Anunnaki - they live

Films about them get stopped in their tracks, online textbooks get edited out, truly history belongs to the victors for a short while. What we know of the Anunnaki today - their good guys and bad guys would have been the equivalent of letting Tony Blair write the definitive history of the Iraq war !!
In the last picture we see the half fish half men reptilians drawing from the tree of life with their pineal gland pine cones - getting juiced up on natures free energy.
What evidence we have of some of them today is of youtube videos of news readers salivating so much over the thought of conflicts that they lose their form and half their face goes reptilian.
Plenty of photoshop jokes made with leading US politicians but this should not deflect from the reality that is appearing even on our prime time television. They Live.
Perhaps also many of them live well - without a world of hurt and disease needed to sustain themselves as their fallen kindred milk the juices of the grapes of wrath - getting the vital 'vitamin Cx' soul-juice from mankind like squeezing so many embittered lemons !!

The worlds alleged leading authority on the Anunnaki  Sitchin says according to their stories they left - but then according to Tony Blair there were WMD in Iraq.

They obviously never went anywhere - and plenty still amongst us for various reasons probably good and bad.

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Martouk said…
You might want to read We Are Not Alone, Part 1 by Endall Beall. It puts this Anunnaki stuff in a whole new light that Sitchin utterly missed, or intentionally overlooked.

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