The Odd Particle - No Two the Same

They would deny that its a unique one of a kind at any one time particle hybrid - no two the same - formed out of infinitely divisible chunks of aether in chaos theory and turbulence - as individual as a weather system, its as unique as a fingerprint and has not any identical peer at time1 time 2 or any other time ever. It fits into a class of particles in a zoo that behave roughly (probably) the same.

Ask any Ufo skeptic that has been bugging innocent witnesses on the net for decades just how rational probability is - IT ISN'T RATIONAL - It isn't logical or rational knowledge. It isn't mathematical truth - its after the fact totally constructed irrationalism.
Paragons of science have been going after vulnerable Ufo witnesses for years with the same kind of critique that we all should now be giving the Odd Particle - it isn't rational - its scientific marsh gas ...

The so-called Higgs Massless Vector Boson God Particle - no such turkey on 4th july 2012 - props up Einstein but denies the free energy aethers and chaos theory of Tesla.
Those Ufos are not flying on Higgs Bosons ....

The Higgs Boson or God Particle is already on Wiki as God-given fact – so much so that scienz for the masses appears by reason and will power to have delivered a huge step forward for mankind.  But is it ?
Heres what Wiki says;
The Higgs field is a possibly discovered, ubiquitous quantum field supposedly responsible for giving elementary particles their masses.
All quantum fields have a fundamental particle associated with them. The particle associated with the Higgs field is the Higgs boson.[1]
In quantum field theory the fundamental entities are not particles but fields, like the electromagnetic field. Particles are represented by oscillations or persistent changes in these fields. The oscillations in the electromagnetic field are called photons; those in the Higgs field are called Higgs bosons.[2]
The Higgs boson or Higgs particle is a proposed elementary particle in the Standard Model of particle physics. The Higgs boson is named after Peter Higgs who, along with others, proposed the mechanism that suggested such a particle in 1964.[4][5][6] The existence of the Higgs boson and the associated Higgs field would be the simplest known method to explain why certain other elementary particles have mass.
OK, amidst the pageant, theatre and scientific sounding narratives that are way beyond even College lecturers to decipher – there is one obvious contradiction in the alleged ‘God particle’ story that just does not make any sense to me whatsoever.
The alleged Higgs Boson has a FIELD.
Now we know that atoms have fields of electrons, that electrons have fields of quantum particles BUT by definition the Higgs Boson being the total ultimate smallest ever most basic there can be only one of its kind particle between us and God – the Higgs Boson/God Particle cannot have a field by definition – what could it possibly be radiating – certainly not other God particles – it would have to be radiating something much smaller than a God particle !!
A good analogy showing the absurdity of the Higgs Boson theory and this contradiction is the bar heater of an electric fire – it is radiating a field of heat. It is a hot metallic state created by electrical resistance in its wound wires.
If that were like the Higgs Boson – what would the particle equivalent of the heat from the radiator – for if Higgs is the only and smallest – there cannot be any radiated field. Also, a field radiates through another medium of propagation/transmission – in the case of our analogy, air molecules – every air molecule much smaller than the electric fire/Higgs boson.
But if Higgs theory is true – there cannot be any field, there cannot be any medium of propagation like (the analogy of)air surrounding the Higgs Boson.
Science measures a field around the Higgs particle – that really means that the subatomic ocean is in truth infinitely divisible – that there is no final ultimate particle and that as Tesla surmised – the ocean of the aether is infinite and infinitely divisible.
People propping up Einstein and the Standard Model of the Cosmos think that by slight of hand and fast talking of scientific sounding gobbledygook that they can pull a fast one over the common sense of the masses.
Hawking should reclaim his bet money back – there is no Higgs Boson, no God particle, nothing identically repeatable – just a fiziks farce.


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