From the endless abyss of Mandelbrott

a plague like locusts come
to the strange attractors
that we in this two dimensional world
call planets.

Not just any old planet of rock and gas
but a golden mean of emerged
Platonic forms
a rich vibrant chaos sphere
that has the sound of growth

And so the swarm descends to the oasis
in the chaos,
and lesser brothers in the hives and anthills
are busy with their two-dimensional quest
for pollen and sugars

But the golden essence of life
the life of the soul in higher life-forms
is a more complex ecosystem of thought
and investments in attachments
are actually simple to pluck and harvest
by negating and twisting off the vine

Thus with many given names, much theatre
and many distractions
to engage the complex human mind
the ants of the abyss, archons and djinn
faeries and fae and latterly grey
start to strip the pollens from the flowers
of the human souls of the race of Adam

A legion in every region busy stripping
the crystallised mind fruits of form
our human pollen,
It seems complex to us
because complex we are
manifested physically and variously
the juicy invested nervous psyche
of things we think we own
but our juiciness is simply a colour-coded
spectra of things ripe for negating
and stripping
Our souls fruits to the hive
yet they are not alive as we

For lifes duration is their negation
our hopes to annul, to herd and to cull
with theatre and dark archetype
our worst fears manifest
with intent to negate
or posing with powers as if gods of fate

or to pamper us with re-inforced
attachments and millstones
that weigh us down deep
only at last to pull the rug
from under our feet
disorientated and disconnected
from our Source in God.

Technology they mimic
to harvest our best
and lie about hybrids
to give troubled souls rest
but their negation is unique
its our soul they want
to embed somewhere 
in some voodoo techno junk

The end result is hell
the negation of all that is or was good
in us or the magnification of
our festering thoughts of bad
to drive us away from reaching
out for our connection
to God and life

Yet at the end of any day
to be safe – all we need do
is ask Christ for help.


violetdoll1111 said…
Accurate and disturbing,,beautifully composed :-)

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