A Scottish Abductee

Christiane Burns

Is part of the living tradition of Scottish folklore and close encounters. In her childhood she recalls …
‘There was a small figure against the skyline at dusk. Mother was taking us down to the village and when I told her there was someone there she said, ignore it, keep walking. The village is Clachan, Western Scotland, and it would be the hill to the north of the village.
There was a small house in the big wood, built under an overhang of rock. Slate roof. About as tall as me. I was 15 when I found it, never seen it before. There was a weird feeling about it so I moved on very quickly!’

We know from the folklore collections of; Banks, Campbell, Kirk etc that the little people or greys or faeries, or archons or djinn or elementals or demons have many such places throughout Scotland, and are thought to be responsible for huge cavern systems, small surface dwellings, technology, historically abducting people and of allegedly conducting hybridisation experiments and feeding from the essence of objects.

In January of 1977 Christiane reports on a dark night a Ufo coming silently over the hillside that was oblong with rounded corners and had 6-8 windows visible with no navigation or strobe lights that would mark it out to be a conventional aircraft.
She appeared to have some missing time, and flashbacks, and followed this up with regression hypnotherapy.
In 1992 in her cottage there appeared to be a strong bright white light upstairs and she had the feeling of something standing at her shoulder.
She recalls three sandy coloured ‘grey-type’ beings in her bedroom and then of regularly awakening in her bed with strong nosebleeds.

Claiming they wanted her ‘Salutations’ in exchange for their ‘Benedictions’ Christiane has been repeatedly abducted from her mothers cottage in Clachan during her childhood by aliens, who she today refers to as the ‘reds’.
She states that they are a different sort of being from the Greys.
She remembers being levitated off her bed and up through the walls and into a circular grey ship, with metallic surfaces inside whilst an intense white light was shining.
She remembers standing at the same height as these brown beings– that looked like small humanoids, looking out through a portal in the ship at the stars from above the Earth and thought that she was ‘in the hands of a loved parent.’, but also states that there were many things that happened that she did not want to remember because these things were too dark.

She was given a safe food list by the beings and asked not to touch meat, eggs and dairy and to give up smoking and was encouraged to eat oats, vegetables and green apples like Grannie Smiths – presumably as part of some hybridisation experiment.

I suspect that she may have been subject to surgical and gynaecological procedures and remembers seeing circular red burn on her navel about the size of a one pence piece. Dr Jacobs wrote of this insidious social program by aliens in his book ‘The Threat’.

She had feelings of intense dread before and after such onboard episodes and would wake in the morning with red circular marks on her navel and bruises on her arms.

Becoming Catholic to become closer to the Saints and Angels who protect us, there appeared to be an ongoing dialog between herself and these beings, and after a struggle with cancer, appears to be on the mend.
It is an interesting contrast to her Catholicism that these beings have demanded her ‘salutations’ in exchange for their ‘benedictions’ as indeed one would expect the intercession and Benediction of the Holy Spirit, after prayer, to be more health-giving and beneficial for her long term health of body, mind and soul.
The anti-Trinity of  ‘George, Arthur and Fred’ and their anti-Christian rhetoric tends more to the demonic than to that of a ‘loved and trusted parent’.


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