Critics - some close encounters on the road

CRITICS - Plenty of people willing to share their gems of wisdom with you.

It must be said that quite often people will write and thank me for having presented my writing to the world. When that happens it really feels like I have been useful in the big picture.
Before I really started writing my eBooks such as Monkeys of Eden, (1999) the Turning of the Tide, (2006) Escape from Earth (2008) and Harvesting the Disconnected (2010) - though there were rather a lot of put-downs.
I present a sample of quotes from some of my social encounters before my writing started to filter out a bit more into the wide world.
You can see from these that the ‘wide world’ had already got to me long before anyone else ever did !!
These quotes illustrate the circus that can descend at a moments notice to suffocate and dishearten seekers after truth.

‘ Hennessey is Demonic !’
Stephen Prior, MI6 Parapsychology, Gullane

‘I’ll introduce you to my Mother !’
Imperial Princess, Star Empire

‘irrational spew’
Eugene Leitl, Germany, World Transhuman Association

‘.. time you were sexually reconstructed !’
Agent M, Illuminati High Priestess, England.

‘.. a Bonnie Prince Charlie folk hero !’ ,
PC Special Branch, Nobles Bar, Leith

‘.. a sensitive and a contactee ..’,
Alfred Webre, Canada, UN Exopolitics

‘… a nutter !!’
UFO Harry Sommerville, Head of East to West UFO Society and UFO reporting forum, Scotland, on Yahoo Abduction Forum.

‘You’ve got to learn to co-operate with the light !’
Professor Young, Black Ops Consultant, US Govt.

‘.. do it to them before they do it to you !!’
Prince Michael of Albany, Chair of European Council of Princes and Stuart heir pretender to the Scottish throne.

‘.. a minor roadblock !!’ (as I accidently got in her way .. )
Rhada Burnier, President of the International Theosophical Society, India.

‘.. you can’t tell the people .. (mate !)’
UK Special forces, SAS, re-iterating Margaret Thatcher’s policy on aliens.

‘.. many are called but few are chosen !!’
Office bearer, Sovereign Military Order of the Scottish Knights Templar of Jerusalem.

‘… when it comes to this topic of aliens and flying saucers’ . Andrew ‘… offers drama, entertainment, …. reports, stories and pictures and that is what … the public want.’ Ted Roe, US Government Asset, NARCAP and NASA consultant

‘ there is a lateral line of sensors and interstitial membrane below the dorsal fin !’
Two and a half foot three year old to his embarrassed mother in Deep Sea World, North Queensferry, Scotland

‘I can’t see anything worthy of note …’
Mrs F, Black Ops Starchild and contactee programme co-ordinator for Europe – on checking me out as a ‘special program’ candidate

‘stream-of-consciousness writing.. high on dope and techno-raving electronic music’
Conrado Salas Cano, Cold Fusion Expert and Particle Physics Scientist


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