Ancient Anunnaki and Greys versus Humans

The Narmer Palette 3100 BC image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons shows the horned giant motif, in our century the devil, it shows the triangular all-seeing eye of the Illuminati/Anunnaki and their giant proportions in relation to humans - also seen in proportion is a bunch of greys levitating and stacking up the human dead rather like the visions of imps in hell.
This image of god-like rule and justice incorporates in 3100BC that is over 5000 years ago  - all the illuminati information that many of us are familiar with today as it plays out amongst our manufactured nation states with their handicapped sciences and technologies.

The 2 sided plate is alleged to depict the unification by victorious battle of Upper and Lower Egypt and can be dated to almost 4800BC and somehow related to the onset of the age of taurus - regardless of the headline events it is commemorating - the depiction of various non-human-looking beings in their 21st century familiar relative sizes and proportions indicates the presence of magical races technologies or powers and of levitation on the side of the ruling god  on Earth.

The Nermer Plate
         The Nermer Plate, which is a ceremonial palette, is also referred to as the Narmer or Narma Plate. It was discovered in 1897/98 by the British archaeologist, J.E. Quibell, at, or close to the ancient walled Capital of Egypt, Hierakonpolis which is usually referred to as "City of the Hawk". 


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