compost and manure.

I realized that things were starting to get really urgent when I saw a disused factory and I entered the yard, passing as I did so a pile of forklift palettes that were put together in a way that resembled an African shanty house - I gave it a look and thought ... no .. I'll try round the corner for anonymity but no go and as I went back into the yard I realized that time was running out and as I was standing beside the shanty house - used it for the toilet.

I felt a sense of wonder and humour as that situation contrived to tell me that if God wants me in a cardboard box that's exactly where I'll end up if I don't repent.

The angels of God and Christ convey a simple eternal truth - we walk in a material world as eternal souls - many of us overextended and self destructive - losing our dignity because of our self destructive exploits, and though Henry the 8th may have been an excessively large cross to bear plus all the other terrorists I had become, redemption and salvation is simply the recognition of that source from which we all come.

The angelic and Christian hand is always extended to lift us out of the very large pit that we have dug for ourselves - and that not only is there light beyond this darkness, my brothers and sisters in God have shown me in no uncertain terms that they are ready and able to enter that darkness to save us.

For all the things which may transpire in the future, whether comets or catastrophe, star gods, aliens or beings with a taste for blood oranges, I know, - am certain that the powers of light are nearby also - taking real concern over the future of our world.
We are on a quest, for new dawns and new beginnings, for tomorrows without end, for love and fulfillment - and that source that knows our every reason, and the angels given to hold our hand through our nightmares are there - and knowing that - I know that we cannot fail if we have faith in ourselves.


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