No Halt to the Nonsense

When I was a young man – I spent lots of time after College searching for meaning for the science I had been taught.
I remember praying to know the truth behind all the paradoxes I was being presented with.
OK so I eventually worked out my system of relativity but always seemed to struggle with who the target audience were and therefore what to do with the jargon.
After my development of the general systems theory in 1991 called Tripartite Essentialism which is both a chaos-based natural and physical theory and also a programmable metaphysics that maps onto the physical (universal) theory – I thought that maybe it was just a matter of time before at least the physical cosmology became common knowledge and therefore once the facts had been consistently established by scientific and empirical measurements the metaphysics would then be recognised as part of a programming system for such things as Artificial Intelligence because it solved massive issues like the Halting problem – [Church, Turing] which had kept computation in a cul de sac – and also built on work on Logical Atomism by Russell and Wittgenstein.
Not so however.

Leaked onto the internet is the story of how the US Department of Defense spent billions of dollars in the 1990’s trying and failing to find a solution to the Halting Problem which prevented 5th Generation executive artificial intelligence.
Not content with spending billions on developing dysfunctional drinks machines, lawnmowers and other disorientated robots etc the good old DoD in conjunction with Lockheed Skunkworks and other corporations are now allegedly developing ultra superfast computers using quantum technologies which are thousands of times faster than the junk they were using in the1990’s.
However because they never solved the Halting Problem this means that their ultra fast computers are merely going to scan more of eternity before they too come to the same issues of disorientation that Halted their less illustrious computational predecessors.
If you are to believe the hype – invincible US military and big black corporations are building a ‘god computer’ – but in fact under certain circumstances it couldn’t tell you the day of the week – it would just arrive at that problem faster than the computers of the 1990’s.

Don’t get me wrong here – I do have a solution to the Halting problem but then who wants to help warmongers kill more efficiently ?

Would they build the independent executive farmworker robot called the GERMINATOR ? or the independently acting surgical robot that specialises in skin conditions called the DERMINATOR ? or an arty hairdressing robot called the PERMINATOR ?

Lets be honest – they probably have solutions to the Halting problem, have TERMINATORS and are just creating a paradigm of handicapped robotics for the public domain in the same way that wind turbines are a distraction away from the many functional designs of free energy devices to be found.
FREE ROBOTICS therefore just isn’t on the global agenda for mankind. Perhaps this is a good thing as it will prevent the sudden development of a tidal wave of Transhumanist technologies that wish to upload us into some sort of dysfunctional matrix.

This brings me to my last point.
Transhumanism has been on the go since at least the 1930’s but its recent explosion started in the 1990’s.
At times overtly elitist they developed the WTA and became more humanist, offering ideologies of life enhancement and extension and alleged improvement.
The big picture though is that the big matrix in the sky isn’t possible without a solution to the Halting problem and as it seems to be politically unwanted to have mankind with cutting edge computation and software – the main thrust of Transhumanism is totally undeliverable in the public domain.


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