False Signs and Wonders

With Angelic appearances and gems appearing to members of a church in Coeur d'Alene Idaho people of earth will be faced with the question: Is this of God?
In other evangelical meetings there are falls of gold dust and some peoples mercury amalgam dental fillings and dental bridge work turn to gold.
Elsewhere an Angel with wings is on video dancing around a fire.
The gemstones have been tested by a gemologist and seen to be of perfect composition with almost no chemical flaws and were doubtless manufactured by forces and processes outwith our immediate material universe.
Consequently many evangelical churches are praying to God to give them more gemstones and treasures.
For them this may be taken as a sign of the Kingdom of Heaven being made manifest on Earth and a sign of the return of the Kingdom of Christ and the Second Coming of Christ.
There are however consequences for praying for material treasures Matthew 6:20
But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: Matthew 6:19-21
Granted that in these financially hard times the manifestation of heavenly riches could be appreciated as a sign that those chosen by God could be spared financial and worldly hardship.
Christ does not ask this of us however, saying that if the world hates us it is because we are apart from the world and that we must take up our cross and follow him.
Many Christians e.g. Rev Hinn will use the Old Testament as a justification for being plied with riches – but then these days and times were of the Old Covenant that Christ came to supercede with His New one – the message that we should love one another as we love God and respect our own personal integrity.
In this vein of Old Testament justifications there is a culture of entitlement which runs contrary to the message of Christ and the warnings about the attachment to riches.
The Bread of Life that falls from Heaven after Christ is the Holy Sacrament of Christ himself – justified in Communion.

There are other less glamorous manifestations of energy over matter materialisations seen during the exorcisms of senior exorcist Stella Davis who operates a Deliverance Ministry in line with the International Association of Exorcists, an arm of the Catholic Church.
The Church will often send people to her who have not been assisted by less experienced exorcists.
In her book Spiritual Warfare, about her Deliverance Ministry she notes a demonically possessed person who manifested and then spat iron nails out of their mouth.

In this context therefore of manifesting atomic metals from nowhere, many of the alleged Angelic manifestations of gold dental work sound similar.
Surely God and Christ the Healer would rescript our DNA, bones and teeth and make us whole rather than impose unsightly and garish and worldly metals upon us.

Although Angels have manifested to Kari and Mike Browning at Idaho, fair of face and conveying a feeling of peace and awe – and I have seen and felt many other worldly manifestations in my own life of a good and bad nature too – it is my experience that good Angels never directly manifest to interfere visibly in our lives thus leaving us free to have our own opinions and make our own choices.
Satan we know is more than happy to manifest as an Angel of light and push our pleasure/euphoria buttons in our brain physiology at the same time too.

Another aspect of this allegedly Angelic manifestation of metals and minerals is the appearance, according to one of her assistants Frank Ferguson, of gold dust and also diamond dust in the work of Stella Davis a senior Vatican exorcist. I can’t think of anything more challenging as a Christian than to be invited to inhale a cloud of deadly diamond dust – which could produce lung disease. (CWIA Conference, 2009) Only the intercession of the Holy Spirit could put to right what is against the will of God as regards Stella and her life.

In conclusion therefore although I am tempted to hope that our pathway through the world is going to be made smooth and broad and easy by the manifestation of material riches – I know that this is not in keeping with Christs message to me and am thinking more along the lines that these manifestations of gold and jewels are the false signs and wonders and deceptions sent to condemn people who might make worldly choices rather than embrace the love of the Son of God who was sent to save them.




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