A conversation between George Baaden and Acharya.

(Acharya): Thanks, George. I read many of Sitchin's book years ago. I
am well aware of his arguments, which I thought was obvious from my

(George) YES, I did read your article, and YES , I agree you know
Sitchin's Work well!!!

(A). I don't concur with HIS translations and interpretations of the data.
I have studied the conclusions of others who also know Sumerian, and
it is clear that Sitchin is throwing in his own, modern knowledge in
his translations and interpretation.

(G). I Agree that Sitchin could have misinterpreted the Ancient
Sumerian Texts!!! And he could have gotten it right, or some of it
right and etc. and etc. and etc.!!! As well as the OTHER Sumerian

(A). The conclusion that the advanced knowledge of the solar system by
the ancients means that they had to have been there is erroneous as well.

(G). My point is this, Sitchin did his Translations of the Sumerian
Texts PRIOR to NASA and JPL's Exploration of the most outer parts of
the Solar System with the Voyager Missions!!! Time after Time, the
Translations Matched EXACTLY the Descriptions that NASA and JPL found
with the Voyager Missions!!!

I think that ALL can agree that the Sumerians had Detailed Knowledge
of our Solar System.

The question then is, how did the Sumerians get this Knowledge???!!!


1). The Sumerians had the Advanced Technology to visit the Outer Parts
of the Solar System.

2). The Sumerians had Advanced Remote Viewers who had the abilities to
get such information.

3). The Sumerians had some other Advance Technique that we don't even
know about.

4). The Sumerians got the information from the Annunaki as seems to be
the interpretations of the texts.

The point is this, All of NASA's and JPL's Discoveries, of the Solar
System and etc. when it comes time to give the Credit for the
discoveries to, they ALWAYS take the Credit!!! They don't invent some
Fictious Gods orFictious Aliens from a distant Planet and give them
the Credit!!!

My Question is this, Why then would the Sumerians have all of this
Indepth Knowledge that they supposedly Discovered and then Create this
Eloborate story about beings, (the Annunaki), from a Distant Planet,
(Nibiru), are the ones who gave them this Information!!!

Of course, at this point, anybodies theories can be right!!! BUT,
logicslightly tilts to the possiblities that there is this Distant
Planet,(Nibiru) and these beings, (the Annunaki).

(George Wrote):

It is possible that the Idea of the Annunaki are actually
astrotheological as you state.

BUT, what Sitchin uncovered in the Ancient Summerian Texts is
that there are DETAILED descriptions of the Solar Systems!!! Such
Details that somebody actually had to be AT those Planets in order to
get such Detailed Descriptions!!!

Sitchin's belief is that it was the Annunaki who live on the
Planet Nibiru which orbits the Sun every + or - 3500 years!!!

Another possibility is that the Summerians had the advanced
technologies and they went out to those distant planets to get the
detailed descriptions!!!

If this was the case, they the Summerians would of clearly
written in their Texts that it was them with the Advanced Technology
and the abilities to go out to the Distance Planets and etc. and etc.!!!

Checkout Sitchin's Book, "Genesis Revisited". This book is
example after example of what the Ancient Summerians wrote about
Detailed Descriptions of the solar System COMPARED to what NASA and
JPL discovered in the last 30 years and etc. and etc.!!!


Book, "Genesis Revisited", Page 12, Paragraph 2:

As the images of Uranus grew bigger on the TV Screen the closer

Voyager 2 neared the planet, the moderator at the Jet Propulsion
Laboratory attention to its unusual green-blue color. I could not
help cry out loud, "Oh, my God, it is exactly as the Sumerians had
described it!"
I hurried to my study, picked up a copy of The 12th Planet, and with
unsteady hands looked up page 269 (in the Avon paperback edition). I
read again and again the lines quoting the ancient texts. Yes, there
was no doubt: though they had no telescopes, the Sumerians had
described Uranus as MASH.SIG, a term which I had Translated "bright

This Book, "Genesis Revisited", has paragraph after paragraph of
similar examples as I had copied above!!! The Summerians had DETAILED
descriptions of our Solar Systems that ONLY Close observations could
get such descriptions!!!


(Acharya Wrote):
Hi there -

On this New Year's Eve, I've received some interesting feedback on
the recent mailing regarding the ever-fascinating David Icke. And
surprisingly few unsubscribes!

I thought I'd pass along the following article I wrote several years
ago in order to clarify my position on one aspect of the "ancient
astronaut theory," as popularized by Zechariah Sitchin. We hear much
about the "Anunnaki" of ancient Sumerian texts being "aliens" and so
Even though I do subscribe to the idea that the ancients were far
more advanced than is generally recognized, I do not believe that
these "Anunnaki" were "aliens" or even "people." From my studies of
ancient religions, it seems clear to me that, like so many other gods
and goddesses, the Anunnaki are astrotheological, which is to say
they are personifications of natural forces and celestial bodies.


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