Andrew Hennessey

This ideological exploration looks at the consequences of unhumanity as we know it on Earth.

It attempts to explain and enable recognition of unhuman behaviour on Earth that appears alien to us so that we can console ourselves.

This post is definitely addressing issues of our world and some other beings on some other worlds whose souls have disconnected from the Source and the human social pattern of love and nurture.

The children of the world, those enjoying the fruits of evil by all accounts of their making are having a very good time indeed. Their time is now.

Yet what a time it is. It is not good at all.

What one amongst them has enjoyed the obvious presence of really high tek civilisation, its media, its recreation, its loving facilitation, its great advantages and its goods and designs and art and artistry that are full of good taste and aesthetic quality. Who of this world has enjoyed life free of carnal disease and empty promises and disconnection – even in a networked and alien state of mind?

What currently passes for family values easily passes away as blood sacrifices in the woods as it did in the time of Isaiah in 800BC whilst deliberate obsolescence drives the quality of life down and down.

Its not that the children of the world never have enough to create the quality they think they need. It’s just that when you look at the quality that they think they have – it has very little worth indeed.

Do they enjoy filtered atmospheres, cashless society and personal augmentation, freedom of interstellar travel and investment of cultural aspirations, sustenance free of toxic additives, mind to matter interfaces, freely given healing, off world abodes, exotic foods and cultural realities such as media, music and recreation. No.

We can say that they have had every social and material advantage that they wanted in this impoverished and artificial and desolate charade of a Repto-Grey soulmine.

That can only mean that they didn’t in truth want anything good at all in the first place.

In any event beasts or those who would be have no need of intergalactic soap operas.

Yet true advantage in this kind of alien governed world would have been star trek infrastructure always from day one.

For thousands of years people that were working in outer space could have been coming from Iowa. [James T Kirk, Star Trek4]

These are ex-human beings that see themselves as in the faerie traditions of the old Europe as consciousness equivalent to the animal. They are willing to embrace a life of biological entropy and shapeshifting shells that have little or no love for the human traditions of; nurture, love, gender, facility and creativity and social recreation.

Their life can be ‘a network card’ or internal modem and sitting around a table exchanging demonic hive reality or robbing processes and skills from where their consciousness has been tricked into anchoring amongst the inner hive topography of their temporal soul world.

[Hennessey, ‘A TV Dinner in Gorebridge’, 2007]

Their imitation of human values and their impersonation of the human state of weakness is only for the purposes of mining and extracting the values they need at this time to augment their beings before the final demonic harvest on Earth. Some infer that they look forward to another cycle of biology and non-humanity and being augmented.

Yet on planet earth the allegations of the children of this world having all that is good now to takeaway forever is I think, an error.

The diversity of knowledge they possess as individuals though can only be assessed as a high-risk toxicity to a mind-numbing highly regulated alien caste system as reported by Dr Jacobs and Bud Hopkins.

Beings who define their equivalence with animals in even some small way are no longer part of the Vine of humanity that loves and creates and facilitates. They no longer resonate with the need to be part of the human pattern and become instead disconnected.

Matthew 15:25 Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me.

26 But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs.

27. and she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table.

In this story the woman asking Christ for help explains that her children are not fed as the equivalent priority as her dogs.

That her dogs are fed as a consequence of her feeding her children first.

The Beings locked into this cycle of anima are walled into a diminishing cycle of energy hungry disconnection unless they can become efficient animals and predators and takers and robbers and cheats and liars.

To quote the self-styled beast Crowleigh ‘Do what Thou Wilt is all of the Law’ [The law of Thelema].

In this scenario the self doing everything it wants is less than a loving human as it ultimately contradicts the interests and sensitivities of someone weaker and needy. It is a bestial anarchy that annuls social relativity and nurture.

They sacrifice themselves to some cycle driven by the spirit of the animal, merging with non-human and alien thinking that no longer treasures the pattern of loving human nurture and social and technological facility. Theirs is the temple of the woods and trees in which many soul fragments dwell as orbs – taking up available vacancies in bird nests or other creatures and being merged with massive alien computational processing.

Theirs are lifeforms full of alien implants and alien controls.

In this respect it is highly unlikely that any kind of tribal life on planet Earth that was native and human has Ever been left outside the matrix droid network that has been reported sitting in the branches of trees etc.

[Gillies, Hennessey, 2007 and 2008]

No natural temple that is regarded as such on planet earth is lonely ground under a sky full of invisible and cloaked alien technologies on this soul farm. E.g. see photography of central Scotland.

No blood sacrifice in however pagan or secret or remote a setting has ever been perpetrated – in my opinion – without alien observation and harvesting. [Schroeder, P]

The movement of Earth based anti-technological spiritism therefore may be having nice times at the equinox or solstice in their own minds .. but cannot be having these experiences without thousands of years of alien interference on planet Earth soulmine.

Many of these children of men or children of the world are happy to be the weeds, [Tares/Darnels] knowing that although they possess their memories of past civilisations, that though they still possess much knowledge – they are happy to lay it down. They are happy to be dust or stardust or soul dust or chemical light or photons or high photons or electrons or lux or lumens.

Theirs is the equivalence of dust – the need to be living that state of death to what is human.

They are not themselves human but in fact a networked race apart.

Their proud displays of being champion recyclers that I have seen in the Scottish National Museum and taken pictures of [2005] indicates that they are lying to themselves. Get Recycled is maybe their recruitment motto but I suspect that only a very small percentage of their population turnover ever gets to keep very much over any length of time.

I can see how they have attacked one guys back or his eyesight and made him almost blind – but offer him the consolation of being a bird or a bat. An unburdened agile being with greater than human eyesight.

Then he also thinks its great to be a fly on the wall too.

Initially I thought that we were just looking at the analogy of a driver shifting between vehicles such as; truck, car, bicycle, that the soul of the person simply shifts between shells.

Yes Earth is that – a component of animal training on an evil artificially low tek retarded farm.

Then I suddenly realised that my own thinking is subject to social conditioning by the nonsense of engineered social history on planet Earth. The bigger picture and truth is that all forms of transport on this planet could have had antigravity motors thousands of years ago and that the transport we are looking at today that has internal combustion engines is actually a soul training analogy for small furry animals that get rusty with age.

The deliberately engineered social entropy on this planet has promoted despair, disease and desolation of the soul for thousands of years. For many an incarnation or birth here is a deliberate and willing acid bath and a repugnant act of self immolation. They deliberately choose to die to the human whilst also perpetrating the disease of abandonment on others.

The reality therefore is more like these children of the ‘world of disney’, former high rollers in galactic society with aeons of social knowledge are here in training for the universe of death – where they can cast away their human restrictions, dehumanise and become bestial.

As the philosophy of Internal Combustion is central to all motors and power systems and social processes on the farmed human part of this planet – then its artificial social presence is a useful social analogy for not just the biologic of the beast but also of Grey and hive network management on the roads and traffic jams which are the veins and arteries of an alien empire.

Beings are becoming trained by dysfunction to operate amongst a non-human and totally alien computer infrastructure where end of routine and sub-routines will end in the appearance of dysfunction.

In such an alien infrastructure – the blanking out of beings, their emptying out and reprogramming, in uploading and downloading and retasking will see all sorts of changes of function and out of context behaviour. E.g. a garbage man being retasked to do brain surgery.

People will just come to a halt.

This happens in beehives in nature – where the Queen Bee has been found to secrete a mind control hormone to suppress the competition.

In a hitek hive this will be executed via software and implants.

I have seen this process at work. See my article about the story of red coat and the red cars in Alien Strippers Want the Shirt Off Your Back.

In learning to operate cars we learn all about the world of biology and the combustion of biological metabolism. Just like the biology of a small but decaying furry animal or the ants, bees and wasps … we need to put stuff in to keep it all going.

It’s a given that the strip farming operation enacted for millennia by the Reptilians and the Greys has been producing desirable outcomes for Reptilian hosting and nursery activities and also Grey ‘how to’ modules for their brand of Trojan Horse Hybrids who penetrate into sexual type populations.

Some of our human looking brothers and sisters therefore are perhaps not wanting to remain brothers and sisters in humanity in our future. Many appear to be here on Earth to lose the concept of family and nurture and gender and human social creativity to take upon themselves the role of the self fulfilled predator.

They do drop strong hints that they hate life .. one can see them do everything to demonstrate that – but in truth they seem rather to have become alien and anti-thetic to the notion of human nurture and family.

It isn’t so much that they hate us as beings – its just that although they operate within our social issues and values – they do not espouse them and are anti-thetic to them – thus it appears to us rather that they hate themselves at least as much as they seem to hate us.

In my opinion, whatever evil they perpetrate on us in this time space is actually a fair representation of their own degraded pattern and the likeness of their own returns that will come upon them for a very long time in the future.

Whatever they have denied us is that which they in their death deny themselves.

They enact the pattern of their own human insufficiencies on us, but we can be free of them living in love at higher frequencies leaving them eventually to their own personal hell and sorrow. That might come in a spaceship or in an alien hive and it may not be very recognisable in any human term but the failure of their own process that brings them the death they fell with will look very much like the badness that they do to us.

Whether it’s a Repto or Grey mothership or some pile of social junk posing as a civilisation, the lifelessness of such places in this cosmic void is an enactment of the death of love.

It is really a war against the pattern of human love.

Such bankrupt realities have no permanent future as long term management at any scale has to rely upon co-operation and at some point the issue of personal sacrifice in an energy desert for the sake of its ever hungry status quo.

Evil may say that it is … but it is Not having a good time here on Earth.

For us though are the destinations of love and fulfilment, facility and vindication in a huge community of high frequency, lifeforce abundant, loving fellows – our brothers and sisters who either await us in those many mansions or who may yet come to call.


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