Feeling More Secure

Having been listening to the son of a former Black Ops physicist whose father Frank Harvey Ferguson worked on the American ‘Deep Space Platform’ in the 1970’s at Lockheed Skunkworks, I was recently interested to hear that they didn’t use Einstein’s General Relativity on their interstellar program – but had been consulting with a mathematician called Vaclav Hlavaty and also operating with Dr Ferguson’s own unifying wave theory called ‘Constrained Undulating Motion’.
I often wondered whether Steven Segal would be dispatched on one of the many ‘Air America’ secret military flights with a ninja-team to sort out their Scottish liability.
No worries there though as it appears that the local RAF base at Leuchars – currently threatened with closure, and its personnel with relocation and demobilisation etc may have found a couple of people some part time work which will keep them enjoying the local golf and beaches for some time to come.
My phone – currently Leven 01333 on the ESLEV exchange in Leven, Fife, appears to be getting intercepted at the Peat Inn village exchange [area code 01334 St Andrews] – exchange code ESPTI about 10 miles up the road.

Let me just say that anyone listening in on the sounds of my daily life deserve every penny they get – and good luck to them.


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