the biggest lie

The biggest lie on planet earth is the promise that with our minds and our reason we can manufacture human evolution towards some end-based goal of social godhood.

We have several medieval examples of technological senescence where we headed up a cul de sac for 500 years e.g. the failure of any human being in western Europe for 500 years after the fall of Rome to adapt an Ox harness to harness the heavy horse.
If they had duplicated what the Chinese in the Far East had already accomplished in that respect they would have intensified agriculture, supported large amounts of population and created and supported specialist artisans and scientists which would have precipitated a full scale industrial revolution and renaissance 500 years before it actually happened.
Alan Burford also writes in Cities and Technology, Chant and Goodman, 1999, that the Ox was sufficient for Rome perhaps forgetting the absurdity of a thousand years of cavalry based warfare in Western Europe and the total familiarity with horse anatomy that ought to have figured out quite easily how to harness a horse to a plough.
Basically there is no rational explanation for the lack of scientific and industrial revolution in the so-called dark ages and early medieval Europe.
Our next best look at abject failure of reason is probably the era of the moon landings of the late 1960’s.
At that time science fiction in the form of Asimov and AC Clarke, and Star Trek were predicting high tech roboticism, steel cities, interstellar travel  levels of federated society integrated with diverse interstellar cultures.
50 years after the 60’s though, Roboticism and Artificially Intelligent hitek society didn’t manifest because of an easily surmountable paradox called the Halting Problem, and free energy devices – although shown to be working in various physics environments whether with EM fields or at the molecular level of water didn’t socially manifest because of an easily surmountable physics paradox called the collapsing wave/particle wave duality paradox.

Our carrot and stick stimuli from the social conditioning of Hollywood gives us visions of dystopias and post apocalyptic scenarios but our fight against chaos is lost long before we could expect to start up our Mad Max interceptor car.

Instead of visions of heaven and eternity and eternal family and society, our spirits are being toxified with visions of social death and cold selfish anti-heroes. The charade of science that denies us Teslas free energy physics which is paradox free gives us instead the god particle and big bang theory despite all the refutations and common sense indications to the contrary.
Our Mad Max battles are taking place in the here and now – and they are not for the alien controlled visions of our souls prison and matrix – they are for the heart and soul and minds of humanity that wish to evolve beyond the entrapment of the dark mental snares and charades  that attempt to drag our souls down into the dis-ease to engage them and load them down with regrets, false ambitions, physical attachments, false success and demonic-alien manufactured temptations.

I often wondered that given I know how to write the scientific paper that would be the cornerstone of a space age industrial revolution on planet earth was it ever going to matter if I actually did.
With the possibility of the demonic hive greys permeating all aspects of human society ancient and modern like a field effect of personal nihilism for the soul of each and every human being – is the real nature of the human quest about victories in our mind, and the fruits of what the human mind can manufacture – or was it something in fact more important than that – something so important that God would send his Firstborn Son down into these depths to save our hearts and souls and bring us out of the matrix mind games to a place in one of the many mansions of heaven where our minds could properly function and create away from the toxic disease perpetrated by the soul farming greys and anunnaki ?

Whilst the illusion of science and its science fiction proceeds around us – another alluring fiction takes place in our culture – that human beings can be like Harry Potter with godlike powers.
Alas human beings tend to get afflicted by the greys from an early age – so that human beings trying to wrest their vision and will free from grey and anunnaki influence using a system of books they specifically wrote for us – doesn’t actually make any sense.
There is no need to pay any price for truth.

After years of dark encounters I eventually recognised that to have not been replaced, assimilated or conditioned I had to have been getting some serious Angelic protection. To give thanks to the fellowship of saints and angels that had repeatedly saved my soul from very bad things I became a Christian in 2006.


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