Photoshop revolution

I can see lots of examples of fotos of protests on the net where Photoshop could have been employed to create the illusion of greater numbers than there actually were.
It can take 5 minutes to manufacture a mob in a picture of some alleged protest where millions were supposed to have taken to the streets.  lassoo to roughly encircle a bunch of heads, cut and paste several times into a street corner - then used touch and blur tool to take out any repetitive looking heads with red scarves. I'm reminded that of course democracy needs to be healthy and that people are entitled to their legitimate opinions and rights but then this new genre of fotos not only appeal to anarchists trying to create a stampede, but also governments trying to intimidate.
I'm not saying that news outlets will necessarily cover some mass global change in the populations - its just that the resolution and visible detail of these 'revolutionary' pictures circulating e.g. facebook and the internet are insulting to the intelligence. For copyright reasons I cannot reproduce these 'works of art' by alleged journalists - but I urge people interested in the truth of these matters to start questioning these images of revolution where and when they appear


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