Mars Teeming With Life - Disinfo campaign by NASA

I must admit – when I saw the NASA images of the lady striking an artistic pose on the rock and then heard NASA’s subsequent denial and that the object was according to them actually a two inch wind blown and shaped rock – I like everyone else had to have said – you’ve got to be kidding.

This was indeed or so we are being led to believe, ultimate proof of life on Mars. In fact its such incredible proof, such surreal proof from the NASA Spirit Rover that it has to be questionable.
What was going to be next – a gopher in a donkey jacket, yes that happened too – and then maybe also the toons from the Walt Disney epics.
Certainly, as A J Hynek noted – ‘High Strangeness’ is a blatant feature of this alien phenomenon that revels in mind games with the human race.

Then I had another thought about that – alien holograms or no, there is something else that is very very important about the particular picture that the attention seeking alien poser is in.
Whereas our eager and nerd-like eyes are being distracted to the very bottom left of that picture – there is something far more credible and with farther-reaching consequences evident in the top right corner.

This part of the landscape features a large pool of water and … a couple of alligators. Not very clear admittedly but clear enough to illustrate the difference between an alligator snout and that of a crocodile.
This, if this is not also faked, suggests that there is a viable ecosystem and food chain on Mars, much like our African savannah abundant enough to support a primary predator like an alligator.
This picture if not also faked, has incredible implications.
Any green lady can jump off a spaceship from somewhere else and go for a stroll on Mars – but what looks more possible from this photograph is that Mars has an oxygen atmosphere dense enough to support biological life, there are other pictures of Martian lakes and forests too – and this together with the picture of a specialised primary predator like an alligator suggests that Mars is a planet that is absolutely teeming with advanced biological life.

That is perhaps why NASA might have falsified the Spirit Rover picture with a semi- naked lady – to lead people away from the evidence to the truth that Mars and possibly many other worlds are Teeming with life.


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