Andrew Hennessey

Tartan has a healthy and proven global market and in this context Starburst tartan or Startan is a revolutionary and new idea.
There are limitless combinations of tartan setts within limitlessly interacting geometric shapes.
The idea to do this with Traditional Scottish Tartan Setts is the idea of myself, Andrew Hennessey in [October 2007].
I would hope that an established graphic designer and textile designer can take this into a ready made marketplace using their industrial software and arts experience.
It is my intention to either sell or license the idea in this context.

Starburst Tartan, or ‘Startan’ can be defined as;

‘An asymmetric interweave of the multicoloured stripes of a Tartan Sett. These Sett colours radiate, thicken and expand in proportion from some point or origin within various geometric many sided (polygonal) objects as they reach the circumference of the design object. When overlapped with other similar or different polygonal design objects these overlap areas form a tartan criss-cross comprised of irregularly shaped coloured polygons and design structures. i.e. A variously obtuse and irregular or [non-Traditional/ ‘non-square’ or ‘non-rectangular’], symmetrical or asymmetrical tartan weave.

The limitless combinations or recombinations of tartan setts within limitlessly overlapping and interacting geometric shapes is named Starburst Tartan or Startan [acronym].
The idea to do this with Traditional Scottish Tartan Setts is the idea of myself, Andrew Hennessey in [October 2007].’

Suppose that from a central point in a for example; circular, triangular, hexagonal, stellate, crescent or other geometric design, regular or irregular; the colourful threads of the tartan Sett could radiate as if the rays of the sun to merge and interweave and overlap with other rays from other ‘starbursts’ at irregular angles.

The overlap areas, i.e. the Startan areas, of these design objects could be highly designed to be any shape.

Has the formal Staid in a Plaid world of the traditionally dour and rigid Scotsman finally taken a softer approach to textiles for the whole family in the 21st Century ?

Will a Starburst tartan of the future be ladies choice for an informal night out without style gridlock ?

Starburst tartan presents Traditional tartan ‘Setts’ or color ratios in a more informal, fluid and designed way.

This gives everybody the opportunity to wear Tartan without feeling that they have to be in a regimented frame of mind.

The traditional Scottish patriarch may well disagree with the design virtues of Starburst tartan … but then after centuries of opportunity to produce his own informal revisions – he still doesn’t seem to appreciate the gentle side of disorder. The box girder approach to fashion and social design is maybe good for the many male engineers that Scotland is so proud of – but that women don’t always want to look like they are wearing the draft design for one of the many block houses that Scottish architects regularly turn out.

Starburst tartan provides a new vehicle for a more Universal use of tartan in every kind of fashion setting.


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