what dreams may come

Andrew Hennessey

It happened again and again recently that I became aware that I was having an artificially contrived ‘dream’ shoved in my face for my perusal.
Let’s put it this way … there sometimes isn’t any option at all but to do this .. attempting to bear in mind that Angels are also by our side too and can also supply us if we get depleted.

Our physical body if its human, needs its downtime, and our Spirits too need to get that feeling that they belong to and are connected with somewhere very beautiful. Certainly I do remember that I go places at night, and perhaps its merciful that I cannot remember the love and the light in these places – though I always remember the one dream I was meant to remember of going through to somewhere very beautiful by a lake in a forest with my friends.
I awoke one morning recently, however, and found myself in a troubling and turbulent dream and then I drifted up a wavelength and found that my guardian Angel was holding my hand singing a countersong to this negative activity.
We were engaged in an intelligent and enriching and life giving conversation at the level of higher mind and spirit whilst the lower levels of life on planet earth were simultaneously besieging and depleting my spirit.

Wherever I go for six or seven hours, the dark stuff cannot follow, then when I show up, back in my human shop window I get stageshows and circus acts designed to demean my self-image and quality of perception.
All in the comfort of my own bedroom.

There are two of several assets I have that make me feel at ease with
the world and all its ills.
But somehow these attributes came under attack in a predatory dream.
The first is my spiritually uplifting and sometimes tasteful use of
color which was able to turn my old parents house full of bad memories
into a place of peace and happiness.
The second was my sense of humor where I was somehow being second guessed in a stage show comedy act where the things I thought should happen next were then represented to me as something even better than I could have done myself. I might point out that the representations of better comedy genius were infeasible and not actually that good.
In the first dream, I am somehow back in my days of living in a
tenement or condo and I have moved into a small place and decorated it
really really garishly. There were very strong wall colors and
hangings and the clothes in the wardrope were terrible .. the
apartment was unbearable in terms of the color clashes … but on an
invite by the zeta infested hive assimilated neighbors downstairs,
their house was relatively tasteful and had more of the usual d├ęcor
indicators that people with class usually have despite their position
in life.
Possibly also as I headed back upstairs, what examples of incredible
decorative class and genius lay behind the other doors to my garish
and mentally diseased accommodation.
Dream number two immediately following was also to serve as the
blocker and screen memory as it then clearly got out of hand and very
outrageous such that whilst as I was supposed to be concentrating and
replaying the events that would follow … the events in the first dream
.. a disease with my personal taste would somehow subliminally sink in
and be consciously forgotten.
I'm looking at a stage comedy act involving a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
duo where Mr Hyde under control with a stupid looking set of special
effects was going to perform some stunt.
Engrossed, I forward my criticism to some party about the logistics of
how that routine could be improved. Suddenly the newly improved and
refined version with my suggestions is represented but with additional
things grafted on that belonged to another stage act I had previously
seen on TV and acknowledged as good.
Its as if my own sense of comedy genius was being second guessed and set up to be diminished and dampened and made to look nothing extra in the face of so many other gifted comedy people.
At that point some amputation scene got out of hand as the circus act
went for it and the dream terminated.

This morning for example I am reminded how adept they are at degrading attacks when I am presented in my dream by an image of a menacing but sickly yellow looking big bulky dying weed, then the image of a bleached white haired monkey, followed immediately by a stark vision of a windows computer blue screen crashing ….

Being human therefore requires us to face these issues bravely, but also asks us to have faith in our spiritual and Angelic brothers and sisters who are here to protect us if we ask for them.

I had noticed over the course of the years that many reptilian encounters during waking hours result in attempts to remove the quality of my eyesight.
Sometimes these efforts can be almost physically violent in their wrenching distortion of my optical apparatus.
Sometimes its as if I’m looking at an external oblong widescreen TV full of blurry glass coming closer and closer – but my Angels dispel this and my eyesight continues with its quality.
I have taken some time to guess what this game is – but I think it’s a secret shared by some people who are physically blind.
There are actually two kinds of vision.

Often in drives through the countryside .. the vivid life filled colours would come back into my imagination at night – it was as if I had also been seeing and absorbing essence and life force from the hills and the trees. I could remember and see these hills and everything growing on them with amazing detail and clarity .. more than any optical lens and retina could have picked up.
This was true seeing.

If I am being made to think that I can be deprived of my sight .. then I could also be deprived of my vision of eternity.
Recent pre-waking dreams presented by Greys have centered around car headlights shining into my eyes, or some light coming through a circular but hazy lens, and recently, some dim grey multifaceted glass like jewel.
They were Greys as far as I could determine because Reptilians are too proud to present themselves as five foot weeds or five foot alsation dogs.
All of these dream images are attempts to control my recognition of the frequencies of light.
If I can be diverted away from a recognition of light .. how therefore could I accurately ascend ?
What they try to do is of no consequence to me for I know that I am safe no matter what they do.
Other folks though might get traumatised and conned out of their life by this stuff.
Its time more folks realised just how protected they are – because no-one that is aware enough to recognise these issues is doing so unattended by Angelic help, or you would just forget about them instantly.

If you have a look at the research done by Drew Hempel on the True Matrix Plan, you will see that radio eugenics and population uploads into a matrix have been on the agenda since the 1940’s.
The problem we might be having as people on a planet as alien controlled as this is that a large portion of what we take for dreams, remote viewing, astral walking, shared visions, mutually shared story or narrative environments or any aspect of our consciousness that extends into some zone in front of our vision could well be artificial environments produced or influenced by alien controllers.

I wasn’t surprised to see a NASA satellite photo of an alien droid outside my window and others of similar design outside the windows of another contactee and two other people in UFO hotspots.
I have a picture that I took myself of a smaller surveillance droid about the size of a toaster. Special forces in contact have said that with their visioning equipment they can see a sky full of this stuff.

One of Dr Greers advisors is a lady who is an expert in the electronic processes of mind and this suggests to me a tie in with mind interfaces and uploading within the Transhumanist ideologies identified by Drew Hempel.
Elsewhere on channelling sites we also hear of alien collection grids and terminologies that refer to ‘harvests’ – and in these places there is a general tendency to visualise wormholes and stargates and target destinations for the mind of the ascending spirit to steer towards.
I think a mind-driven ascension could be a very bad thing.
Where does our heart want to take us instead ??
To places of love and commitment and facility and family and friends and recreation and creative tool use in a loving and appreciative environment.
Some channelling re-assures us that we are beyond technology.
Having seen the conspiracy of abject failure of science and technology that has refused to deliver for us all – we might be forgiven for never ever wanting to hear of technology again.
What is technology, but tool use – and even software and ideas in that context are tools themselves – even in the hands of mind wipe vampires who are more than happy to use the tools of the internet to preach abandonment.

Our hearts steering by our need to love might well be despondent about technology if we come from Earth – but our souls probably have a rich and vast history of loving technological environments from our extensive cosmic journeys.

We have to become aware of what should be possible for us.
I can see from satellite photos of where I used to stay and was having big time alien problems – that streaks of light were flying in and out of houses in that area.
There is a vast body of literature from Carlos Castaneda to Chinese mythology that speaks of learning to fly, and going through rigorous exercises and a half ton of substances etc in order to achieve something.
Bearing in mind this is alien matrix controlled planet Earth, What If … every single living being on this planet who wanted to teleport themselves even into the next room of their house – Should be able to do it … but cannot because they are being shut down by some process.
What If we are all natural super men or women ? and that we are being conned out of this reality by alien stuff that is tuning into our frequencies and controlling our awareness and recognition of our own natural abilities ?

I’ll bet that if any of us were physically transported as we are to a planet free of dark Repto-Grey influence and matrix technologies that we could all be amazed at what we could do away from the alien hitek manipulation.

I think the key to their successful control of us is their ability to diminish our recognition of our own natural capacities and natural ability to increase our frequencies by the attunements of our souls to a higher form of network life – a true Angelic Vine of Life [John 15].

The recent dreams and daytime activity that attempts to usurp my quality of light or frequency recognition is an attempt to suppress the natural growth and evolution of my spirit and to lead my mind away from the knowledge of that second form of sight that I was talking about earlier.
We all have the ability to see with the heart and it is that certainty of connecting with a world and Kingdom of love that will take us beyond the dim artifice of our low frequency would-be jailors.

It might be that star wars is going to get going, but the pitch battle for our souls is already underway.


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