chaos, exopolitics and escape

Andrew Hennessey

The problem we all have with the internet in general and also UFOLOGY and our attempts to be exopolitical is the obvious presence of semantic chaos.
Its like somebody has put all our ideas and ideologies into a blender and come up with a chunky and often funky mixture of stuff we recognise but which can be a bit inappropriate and contradictory.
Exopolitics like any other human institution is exposed to the same problems of semantic chaos and its contradictions, often issued from people with the robes of credibility who appear to be no more than professional decoys with an elaborately constructed cul de sac for the sheeple.
These charades begin with credible constructions then end up in cynical science fiction and unbelievable assertions.
The problem with our allegedly human institutions therefore are their inbuilt redundancies that seem to be caused by people who have a mind to deliberately perpetrate chaos.
The anti-human performance of the United Nations for example in its long term advocacy of population reduction to save the ecosystem of this planet is in truth a blatant social crime.
Clearly if the human race were allowed to freely use the anti-gravity and free energy technology and technological paradigm on the table industrially since at least 1890 with Faraday and then variously with many others throughout the 20th Century – we would be able to clean and purify our planet, supply and resupply it from farming interests elsewhere, and take no part whatsoever in the desolate and polluting industries that the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation first identified in the late 1960’s – as being in possession of clean and cheap factories there would be no need to produce oceans of toxic waste in e.g. Brazil [Volta Redonda].
Aliens or alleged aliens who allegedly postpone dealing with humanity because ‘we’ cannot get our act together are actually anti-human aliens aiding and abetting the cull or indeed the ‘soul harvest’ [Kerner, N: the song of the greys, and Delooze, M]
Other engaging social charades to help us all get through the day include: government, civil administrations, religious organizations and the trans-national corporate world, networks, secret societies, think tanks operating conspiracies of self-interest, black ops, Career Intelligence Agencies, MJ12, Criminal Intelligence Agencies.

All of these can get our yummy ‘outrage juices’ flowing for the benefit of our farmers.

Inside almost every one of these scenarios is an endless alphanumeric soup that is compartmentalised, chaotic, antagonistic, sometimes synergistic, often ineffective, always fiscally wasteful, always producing its own version of winners and losers.

It is more than likely that these agencies have to deal with all sorts of infiltration, abduction, reprogramming and replacement of their key personnel from a dark alien threat.

In this light therefore, it is unlikely that any benign ET civilisation intent on doing good for mankind would interact with this dark and incoherent circus called a global social hierarchy.

It can be argued that the chaos and negation and nihilism that our alleged society is laced with is a deliberate essence feeding strategy by Repto-Grey farmers who may feed off and milk our ‘outrage juices’. Our tendency to self-vindicate is often very predictable .. especially in a potentially predatory social and telepathic environment with personal spiritual issues that we cannot always immediately recognise.

Intervention by benign ETs therefore would not be effective if it used these self-cancelling agencies.

It could also be said that if benign ETs just stood back, that everybody would just gravitate to their own familiar reality and millions of people would go to millions of other places naturally e.g. during a catastrophic geological revision of the mountains and oceans on this planet.
That however doesn’t account for the fact that some people on Earth are being made to feel that they should go to a certain place with certain beings in an artificial and trauma driven way.

The beginning of benign ET intervention that accounts not just for the individual, however, but for large social groups of individuals has to start with One generic social missive and communication.
What strategy might they take .. e.g. use of Earth based pop stars like Robbie Williams, acknowledged leaders and hierarchies and ‘gurus’ – the innate resistance to truth and change within some of these channels merely adds to the chaos.

Because of this I suspect that the process will involve the total subsummation of the telecommunications and media network created by over riding advanced technology that will neutralise the current Repto-Grey media franchise and its own brand of interstellar junk.
Advanced and benign ET’s will totally bi-pass the Status Quo on planet Earth with all of its taint and anti-human failures.

I predict that we will all collectively see a whole new brand of television and radio and internet options for the duration of the repatriation process supplied by benevolent ET’s.
Repto-Grey farmers could try this one on us too … but then I’m certain that the highest frequency civilisation processing the most ones and zeros in the least time is an Angelic one and would prevail.
That for the first time since the Fall of Atlantis, 20,000 years ago which also roughly co-incided with the last geological catastrophe we underwent [Hancock, G : Fingerprints of the Gods, also Piri Ries map] there will be massive changes amongst the temporary farming charades albeit 20,000 years of temporary farming – and those locked into and orientated by; physical, social, historic, spiritual and ideological landmarks will be able to detach and potentially escape with help.

At that point real Exopolitics will come into play, and I predict that such Exopolitics will involve the company of Angels, superior technology and infrastructure and the presence of other Beings from this cosmos who wish to reclaim their soul group members before they get farmed off to some other factory or franchise.
If there are deep politics within the human population it is the secrets of our ancient knowledge and heritage and family groups that we as older souls naturally possess. From there we can make a new choice – whether we embrace the Way of Life and become high frequency loving lifeforms [John 15] empowered beyond biology and clones and the fires and combustions of Repto-Grey hell and desolation and the games of being Vampire or Dust.
We have a chance to inherit a realm of love and beauty instead – at that point Exopolitics becomes the Politics of Ascension or Descension, but it will be above and separate from the cynical charades of toxic pseudo human and infiltrated Repto-Grey agencies.


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