Bach to Basics

In all parts of the western world before the catastrophic and possibly criminally orchestrated financial meltdowns created by speculation, short selling etc – the western world used to be all about things like the American dream …  where the much sought after luxuries and designs and styles and fashions became obsolete every few months to be replaced and upgraded by something else equally lavish.
That vision of consumer society was traded through the media and Hollywood and latterly became the target for the green movement that was reacting against the obvious wastage in the socio-economic policies of ‘planned obsolescence’.

As global governance rolls out its population reduction measures typified in UN Agenda 21, and its austerity measures, however the vision of life for the vast majority of people on planet earth has become focussed on the energy of existence.

In a formerly industrially advanced country like the UK, more and more people are living in fuel poverty as they find that they cannot afford to pay their fuel, energy, heating and lighting costs.
With food prices also inflated, fewer people find the foods they would usually use at reasonable prices.
e.g. a strategy of price increases in supermarkets usually starts with a 40% price hike on a food product, followed by a short term two for the price of one offer, and then a doubling of the original price for the original item.
In plastic dessert tubs, the foods start to get filled to 80% capacity, then 70% capacity and the price increases simultaneously.
Pretentious, minute thimble-sized dessert cartons of exaggerated expense to purchase that allege quality are merely a cheap trick that fails to deliver for the consumer.

In every real sense of the word – billions of people the world over are starting to experience attrition and energy rationing and if this trend were to be taken further – the money we are using becomes directly translated into life force and its physical regulation. Our money buys life force not non-essential luxuries that used to be the assets of western democracy.

The days of having free capital for luxury or even non-essential goods for billions of people on this planet are gone.

For the vast majority of people on planet earth money is life energy, not the latest album or TV, not the latest car or coat, not the potential for art or creativity.
This level of attrition, denial and contradiction is currently driving itself into the lives of people in westernised Europe.
Whereas you can definitely see lots of people with plenty of everything – they don’t represent the majority.
With colder winters, food shortages, global wars and destroyed harvests, increasing fuel costs and destroyed energy infrastructure ways of life in the former ‘first world’ industrialised countries are changing forever.

It isn’t as though fully working and available free energy technologies are required – that would be far too easy …


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