Before We Go

Andrew Hennessey

Exopolitics as a movement I think, is at an event horizon.
We have databases of well presented documented facts of an alien presence, facts on the use and mis-use of alien high technologies, industrial collaborations, agreements and exchanges plus numerous testimonies to the fact that sections of the human population appear to have been involved in some sort of barter arrangement that many in power would find it hard to apologise for.

We are no longer impeded by the lack of good anecdotal or industrial evidence or by the lack of miles of good digital camcorder footage from either civilian or military sources. We also notice that an institution like the Catholic Church or some officials of Government would not deny Extra Terrestrial life.
Having got the issues coherently packaged despite being attacked by professional decoys and multimedia fakers our job I think, is not to just sit and defend our kudos but to take the next step as a political movement.
We must present ourselves as a pro-human organisation.

Its probably true that many within Exopolitics value the use of the United Nations as a vehicle through which mediation from Extra Terrestrial contact may be disseminated through existing Government procedures, mechanisms and other covert demographic procedures for e.g. quarantine emergencies etc.

It’s also true though that the United Nations has propagated the mythology of population reduction and attendant measures allegedly to conserve the planetary ecosystem from the wasteful attrition of ‘humanity’. This whilst ignoring, disregarding, and burying the obvious truth that Free Energy technology, could; feed, supply, resupply, purify, clean, cheaply enable real civilisation and has been industrially available since at least Faraday in 1890AD.
The United Nations therefore continues to illustrate that it does not serve mankind even at science, philosophical or workshop, or hippy think tank level. This without raising the outrageous spectre of African politics and its more difficult allegations of responsibility.
So although it’s a mechanism that is already there – and we probably all paid in some way for the letterheads and the coffee machines and the transport costs of the big massive black iron ‘meteorite’ that symbolises the raw material of our origins sitting in its temple room … and I do like the colour blue .. its logo reminds me more of Laurel and Hardy than Laurel and Peace .. I think its collective outpourings have already done too much to our global paper reserves and rainforests.

Advanced Extra Terrestrials turning up here to help around the time of geological cataclysms that happen every now and then here on Earth, the last one about 20,000 years ago will not have badly behaving humanity to deal with, but badly behaving Reptilians and Greys that look like humanity.
If they were looking round at badly performing anti-human hierarchy they wouldn’t need to delve very deep with a forklift into the warehouse of damning anti-human material rolled out by our would be Overlords.

Benignly intervening Extra Terrestrials therefore might hope to co-operate with the logistical capacities of such an organisation as the United Nations but would probably just bi-pass them completely.

I have said that such a hitek civilisation would be likely to totally over ride global media and communications networks and perhaps even every kind of media output device, despite current Reptilian and Grey military industrial activity.
They would probably supply additional and alternative and unedited facilities in terms of information channels to the population.

In preparation for a benign intervention what might Exopolitics contribute to the debate other than to suggest that overwhelming good will be in attendance to those in need ?

There are issues of human and social accountability to consider.
If we were all just following orders … whose orders for example ?
If there is some alien programme of conquest and genocide and experimentation going on .. how have we facilitated and attempted to heal the victims ?
What are our human policies for their well-being and how many alien trauma victims might we be dealing with – ballpark ?

We can all probably guess that the usual government agencies on a global basis will have well thought through contingency plans for even more alien contact than is already very obvious.
Whereas its nice to be looked after like this and totally taken care of massive benign ET intervention may be a lot more immediate than a queue for a bus or a train.
There could be all sorts of high frequency things happening such as mini stargates, Angelic doorways, family re-unions, ships out, ships up, translations, relocations, re-constitutions, that are neither under the control of the deployed Grey matrix droids that you can see on NASA satellite images or the other pseudo-human establishment charades.

Suddenly millions and millions of people may be personally engaged with an important reality.
Yes we can go, we can regain our memories, maybe even start to remember how much we have been prepared for these days in our real dream time – not the artificial impositions of our farmers, but, who else cared that we lived.

In all the charades we witnessed and were forced to live and suffer was there a meaningful facility or communion within the reality that we all allege is human that was able to show that it had been preparing us for the truth.
Perhaps we can all look back from some far shore sipping a genial drink amongst untainted awe inspiring scenery with good friends and think that we could have done more for those broken down by alien abuse.
That might leave a sour taste for us.

So we quietly get our little groups together, listening and facilitating and offering peace and understanding, acknowledgement and vindication.
As if we were the United Hearts, we find out how many hearts need uniting and healing.
We offer them the best kinds of therapeutic strategies we can devise.

We catalog and document our experiences which is a good healing exercise in itself, and we note the contradictions and failures of society in the hope that social procedures can be improved.

We present ourselves as a pro-human organisation – and in so doing we become united hearts that seek to legitimise rather than deny the experiences of those traumatised by aliens.
We seek to ask for relevant information from alien and pseudo human databases about population allocation and alien research programmes so that we can extract those who wish to leave from those lists.

There are plenty, peaceful, constructive, healing, ethical, spiritual and democratic things we could all do as people for those we can see need the help – rather than just wait by the intercosmic telephone.


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