Gorebridge UFO Hotspot report Summer 2012



John Jackie Gillies and others have continued to film extensive high flying Ufos heading north over Gorebridge.
These do not check out as satellites on all the available software and databases.
Lower down there continues to be Ufo activity from smaller Ufos reported over the old Blinkbonny mine or ‘camp’ at Gorebridge.

Attempts to film glowing and semi visible superstructure over the town by Mr Gillies resulted in footage that could not resolve itself into any format – so this evidence was recently lost. There is though lots of footage still coming out of Gorebridge on Mr Gillies Skywatcherscotland channel on Youtube.
There is footage that suggests lots of detuned superstructure in the skies above Dalhousie castle west of Gorebridge.
This was a place noted for a corroborated multiple abduction.

Its rumoured that Anonymous Scotland are interested in the Gorebridge phenomenon, but so are the intelligence agencies and also from time to time we do get approached by adventuring folks  e.g. colleagues of Uri Geller who own an island called ‘the lamb’ off the sea port of North Berwick. Indeed lots of the north bound Ufo traffic over Gorebridge do seem to pass over that general vicinity.

Its recently been noticed that when on a local Gorebridge hilltop – looking north has the feel of looking through a magnifying glass. This may in fact be due to some parked massive object that uses projections of what is behind it to beam out to its facing side.
It was noted that the Man In Black or rather older gentleman authority figure calling himself ‘Colonel Joe’ in grey tweeds with black classic Bentley that when stopping and intercepting witnesses produced Starwars type equipment that he said would neutralise all surveillance – was seen in this general vicinity.
I did see this character and his car when I went to the camp. Thankfully I got a wry smile from him but he did not stop his alleged car/hologram.

There is still lots to document at Gorebridge and there will be many more video clips, witness reports and enquiries from a steady stream of researchers often seen in the vicinity with backpacks.


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