The power of wishful thinking is now being put to the test.

[Dr Michael Salla" wrote: post 44576, 20/07/08]

>My colleague Alfred Webre is quite correct in his Mt Adams statement,
that there won't be a disaster scenario emerging during the 2012
transition. That is due to the rise in human consciousness which is
influencing global events in a positive direction. Those promoting the
idea that global disaster will strike and ETs will come down at the
last moment to conduct a global evacuation are promoting an old meme
based on a disempowered humanity.

Thanks for clarifying, Dr. Salla!

It's quite amazing to me how many deep down still want this disaster
to happen, still become quite enthusiastic about each new "warning
sign" (such as earthquakes, etc), and love to enumerate all the
possible causes for hell & damnation. It's these people who are
keeping the old meme alive, and at the core, their secret is -- they
can't endure themselves, they want to destroy their own self image,
and project that loathing out to include the world.
Peace, [Bob O’Hearn, post 44580, 20/07/08]

However much Paul Schroeder wants the evil ones to go away he is still very much beset with only brief reminders from the world of true spirit.

‘When the Dark side aliens seem addicted to you truths emerge more dreadful than mere body tampering and theft. If the truth, weren't so very scary, I wouldn't haunt you for your slant. A very different endgame than one pretends is naturally inherent at our death, the death of abductees. Reptilians and greys INTERFERE with ones soul transit; they garner souls and transfer them into soulless bodies they've created, as hybrids or clones, bypassing the whole human spiritual recycling of HEAVEN_EARTH_HEAVEN_EARTH, with all the attendant helpers from the universe of Light. Imagine awakening, again, in an infants body with amnesia, again, but this time after time, no Heaven or rest or blueprint or attending angels between lifetimes. Your only spirit unseen guides and helpers are from the Darkness as reptilians and greys who orchestrate your emotional life replete with temptations, addictions, sinister acts and thoughts, bad luck and horrors so that you're always their delicious property for the milking, a landlocked spiritual Nightmare. When greys say; WE HAVE THE RIGHT, in a response to abduction complaints, it means that they have invested much in us; that's why they know so very much about our previous lifetimes..’ [Paul Schroeder, July 08]

In July 2008 in Scotland, however, a somewhat more alarming picture emerges rather far from the cocktail bar of the Mt Shasta Hotel …


This current report of Grey human farming activity in Scotland is a bit unhappy so if you want to think create happier Grey activity in your own airspace you should definitely NOT read this article.

Firstly there are four cameramen in three parts of east and central Scotland who filmed this ships activity in the same week.

Two are Jackie Gillies of Gorebridge – who is skywatcherscotland on and the other is Brian Macphee of Stirling who is UFOSBRI on There are links to other July 2008 footage on those pages.

Jackie Gillies however got the best footage of this ship and after hearing buzzing and rising frequency sounds in his ears was drawn to his doorstep where he just needed to switch his camera on and film.

Jackie has previously up close cattle mutilations and abductions, the technology in use to render the cattle on the ground and a spherical ship type. He also filmed a smaller oblong box ufo craft directly over his roof in fairly good detail.

Brain Macphee has filmed very big Grey triangles and some excellent daylight footage in high resolution of a disk doing aerobatics.

Other Scottish contributors linked to on both Jackie and Brians sites continue to illustrate that Scotland has had more of a ufo flap than the rest of the UK, even at this time.

The link I now quote is a first effort by Jackie .. we have nearly 4 gigabytes of good and bad photos to look through of this factory ship and once we subtract all the undefined images we can present a clear set of images of what is essentially a flying luminous beehive .. with clusters of box ufos stuck to its side, and spherical ships on the top and the bottom.

There will be more and better pictures shortly

The exact nature of the honey in the beehive itself remains to be described. Some of it obviously comes from the local cattle, some of it comes from the occupants of those rooftop shuttles that come and go and lift people – perhaps replacing them with holographic and somewhat autistic imposters.

You can see rows and rows of horizontally parked box ufos strung round the beehive rather like rows of necklaces.

On the top and the bottom of the ship are docked two classic and large flying saucers. From the side of the beehive ship protrudes several multiple docking or loading tubes or exhaust apparatus. The docking arms appear to be mobile during the course of the filming. There are several braches coming from each arm.

Also several spherical ships appear to be docked near the bottom tier of this ship.

At one point during the filming the central colours visible in the beehive turn red/pink.

Perhaps the blender has been turned on and the manufacture of smoothies for the guests has commenced.

This ship has been seen and filmed over Edmonton in Canada and variously worldwide northern hemisphere between 10 and 11pm.

Most people filming it and recording on Youtube for some reason state 10.45pm between the 10th and the 25th of July 2008.

It has been drifting over major population centres in Scotland day and night.

Numerous examples are cited by the locals around the Gorebridge area of holographic imposters providing scary and surreal security at times when stacks of red barrels are being uplifted by alien craft from the old Blinkbonny mine at Gorebridge.

The local circus of alien scare security at the old mine includes; surreal witches, gypsies, burning car parties, MIB, chupacabra and werewolves both with red glowing eyes, wavy navy personnel in 4x4 that change their appearance for the next drive past, mad bikers etc there are even low flying flights of totally silent allegedly military jets – probably more holograms that fly slowly across the mine hilltop.

Whether its just for the cattle and or the people – this ship beehive ship is seen very often … and as Brian Macphee of Stirling a city 60 miles north pointed out – it was in no hurry as it drifted across the sky in full view of the entire population of Central Scotland and was also filmed 60 miles east in Fife.

Groups of box ufo ships that make neighbourhood abductions cling to its side whilst the cattle mutilation ships park on the top .. there are tubes and pipes and shutes into the central beehive structure … which then glows .. and according to Jackie Gillies and I will verify this shortly there is some sort of smoke or ash ejecting horizontally from a big exhaust pipe.

Jackie who has always been in the right place at the right time to get footage predicted he would film this ship and actually got the signal to do so. He feels that it is a nursery or recycling centre .. though in reality humans and mixtures of other creatures may surrender their bodies to be liquidised into a nutrition bath, the honey of the hive, it may be that like any good Scottish takeaway restaurant that the Greys, who have been noticed by Scottish A70 abductee Garry Woods, 1992 and the 1697 Reverend Robert Kirk to drink through their pores, might be availing themselves of a sustaining alien honey bath made out of a mixture of all natural Scottish ingredients.

One thing about this that somewhat disturbs me is my memory of some of those Scottish housing estates that the box ufo takeaway delivery craft source their natural extracts from tend to be very dark and inactive at nightime.

It being dark early at 9pm most of the houses that also strangely had open curtains should have been switching lights on or have a flickering TV set. It was pitch black.

In daylight, where you can calculate there should have been kids playing .. the places were silent.

Some estates in the Stirling area, a place also serviced by this alleged food processing ship were like that also.

I notice that one of the features of the Scottish A70 abduction was Garry Woods friend Colin Campbell who was taken underground in that area and saw lots of naked people frozen in glass jars …

The next Big Issue is that if they are taking humans away from these places to serve them up as a nutritional Scottish smoothie maybe they first targeted the homeless and jobless – who have no-one to notice or be accountable to .. and that way people are not generally going to notice a sudden lack of emotion or sociability or affability or the appearance of semi autistic behaviour.

If these people were to be replaced on a One Eaten One Replaced basis, then its generally known that Greys have the ability to change their shape and appearance and could technically fulfil most of the social roles of the identities that they were impersonating.

Jackie Gillies fears that he will be heading for that takeaway ship which he also believes is a nursery. Perhaps there if he hands his old body over for recycling he will be given one of the many new forms that the Greys have allegedly made to colonise this planet or Mars.

Jackie on the other hand has many connections amongst the Grey Federation and is looking forward to better days in the Greys space navy. His recreational vision includes flitting between the occupancy and consciousness of biological lifeforms as a driver would try out various cars of various sizes and spec.

Certainly there have been aliens with equipment in his backyard waking some of the neighbourhood at night with portable equipment.

The operation of this stuff was familiar to me as the same process was attempted on me .. It is rather like turning the dial on an old radio receiver and hearing the rising and falling tones as the sophisticated pitching tried to tune into your wavelength and mind.

Whatever this ship is – it has input, output and some useful product and purpose. It looks like a beehive and beehives in nature tend to produce nutrition for the hive after the tasty pollen has been gathered from the Scottish flower gardens.

It drifts with impunity over high population areas and is of no defence significance to a national disinterest that is an obvious result of alien mind control.

Reptilians: Looking After the Brood

In view of the fact that there are many human people on this planet who now see a soul farm instead of some society never quite getting there; scientifically, technologically, medically, socially, politically or spiritually its time I think that we amnesiac, reprocessed and deliberately thwarted humans stopped thinking like victims and whining like unhappy cattle.

We can see that the planets surface has been inhabited by beings with interstellar capacity for millennia, both underground and overground, and that what we take for the story of human history and evolution has been severely engineered.

We can also see that our so-called galactic brothers and sisters have been party to the criminal processes ongoing here between a Reptilian and Grey alliance acting upon the souls of captives and prisoners recycled through a farming scenario akin to the matrix ideas described by Drew Hempel and Mat Delooze, Paul Schroeder, Whitley Streiber, Alex Collier, Nigel Kerner and others.

In this aeon-old evil industry of soul crimes both Reptilian and Greys in a symbiotic relationship strip out the souls of their captives and assimilated by subjecting them to the exact negation of their; spiritual, moral, artistic, sexual/social, creative and recreative aspirations and abilities.

If it was just about playing games with prisoners of war, then the planet could easily have been covered in; advanced metallic architecture, grand reptilian city designs and interstellar class social infrastructure and transportation based on free energy. Earth indeed could have been this way for 20 millennia since the fall of Atlantis.

The prisoners could have been rendered in an advanced looking interstellar environment but totally controlled by wearable controls and containment and then butchered as usual on some full moon or whatever party without ever having to resort to the desolate social deserts of Earth.

The key to the farming on Earth therefore is;

  1. the socially engineered desolation and false visions of historic activity and some sort of end based social progress.
  2. deliberate obsolescence and inbuilt failures in all tools, mechanisms and social processes.
  3. the creation of a context-specific and targeted personal hell for the captives maintained and moderated by both Reptilian and Grey technologies. The qualities and properties of this individual experience are intended to negate and distress and distort our best personal qualities and abilities – such that our distress can be milked.
  4. The affectation, control and sabotage of the human captive mind via natural and technological and social abilities and processes. These may include dysfunctional human ‘education’ of the blank slate or tabula rasa and the hijacking of our creative intentions and our easily perceived intended energy and spiritual investments in these things we think we want to do.

The Repto-Grey soul farming though is not about social justice for humans or very much about personal growth opportunities for human individuals it is about the stripping of the souls that are down on the farm.

The Reptilians and Greys though have differing objectives for the end products of this artificial grind house and wearying butchers treadmill.

The Reptilians have ideologies that are asexual and hermpahroditic, as can be seen in Theosophical works of the returning Aryan Root Race, and also variously in Gnostic literature about the divine hermaphrodite.

They can keep captives for pseudo sexual purposes but do not derive mutual relationships and merging of life from these interactions.

Although the sexual beings they capture are more advanced, more socially specialised, the alpha reptilian is more the work of the primal swamp in that these ‘relationships’ are primarily for sustenance and the consequent depletion of the captive.

The numero uno, alpha draconis therefore is a self-made, self-perpetuating all-star predator within a hierarchy where if ‘do what thou wilt’ [Crowleigh A (Law of Thelema)] was all of the law .. then the biggest swamp monster always comes out on top.

The Reptilians also have a secondary objective down on the farm here .. and that is the creation of suitable containers in which to gestate and nurture and feed and orientate their evil ancestral swamp larvae.

It is probably beneficial to the incoming proto-Reptilians that the artificially primitive socially engineered environment is a basic and primitive analogy of the greater interstellar reality. The nature of a chaotic swamp demon might be more able to get a basic social orientation and primary education in a lightweight version of interstellar ideologies. These creatures when inserted into blanked human beings can watch and learn from the more evolved souls as they struggle with redundancies in social tools and processes.

There is possibly another reason that the Repto-Grey alliance farms human beings.

The Reptilians currently use creative humans as personal trainers or hosts for their demonic swamp larvae – but I suspect that that process is only one of perhaps several methods the Reptilians use on Earth and elsewhere to train their progeny.

Reptilians on Earth-type farms have been noted to operate more than one identity.

It might also be true that the Reptilians make use of artificially created human hives in which to entrain their larvae. Multiple hosting in multiple hosts. Perhaps that might get the larvae used to the idea that they can operate multiple identities the way that their Parent race can.

This might well be a phase two nursery brood for the Reptilians – who have directed those proto-Reptilians with lots of human process experience into multiple identity training.

The final product of an Earth-type soul farm for the Reptilians is espoused in the first twenty minutes of the film ‘The Golden Compass’ where the hungry beings are encouraged by the presence of a rich seam of soul dust to enrich themselves with – to give their living death more sparkle.

In this context, endless newage channels that invite us to think of ourselves as stardust, electrons, photons have us resonate with an end product of annihilation and death. Reptilian Naga soul-groups are mentioned in Spiritual theosophy and many of these ideologies espouse emptiness and emptying and surrender. On any other planet in the Cosmos that has had no ET soul matrix and telepathic technology deployed for thousands of years that is maybe a good recreational and spiritual idea.

All of this facilitated by the Repto-Grey Syndicate.

The Greys as can be read in Nigel Kerner’s book ‘The Song of the Greys’ allegedly have a thing about being dead as a species and allegedly need to create and recreate hybrids so that they can evolve and grow – and allegedly all they need is some good DNA to do that with.

As we can see from the published human historic record e.g. Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology, 1901AD and Reverend Kirk’s Secret Commonwealth, 1697AD they ought to have had at least one good DNA template by now as they have been abducting for millennia.

But that isn’t really what they want …

They want and are farming answers to social questions to maintain their hybrids elsewhere incognito. (imo)

DNA can be made to gestate and operate but it needs soul stuff to fire it up.

I’m sure that the Greys can find soul stuff from somewhere or other to put into their hybrids as there must be an insecta type swamp model to get their proto-types from – but then the Greys themselves are not actually into the next step in an evolution towards being human and dualistic.

For they like the Reptilians are a least asexual if not anti-sexual.

When you see drawings of ‘hot hybrid chicks’ in miniskirts as drawn by humans on the morning after – we are looking at, in my opinion, a total paradox and contradiction within the Grey imperial caste system.

I have heard stories about how the Greys intend to supersede themselves with a really advanced set of beings called hybrids that are more like humans. The truth though is that these beings would not be allowed to become sexual, specialised and more diverse and superior to the Grey imperial caste. These hybrids in any case could well have been operating on a socially self-sustaining basis millennia ago in terms of the human farm.

The ongoing stripping and negation of the human soul by the Repto-Greys has been written about by Hennessey:

In the articles mentioned above I speak about the modus operandi of Greys and Reptilians on humans and look at the stripping process as I have witnessed it.

It always seems to be the total negation of any intention by the production in sometimes the most socially bizarre way of its anti-thesis.

The Greys I suspect do not want to be superseded by ‘hot grey hybrid chicks in miniskirts’ – but they are manufacturing these beings for a specific purpose as part of a natural adaptation of the Insectoid hive.

They are thin end of the wedge Trojan horses that are probably being used to interpenetrate evolving human (sexual) populations in the cosmos.

They therefore keep the humans farmed for their ‘how to do this’ process modules so that they can smooth out the rough social edges on their sleeper megapopulation hybrids in intergalactic communities.

The Reptilians though must have ambitions beyond mulling around with human dysfunctions and the milking of engineered human despair.

The next step up for the Reptilians in facilitating their own ancestral brood is not the sexually orientated and undesirable compromise of the human, but the use of a highly advanced, technologically regulated and networked and asexual host community that would serve the evolution and linking of the their post-human brood.

Probably unknown to their co-farmers the Greys, a tertiary host community within the Grey hybrid population has probably been identified that would serve the further education needs of their more advanced Reptilian brood. Phase 3 Reptilian Gestation ?

What would such a union produce ?

We know from the human farming reality that in terms of such relationships ‘there can be only one’ so the alpha reptilian will be creating a real disunity within the Grey reason for being by enforcing its dominance and subservience upon the ‘hot zeta chick’.

The paradox of two asexuals co-operating in a symbiotic relationship is that with the Reptilian, and indeed for others too .. the Reptilian operates the dominant alpha male strategy and the Greys the subservient female.

However much both species dress up the consequences of this Reptilian assimilation the dualistic relationship is at the very least meta-sexual.

Payback for those years on Earth indeed !!

I suspect that there are more Repto-Grey retard farms elsewhere in this very co-operative galaxy with more human type stone age societies full of dysfunctional and stressful social circus. One thing is for sure though .. as far as the Reptos are concerned – these may be good snack food, but their primal concern is to give the incoming larvae better and better hosts to fit them for a life of cosmic domination in the true Reptilian asexual traditions.

Humanity might be phase 1 and 2 junior and high school hosting as far as the Reptos are concerned, but it might just be that (network) Grey Hybrids are the ideal and final phase 3 target hosts.

After all why give your family brood anything less than a proper University education and superior asexual social network ?

Mine Camp

Our funfair of despair a place of evil trips

Garish goods, toxic foods, mindless rudes,

Manic moods, energy field readers,

Mindless feeders, scary strippers,

Of circus seals with flapping flippers

Where many can only dream of fish

In vain

The satisfaction of extraction

of contrived dereliction

a place to lose your eyes and ears,

your teeth, your hair, your physical health,

in a moment

a place where only if you had the wealth,

if only work would work

but human lives are broken

by the imposition

of an unjust contradiction.

A place of unjust winners on pedestals

To enhance the delicious moans of outrage

Our slow speed mind adds action and act

And counts the issues in a long long line

But the Repto-Grey with our mind and body field

Simultaneously Interacts,

At frequencies beyond our sea of mud

Faster than the human eye can blink,

Before a thought can think

A very personal and impossible sabotage

Under the camouflage of our own incompetence

Drives us down and down.

Each day even the simplest domestic task

Is a starwars movie

Our vision of where to, how to, when to, why to,

Broken down, diverted and mined out,

As Repto-Grey evil plays the human retards

like a slot machine

to collect a payout

on our dreams long before we can.

In town the surreal clown overdoes

Its superiority, not hard to outshine a human

In its straightjacket of human flesh.

Grey Process robots mutate

into everything you fear

Do things with time and space and footballs,

A whole world of X-men

At the gates of the stockyards

Repto double acts or triples

Mutt and Jeff, Have and Have not

Subtract the energy difference that you feel

Between two similar visions

Between two ends of the human scale,

From you.

Shops full of distorted patterns, garish colours

and distressingly performing social artefacts,

They know how it SHOULD be on planet Should,

When they don’t .. they stand like patient fishermen

Waiting for the needy animals

to shovel their way through the aesthetic pain

to get to a bargain.

On their way they run the gauntlet of old memories

Through the threshing mill

A sea of social, moral, artistic and ethical distortion,

A rasping grinding of the senses of loving creatives

and the slashing of our spirit,

What lifeform can so hate

the essence of social love

and loving creativity

That its own self-loathing

Imposes the evil creations of

Anti-life mining and organised spiritual torture

For some common and alien

And Godless social ‘good’

Our souls as food

Our giving fodder

Our language babel

Our intentions meat

Such beings would not understand

The meaning of defeat

Such is their taste for death.


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