GOREBRIDGE UPDATE - Halloween 2011


If you have been following the Gorebridge encounter stories you will probably know that there are many witnesses to the fact that something more alien than is usual is happening at Gorebridge, 15 miles south of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.

Independent witnesses have been coming forward to talk to the local press, there has been a call for a probe into the misuse of civilian airspace and the sheer number and variety of highly weird things seen on the ground suggests that its Halloween all the year round at Gorebridge.

The story starts innocuously enough in 1999 when John Jackie Gillies reports to what he thought was a credible Scottish UFO forum that he had been filming UFO’s up close at Gorebridge.
We are still unclear as to why a master tape sent to that group for analysis – came back with the UK soap opera Eastenders taped all over it.
Suffice to say that a few lone voices at Gorebridge in small town Scotland were easy picking for the UK Fortean skeptic circus and thereby release of such news was under establishment control.
With the sheer number of tapes of filmed UFO’s piling up however and interest being shown in North America, it became possible to bypass the usual suspects at the top of UK ufology who were happy to write off blatant start trek looking starships as natural phenomena.
At the heart of all of this however there is the constant and consistent high output of Jackie Gillies who has been getting some very up close and personal attention from alien MiB – e.g. there was colonel Joe in a black Bentley who also used a conventional phoneline to record his warnings.
There have been aliens on Jackies roof, black chopper flybys on top of the roof – alien machines in the garden, aliens in the house, picking up the Rottweiller by the throat and suspending it in midair – smashing a glass coffee table to smithereens in the middle of the night and making the thousands of glass fragments gather together into a writhing snake of glass on the floor, the corroborated abduction of Mrs Gillies, the local woods lit up like Christmas, small flying probes, ships of all sizes, take offs being filmed, big freighter in infra red taking off from Carrington, gantry in the fields, alien data crystals, operational stargate near Middleton limeworks, shapeshifting vehicles and personnel, unnaturally silent slow flying low level jets, light aircraft with lightning coming out of its wing tips, people being chased around their houses by moving green lights, whole streets of the town being buzzed by black metallic spheres that also glowed orange, inept cover stories such as Chinese lanterns, 737 passenger jets being filmed getting buzzed by foo fighters, people being chased out of the woods with a big green eye, flattened areas of crops with little lights buzzing about the centre area, big black cats, small box ufos firing off probes, photographs of holographic cars, and disappearing and glowing unmanned aerial vehicles, UAV’s, weird looking military in jeeps that look like a scene from saving private Ryan, one witness reports the old Blinkbonny mine being swept by a team of special forces in full battle kit …

Not surprising therefore that Jackie Gillies appears to have some very very fast broadband – with footage disappearing off his disk as fast as he is filming it and that his phone appears to go through some special exchange at times.
Probably under 24/7 surveillance, Jackie has been contacted by a military executive who linked him to a site where he could see an interrogation chair, a darkened room and a pile of files – as he then asked ‘what’s the experiment ?’
There does appear to be a black op in the Gorebridge area which appears to go north to film when Mr Gillies goes North, West when Mr Gillies goes west etc or down the east coast when mr Gillies goes down the east coast.

To put all of this in perspective, I recall some of my telephone conversations with Jackie Gillies where he was saying that he was an officer in the alien Federation navy and that he could command ships to appear.
Its true also that some European ufo group full of very highly educated and wealthy people appear to be following his UFO posts on youtube as skywatcherscotland.
These individuals want to know where the pickup is going to be !!!
Mr Gillies tells of witnessing the operation of portals and of migrating between bodily shells and has an ideology of incarnation consistent with the fairy lore of the Rev Robert Kirk in his 1697 Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Faeries’.

Indeed Jackie has made several prophesies – latest being the sudden economic collapse after the last space shuttle returned.
Another of his claims was that he foresaw an ice meteorite hit the International Space Station, also that some devious group of international Illuminati are also attempting to make contact.
Perhaps Jackie is part of some secret commonwealth, or perhaps not, perhaps there is demonic deception about relocating to somewhere like Ianni Chaos on Mars.
Perhaps Jackie really is a Federation Admiral as he has claimed to be, or perhaps he has acquired such knowledge somehow.
Perhaps Jackie is embellishing, but given his latest footage is some semi-visible 7 foot thing stomping about on his roof – I can’t blame him if he is.

The bottom line is though that;

1. the aliens are out in force in everyones face at Gorebridge
2. special forces are out there 24/7
3. John Jackie Gillies is being actively targeted by a Black Op

Given that I’m not starring in Sylvester Stallone’s THE EXPENDABLES 2 I’m remaining at a safe distance whilst the wheels of interstellar commerce and data and technological piracy grind on.

I don’t fancy the MoD – the Ministry of Disneys brief though – very brave stuff – to hang out in the field and not get abducted, tagged, thrown 4 miles, their timelines entangled and attempt to mix it with beings that can run round you between blinks of the human eye, inflict withering injury – unless the humans have turned to Christianity – they may be more vulnerable than they think. They do have a prayer though.
If these beings – who incidently will have little invisible toaster sized UAV’s or droids following the army about – want their data crystals or technology to be lifted for some project – they don’t actually look ready to co-operate.

On the upside, more people are hearing about the events at Gorebridge and sometimes another person will come forward with their story.

To finish on an amusing note – I am Catholic [since 2006 – thanking the Saints and Angels who had saved my life] – and I therefore regularly go to a Church late Saturday afternoon or evening, or there are often two or three opportunities to attend at every Church on a Sunday.
I had chosen one of three or four churches in Edinburgh in the evening, and at the end of the celebration of Mass I was approached by this young lady, a complete stranger, who identifies herself as from some group of sceptics operating in Edinburgh.
She asks me if I’m Andrew Hennessey and whether I would like to give a talk to I think some Forteanesque society in Edinburgh on the subject of the Gorebridge and other material and the chosen date was on the somewhat intimidating September the 11th.

How did they know where and when I would be attending church ?
Had they been following me about ?
I’m sceptical that they met me whilst fulfilling their normal religious obligations – as they tend to be atheists. I say they – for there would have to have been at least another spotter probably male within yards as a sort of minder in case I reacted badly and probably a third person – a driver for quick extraction – in case I had attended elsewhere, or I were somehow imposing on the agency personnel.

This then is an example of what happens when you ignore annoying nerds on your site, when you delete their nonsense and make progress getting your information out.
You discover another side to the sceptical method in the UK.
Career Skeptics appear to be on the Intel payroll and do more than just sit at their PC’s giving you a lot of pseudo rational BS …
They actually harass you in your place of worship.

Yes, Gorebridge is the subject of a huge cover up.

Latest infra red filming reveals what are alleged to be satellites at 100-200 miles, illuminated by the light of the sun.
The only problem with this though is that in the shadow of the earth at night – these are not objects illuminated by the sun and can at times also be seen to not be illuminated by the moon.
The cover story of satellites satellites starts to look thin when these objects often allegedly the size of a small car or bus are not seen to be moving from horizon to horizon at thousands of miles per hour and also by the physical fact that if you went on a high mountain somewhere with a 40X telescope and claimed that you could see an illuminated small car or small bus several hundred miles away in a distant city – people would be asking you some awkward questions.
Yes we have used NASA and JPL satellite pages to locate possible satellite contenders at 56 degrees north – most tending to be equatorial – however things start to get very interesting because Mr Gillies is only reported to be filming objects moving south to north from pole to pole – an unpopular orbit for human agencies.

At 2 or so hundred miles out – these objects are big and visible.
Think of a city you know 1-200 miles away and you were on a local mountain peak with a 40X telescope – how big would an object have to be for it to be the size of a dime in your viewfinder.
The south north polar traffic directly over Gorebridge is considerable and probably consists of large craft in parking orbits.

Whats next at Gorebridge remains to be seen – but don’t worry about missing Halloween – its on every day and night at Gorebridge.


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