The Songs of Earth

The Songs of Earth

Beloved Nature gives me cause
to speak about the truthful law
that holds us in one place,
both energy and matter have
given us the grace to say
that both are one as energy
as energy is Universe as Universe is time
and time is all of space.

Then matter being all of time
is partly in its life delayed
and cannot rejoin to form a whole
because its oneness is outweighed
by movements and commotion
the moving thought of God.
And in this movement matter needs
to recombine
as movement feeds
its end result of form.
Some form is forceful,
some unable to be attracted
to enable union to ensue.

The forceful then a furnace starts,
with purpose now it becomes dense
and light and heat become immense
as light becomes a builder.

As matter grows amongst this power
solids join all in that hour
for what were the primal notes of eight
are symphonies that won't abate
in the mind of the composer
and so, the stars.
As the plasma starts to cool
matter follows matters rule
that matter in forms estimation
must be a form to suit the stress
if its purpose can survive
the endless bustle and duress
the quarrel of bigger forms direction
for greater power will cause selection
of hardier survivor.

So with strength such power shows
that only greater power will grow
and if required, a transformation
the extorted toll of adaptation.
And warmth, the wealth of dinosaurs
did blow upon an icy wind
so fell the King's in their dominion
paupers in the frost

and so selection favoured those
who had the wealth to pay the cost.
As form began to make its way
the princes of manipulation in the trees
began to ponder
For once more the ice began
a cool negation,
of progress.
So jungle died in its retreat
from the coming of defeat
and in the roots amidst the plain
the apes sought stores of food to gain
some capital against the time
the season was too dry or cold.
So with horded fruit some sat at length

with time to ponder this new strength
and thought on life’s economy
and then began to understand
that reason could be better planned.

And as the soul in reason grew
the power of light did God imbue
for matter in triumphant gleam
had fashioned God a vessel.

And in this energy and time
the hand of God did bless mankind
for in his vessels love returned
though some did then creation spurn
for images of self and beast.

Now to succeed within his creed
man did now nature copy
bigger stores do always win
when winter makes his brother thin
And for those stores self did compete
and who was hungry didn't eat
and felt the cold of winter.
The strongest man did eat the food
and wielded sword
against the weak
who spoke against
as best they could
though for his stores
they did compete.

Such energy in the strongest man
did keep him through the freezing ice,
such barren law made strong the world
that God and matter did protect.

And man made good his leadership
and built around with strength he had
and planted seed, did many feed
and stored against the seasons bad.

And to the plough, more crafted now
the roads of harvest did harvest bring
each village linked unto the next
each priest did sing some sacred text
that praised the power of making.

Unto these times the fallen came
Fallen angels, hearts of stone
Works of darkness and alien bone
satans banished
cut off from God
energy hungry and dry
would be gods of nothing and delusion
to foment confusion
and anarchy
oppressing the souls of the race of Adam
to drink the essence of their despair
as the fallen sought to engineer
the charades of fruitless contest
to feed their hungry souls.

Thus laws were working in mans mind
false laws of making gain.

Around his land did mountains stand
whilst his people ate the tasty bread
all through this land was laughter planned
but King had other plans instead.

Beyond the peaks it has been known
a people who have in stature grown
who dare to worship other gods.

Thus the King of lands all o'er the plains
had on his hands the blooded stains
of peacemakers.

The people in the valley next
will cease their heathen sacrilege
and live as vassals do.

Ancient prophets said He would come
The Son of God, heralded by Angels,
Proceeded by miracles,
High energy rewriting of material laws,
Replicating food and wine,
Rescripting the bones and flesh of the needy,
that even the blind and the dead may see
That the Love of Christ fills our soul
With life
Connecting us to the eternal vine,
Of love.

And so in an age of darkness and iron
And fire and corruption.
Brutally flogged and crucified,
Fulfiller of prophesies
The Son of God rose from the dead
Beginning an Age with the promise of Salvation
Guiding miracles and love of the Holy Spirit
Abundant energy, overflowing life
Many dine with healing Angels unaware,
Mankind has a road to travel
A pilgrims road
That leads on high
And when they leave this dark earthly, hungry empire
They can never die

The core of the resistance to evil
Our pathway above
Is the True Vine of Love, Christ
As we draw our water of life
From the eternal Source, our Father

In our spirit is this giving love
a well of sparkling life’s creation
such water given as a gift
will driest man to heaven lift
though Kings have tried to seize it,

And so with dark gods and demons
In their life the fallen
are agents of annulment
Living by the lie
And feeding on the despair
Of innocents

And in their dark charade Empires
Engineered to fail
Kings will build
and in the fallen Arts are fully skilled
and for loving lives may have their contempt

The songs of the invincible, songs of battle
For the cattle of the race of Adam
What seems their weakness, preservation
taught to children and their men
is not the fodder for a nation
that knows it must be great.
So the song goes
Forget the wives and squealing brats
for after battle swords can open any well,
and any well that is must pay its tax.
But lo the Empire growing great
submission looked for as a trait
but now the builders have a thirst
so the useless will all suffer first
so give them water dearest daughter
son you must go to carry bread,
the Kings have gold, are growing old
would rather have our well instead.
So selfish builders are afraid
of the lonely dark with gems they made
and in their beds their throats are dry
and to the priests are asking why
though priests for time are plotting.

But Regents knew that great was power
Soldiers striving every hour
that made each man into a slave
no wiseman stood that ever would
embrace an early grave.
So says the song of earth

So with this fallen truth the armies march
and few of spirit could oppose
without God’s will apparent.

The valley next across the peaks
is the prize our Regent seeks
and as his legions round the roads
his power reaches it with ease
and eats its stores and drinks its wine
and ledgers will their truth combine
that victory is dear.

So the Regents stretching hand
had not for winter duly planned
and hungry went the guards
upon the roads into that other land.

But the naked hand survived the chill
and that valley and its riches still make
now his Empire larger.
Now to guard the roads
takes wine and steel
and one day guards begin to feel
the wrath of foreign Gods.

Armies reach the mines too late
that pay for ships of trade
the men for food on mountain paths
were by the search delayed.

This province was in time and cost
the reason why the King had lost
the fuel for his trade.

To guard his lands with greater power
to each road a crafted tower
that saw his income safe

But in the cost was power lost
and distant was his bane.

From core to outer lands was his
yet, returns were not the same
Around the core his will could pour
but distant lands lost administration
by the bane of separation
from his nearest fort.

As every Empire starts as seed,
with good clime
and people of a creed
to tend it in its pasture,
With easy gains along the coast
and movements up the river plains
power fed the store rooms full
and so that Empire forged from gains
surpassed the taxing mountains
and from its seedbed
spread as far as wage would then allow.

But Empire one day met another

then each King awaited expert news
about which roads the armies use
in guarding crops and mines.

The King who bought with blooded gold his generals
has now his fate to evil sold
if someone pays them more.
Some peasants died,
some even tried to keep
what was their due

but those with sense
good providence
did only change their God,
the whips the same,
the usual game
did fare with different masters.

In time
unsafe became the devastation
for the cause of profit
so where empires met
Kings sued for peace
whilst the trading did increase

and links were forged and people knew
why at last their savings grew,
and the thoughts were there
to now prefer
to have the props their masters wore
and fighting for these luxuries
forgot the loving water
in each and every soul
for the minions now drank wine.

And whilst the fallen song for
Adams race did talk of battles and exchanges
Its history of attrition in mud and disease
The futility of axle grease
And a winter of pain,
The fallen, the Nephilim head into their caves
Of glowing technology and flying shields
And hitek restaurants to talk of the
Essence and soul slave yields of their
Planetary zones
As they engineer an age of delicious unhappiness
For the race of Adam.

Thus, each dark worldly Empire was itself a core
Of fallen skills and ambitions
And in its power its worldly store
Had dominion for a short while
but with oneness never had before
the planet now was conquered
by dependents on a wage.

An age of reason
Was an age of unreason
That was treason to speak of
The errors of terror,
In the illusion of civilisation

The lure of bright astronomy
Free energy and planets
made real by an economy
could take man to more treasure,
so the song goes
to make this real
it was then said that we should feel
as one with this our needed goal,
fish are better as a shoal
to bulge the bigger nets.

But on earth the charades of manufactured history,
Joke technology and science
Have herded us like cattle from one
Battle to the next.
Whilst the waters of our lives are spilled
For satan’s hungry fallen
Like vampires in the shadows
They flee the new dawn of Christ the King

But greedy men that use this world
as their master plan unfurled
are in their thralldom lonely
as they deny their soul
its rightful goal of love and sharing life
and caring, they hate their Father God.
whilst in the times of cruel attrition
matters greedy slaves the devils
profit from the competition.

And laughing quietly in the night
society's greedy parasite
thinks his plunder of essence will be safe

But Christ will end its domination
and devils from plunder torn asunder
the bitter fruits of oppression
stripped away
when at night they pass'
Yet from those who know
and those places been
The World of Saints and Angels is unseen
Though of Christ the King the prophets foretold
A redeeming love, eternal gold
And for those who love, they in the sheepfold
Have eternal victory in the Shepherd.

There are no crimes that are not paid
Though mortal life seems long delay
for punishment
Eternal our allotted time,
and that crime which we embrace, a stone
With which we cannot run
But If we forgive the burden goes
To leave us light and free

Of Mankind,
in gentle love most rise above
to find their soul can gain a seeing,
and of time and space and Earth and more
will all knowledge be extolled
in every avenue of being
to their wondering gaze,
and nothing will in ages come
the works of love erase.

And heaven is a lighter sphere
a land at first to bathe the scars
of an often futile life
a land to purge the years of strife
amidst its selfless pleasure.

The harmonic spheres all physics bless
And each therein shall harbour their unique flowers
For all is light, the light of souls
and all of love with common goals
will in the landscape meet
for they share the same signature
in the concerto of their garden.

And thoughts that wing and ring like bells
Penetrate the lowly shells of Earth
And a distant music comes to us
Dimly through the mirk.

And human fools with gold
though growing old
may yet recognise their millstone
Hear Christs written words
The world is waking up.

Without loves trust – there is demonic dust
The way of death and nothing

But in those heavens above are many mansions
schools and rivers, beauteous mountains
where nations never build a wall
to keep their loved ones out.

When needed not the sights of Earth
and mind from form does disentangle

spheres above and people bright
do work amongst the administration
that aids the process of creation.

And so the buoyant soul will rise
amidst the noise and hurtful cries
of those who will not think,
through the layers of understanding
a thoughtful traveler commanding
the gifts all laid upon us.
from light to brighter, brighter still
our identity with Christ and goodness fill
and in the end well pleased
we may have our questing soul appeased
of the needs of matter
at least as a limited Human.

The path above is made with love
and each of us made individual
with friends we make
and friends we made
in each and every heart decide
where in Gods love we should reside
for such is never lost.

Beloved nature gave me cause
to speak about that truthful law
that holds us in one place,
both energy and matter have
given me the grace to say

That we are one as energy
as energy is matter as matter is a part of God
as God gave all of time and time is all of space.


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